The Great Bambini

October 14th, 2009

The Great Bambini - Kids

Our second in a series of flying babies.

(submitted by John)

341 Responses to “The Great Bambini”

  1. Holly says:

    This photo is so obviously FAKE!
    You only have to look at the shadows of the guy and the baby to see that they don’t fit at all!
    They are far too clean, and “un-blurry” to have origionally been in the photo! Plus their lighting does not match either!
    how this photo got on to the website is beyond me.

  2. Megan says:

    well um, im trying to figure out if he jumped off the chair, or if the dad threw the child on the chair and he bounced back at him! /:l

  3. Greg says:

    Don’t know when this was taken, and it doesn’t really matter. It does make me nostalgic for the days before Political Correctness was unheard of. Of course we got hurt more then, but we dealt with it and moved on to the next fun thing. It was called a tragedy if something happened while playing but it didn’t stop kids from being kids. If there was a tragedy of some kind, the other parents realized that it was possible that it could happen to their kids as well, they accepted that and still let the kids play. Not like it is anymore, and the people screaming CPS! and SBS! are proof of it. I already feel bad for kids these days that can’t play as they want to and have so many rules to keep them safe. Of course it is a safety issue and I’m guilty of it as well. I just don’t believe in taking it to extremes like some of the people making comments. Live, laugh, learn. Quit being so overcautious, kids are not as fragile as you seem to believe!

  4. salome says:

    um….waaaaaay too much time spent on uber dissecting this pic.

    this is a little ha ha, so relax.

  5. Bing says:

    Umm…so how did it happen? Look at the “adult” closely. He is making a very small shadow on the wall, prob so small because of the flash. Look at the baby. NO behind him, but there is a small amount of what looks like a shadow beneath and to the right of the baby. Reason why? The child is photo shopped into position. The slight shadow we see from the infant is a result of the photo shop program not being able to “fill” the empty space, or the real space the baby occupied in the photo, with the accurate shade of white.

  6. Alyssa says:


  7. Mel says:

    OMG..I think I know the family in this photo. WOW

  8. Kaite says:

    Maybe people should start looking at these pictures as a enjoyment and stop PARENTING the PARENTS…

    As a day care employee, I had a little girl who LOVED being tossed and I would do it all day long at the day care. My co-worker had the heart attacks while the little girl and I laughed hysterically. I would NEVER have tossed her (or another child) into the air if I felt that I could not CATCH them when they came down.

    And as far as Shaken Baby Syndrome – whoever said it – a child gets more bumps and bounces riding in their car seat in the car than being tossed directly into the air and then caught again. Are you going to stop putting your child in the car too?

    There’s more I could say about the comments on this page, but I won’t because really – in the scheme of life – does it even MATTER to YOU what other people are CHOOSING for THEMSELVES what they want to do with their child?

  9. LMH says:

    The crazy thing about this picture is, I think this is my ex boyfriend from high school!

  10. Crystal says:

    Are you serious? This website is for the humor of others, not the life-lessons of putting our children in a bubble (like some of you would prefer we do). My husband has always done things like this w/ my boys, and today, they’re not afraid to do whatever it is they dream up to do. My youngest son dreams of being a bull rider, and my oldest son wants to grow up and be a firefighter. Do you think the kids that grew up in a bubble wanna be anything that involves risk? My Lord, some of you people prolly walk around w/ hand sanitizer in your pocket too! God made dirt, so dirt won’t hurt!
    The pic is hilarious, and fun! Love it!

  11. Susie says:

    Cool photo.

  12. George says:

    The child in this pic should be equipped with a helmet, knee pads and a protective cup. All children should have to wear helmets whenever they engage in any kind of dangerous activity such as, but not limited to, running, jumping, playing, swimming, bike riding, roller skating, tree climbing and watching television. It’s the only socially and personally responsible thing to do. Oops, I forgot. They should always wear protective goggles too. You’ll put your eye out!

  13. Elaine says:

    There’s more of a problem than dropping the baby–he/she could sustain head/neck injury from the force of being tossed and/or caught.

  14. May says:

    All fun and laughs till someone breaks a spine! Its a party but I’ll toss you around if you ever do that to my child.

  15. BT says:

    Love the “rapture” comment. LOL

  16. Michelle says:

    Flying Babies! Flying Babies! Apocalypse!!

  17. xratchet says:

    ah could it be that little child was jumping from chair, dad is kneeling on the floor and camera angle makes it look higher? just a thought

  18. xratchet says:

    omg I cant believe all the silly comments over this pic. clearly the angle that the pic is being taken at makes it look like the child is higher than he/she is. Im sure they probably by the looks of the child laughing have done that many times. I also doubt if it killed the kid the parent would have put it up there in the first place. My word people take something chill out and enjoy the pic for what it was daddy and little kid having fun!

  19. soul says:

    If you look next to the baby’s hip theres something a little suspicious there…

  20. Carly says:

    You guys..all this talk about child abuse is not the point. don’t overreact, I’m sure this was just a one time thing, a funny picture. Calm down, the baby is fine.

  21. Robert G says:

    Don’t judge a baby by it’s diaper.

  22. Sandra says:

    Geez… people are anal… Oh my God! A baby being tossed in the air! Ahhh!!! Call child protective services! Puhleaze… Might as well take out all playgrounds… you know, kids can fall down and get brain damage from those too… Scratch putting them in the car, you know, car accidents do that too… Oh oh oh… don’t forget, if your child falls off a stroller they can break their neck that way too! Let’s recall all strollers! Are you guys serious?

    • Dee says:

      Don’t forget stairs. All people with babies should be required to live in single story, slab-built dwellings so the fragile little ones can be protected from falling.
      Don’t forget furniture. Only pillows allowed – flat ones so the baby doesn’t fall too far.
      And what about the tables and scales at pediatricians’ offices? Dangerous. No doctor visits for baby either!

      • Blah says:

        And clothing. A baby could choke on their shirt, so let’s free them of their dangerous clothing immediately and let them run naked and free! While we’re at it, let’s establish a 10-ft halo region around each baby to protect them from incidental contact with anyone.

        • k damsted says:

          and garden trampolines.. here where i come from you nearly see one in every 2. garden and in fun parks too.. let’s close them aswell now we’ve started.. c”,}

  23. Stephanie says:

    it kinda looks like the baby is being raptured. lol

  24. BeepBeep says:

    Jeepers, what a bunch of wet blankets in this thread… it’s a funny (and mysterious) picture. It’s like trying to make a joke in a room of Sean Penns.

  25. Sandi says:

    well, that one sure got the conversations going…..
    as to the pic, we used to do these things with the kids all the time…that was years ago. would we now- no. would I ride in a car without a seat belt now-no. more traffic, crazier drivers. so when this happened I’m sure it was funny and seeing the pic brings smiles- back then we hadn’t heard the dangers of this. I hope most of us have the sense to stop doing things to kids once we learn that it can cause lifetime damage or death. I had a friend years ago whose 2 year old neighbor fell off his dad’s shoulders and hit the floor and died. You just never know, so why take a chance with your baby’s life. Not to say I don’t find the pic cute- not sure about awkward…unless it’s how the teen feels.

  26. K. B. says:

    He’s throwing the baby away from himself- he doesn’t want to change that loaded diaper

  27. cyndi says:

    That is the cutest baby ever!!

  28. sarah says:

    I find this horrifying! Tossing a baby is one thing this is just dangerous. CPS anyone?

  29. grannypanties says:


  30. Jennifer says:

    This will not end well.

  31. Gracey says:

    WTH?!? Goes to show we need thinning of the herd.

    Goodnessgracious – I am a liberal and yet HAVE ridden in the back of a truck, a bicycle without helmet, and even in a car without seabelts. Spare me the politics; everyone in this country wants the best for it. Gasp, damn liberals want safety for babies – how horrid.

  32. Nathan says:

    the only time I shake a baby is when it isn’t working properly. seriously though if they got shaken baby syndrome so easily you shouldn’t be allowed to bounce them on your knee

  33. rick says:

    I knew they were able to do it! I knew it! See?! I’m not crazy!

  34. Baby Chuker Scout says:

    This guy is pro!

  35. Mandy says:

    Actually it can cause shaken baby syndrome. Look it up people. Also, how would you like to be thrown in the air and get whip lashed?

  36. ZERO says:

    are you there god? its me…

    if i could have one wish in life, it would be a baby.

    and god heard his request and sent a baby down straight away

  37. Snobo says:

    clearly, if the baby was hurt, killed, or damaged for life the photo would have NEVER made it this far. they prolly look back at this photo and think, wow, what a great picture this is and how funny and awkward it looks. it most likely makes them laugh, if it made them cry, u think it would be posted???? let alone still exist???

  38. Rita Kaul says:

    Hey ! That’s the mystery of the flying baby indeed…….!!

  39. Grace says:

    ok personally i think photos like this are cute not awkward

  40. grandma Sharon says:

    R U Nuts – didn’t you see any of the kids deaths caued by babies being thrown and not caught. Watch out – someone may consider this child abuse! Look at dumb jerk Mchael Jackson — I know it was in fun but this is frightening if your child had fallen.

  41. David says:

    There’s no way for this baby to fly. Not with a diaper load like he’s carrying. Some people think that when the Pampers box says “for up to 20 pounds” they mean it literally.

    By the way, very nice arrangement of photos on the wall. It’s like “We’ll start in the middle and as junior grows up we’ll just work our way out across the room.

  42. ww says:

    What Fiona said. My dad did this ALL the time. Soo cute!

  43. Sheila says:

    Ever hear of Shaken Baby Syndrome? It happens folks. Tragic Accidents. Not sure why AFP would want to encourage such dangerous behavior. This pic is not awkward nor funny. One of these days a lawsuit might come your way and you might be a bit more socially responsible. More social responsibility = less lawsuits and less government involvement in our lives.

    • Paula says:

      More personal responsibility, LESS social responsibility= less lawsuits and less government involvement in our lives. Give me a break and have fun with this!

      • Sheila says:

        You’ll have lot’s and lot’s of fun when the baby is brain damaged and your tax dollars go to supporting him for the rest of his life. I’ll give you a break when you actually understand what social responsibility is….a hint: its all a part of personal responsibility.

        • Maxwell says:

          Talk about over-thinking this. Of course it’s a stupid idea, but in this case I’d like to think the odds favor a safe outcome, rather than a disastrous one, which allows me to see humor in the absurdity.
          I’m also sure that “social responsibility” is far down this mans list of incentives for catching the baby.

        • Audrey says:

          How does someone so serious end up checking out a website like this? Try taking life less serious and have some fun! And stop bringing people down, it’s lame.

      • Mel says:

        I have 3 kids and I am with Paula on this one…. I am all for it takes a village to raise a child approach when trying to bring up good kids but it comes down to more personal responsibility and accepting that its okay to just have fun sometimes.

    • Shellie says:

      Sheila, you have GOT to chill out. SBS doesn’t happen from tossing your baby back and forth or all of the babies in my life, including my own, would never have made it to their second birthdays. The baby is obviously enjoying it. Now this might sound just a liiiiittle crazy, but why don’t we stop treating our children like they’re Faberge eggs and let them live their lives? My son is 4 and if he falls down, I tell him to get back up. Our society is far too worried about baby proofing everything in the world and being PC about every little thing. There’s a HUGE difference between being cautious and going overboard.

      This picture is awkward AND funny.

    • Jennifer says:

      Someone’s going to sue AFP because they shook their baby? I’m not following.

    • Louis says:

      I’m sorry but that’s self righteous rubbish. Babies DO NOT get shaken baby syndrome from parents throwing them up and catching them – they get shaken baby syndrome from being SHAKEN (the clue is in the title) violently, causing their brains to bounce off the inside of their skulls repeatedly and vigorously. It’s a horrific, awful thing, but that is NOT what is happening here.

      If this was a genuine cause of SBS, every child that fell over or fell off a bike or fell out of a tree or played any contact sport would be brain dead and needing care before hitting their teens. What a crock of sanctimonious bulls***.

      Awesome picture.

    • sorry, aimed at “original” sheila…grow up silly-goose – as they want to modify my original comment ~st****~! did you never ride in the back of a truck? a bicycle without helmet? your liberal thinking is KILLING this nation!

    • just passing through says:

      You guys need to chill out. How much freaking Dateline and 20/20 do you really need to watch? I doubt they’d post a picture of a child who wound up hurt; word of mouth gets around, someone would have contacted and asked it to be removed. It’d be different if this was a website dedicated to educating others on SBS and people were posting humerous comments about it…but that’s obviously not the case, so…relax =)

  44. Tsar N. says:

    This picture of the alien baby is taken in mid attack, just after it sprang out of its egg (hidden behind the chair). A moment later it wrapped itself around the man’s skull and laid an embryo in his throat.

  45. Fiona says:

    OK listen—Daddies have been tossing their babies in the air since Adam. Now, stay with me. Mamas and Daddies have differing rolls to play—not saying they can’t cross-over at times, but…Mommy is for nurishment, tenderness and cuddling, Daddy is for challenging, adventure and building courage. That’s why kids do best when both parents are actively parenting.

    • Maddy says:

      Well you obviously know something about parenting,
      but have you ever heard about the “Shaken Baby Syndrom” ??
      You should look it up before further advocating the merits of a father “building courage” in his child..

      • Elle says:

        Second that Maddy- if you shake a baby too hard they get serious brain damage- or drop them (due to their soft skull that has not grown over at the very top of their head).
        Also, what backward/ultra traditional views on parenting!

        • Nick says:

          Learn to spell syndrome and then get all technical Maddy.

        • Megan says:

          Hmm, I don’t see why traditional views on parenting are now being called “backward”. What a weird viewpoint.

        • EC says:

          Maddy has a point and I think her heart is in the right place…this critical care nurse knows for a fact that it is possible for babies to suffer brain damage from rapid accleratioon/deceleration activities and that includes being tossed up and down rapidly. Most babies will survive unharmed but what a heartache to permanently damage your child’s brain all in the name of “fun”…ask your pediatrician. Most people just aren’t aware of the risks,,,,

          • Just me says:

            But there was no such thing in the 70’s when-about this photo was taken. Just like we didn’t have to wear bike-helmets, seat belts, and there was no such thing as bottled water….

            I think this picture is an amazing example of how life was before too much “information” and safety overruled anything fun and spontaious. (sp? yeah I can’t spell…sry)

          • Confused says:

            What makes you think this pis was taken in the 70’s?

          • TS says:

            It’s not in the 70’s, late 90’s or later. Current furniture and diapers didn’t have velcro w/ pics back then. It’s not a kid sitter, looks like a full grown man, prob the dad. And they’re not shaking the baby, they’re tossing a toddler, or maybe just catching a toddler, in which you let your arms go down w/ the catch and it’s not a sudden impact. And I agree it’s a hurricane lamp, not an elbow.

  46. sibling rivalry says:

    “Be nice to your younger brother.”
    “Okay, mom!

    • Loreli says:

      oh geez I would hope not lol, but I used to <3 this stuff when my dad did it to me. getting tossed into the pool at age 6 and things like that. little tyke is LOVIN it LOL help build character.

  47. Padron says:

    It’s not PSed because you can see the shadow of the baby from the flash on the wall behind him. You know, it is possible to just take a picture that actually captures reality as it is.

  48. Yep, I am Old and Teethless says:

    This wasn’t suppose to B funny!!! It was baby’s first appereance on ‘the maury show’ !

    Ahhh, well…

  49. Mitchell says:

    My bet is, that is a Laz-E-Boy reclining chair, dad lays it back as far as it goes, lays baby onto back of chair, then stomps on the extended footrest, quickly snapping the chair back forward and catapulting the baby forward for him to catch.

    • Sharon says:

      Up in the right corner you can see what looks like the bent elbow of the person who tossed the baby. As mother, I can see the baby is LOVING this, but I would not tolerate it happening again.

      • Keely says:

        I don’t think that’s an elbow. It’s too high. I think it’s a glass lamp shade. Who knows how they did it. I just hope that baby is ok. Surely no parent was present for this. This is why boys don’t babysit 🙂

        • Rachel says:

          What makes you think that man isn’t his parent?

          • Harold says:

            Might be the parent, might not be….looks kinda young….but is funny to consider this may be a boy babysitting and pulling some antics….not so much for the baby, but the baby does seem to be enjoying itself….until it hits the floor of course….

        • nevaeh says:

          Thats not a bent elbow, its one of those floor lamps.

      • Rory says:

        I’m a mother, too, and my son loves doing stuff like this. We’ve been tossing him around since he was 6 months old (not quite so high then), and although we’ve gotten a few nasty looks, there’s never been a mishap and my son keeps coming back for more. He’s 3 now & a bit heavy for me to throw in the air, but I’d have no problem with this.

        • Dave says:

          You’re all wrong. I do this with my little ones all the time, but usually with extra pillows. He’s tossing the baby into the chair. The angle of the camera makes it look super high. Very safe . . . if the chair/couch is padded enough.

        • Kelley says:

          Well, Rory, the baby might ‘love’ it, but it only takes ONE second of being off-balance – for either one of you, for disaster to occur. My dad’s first call of his first day as a cop was to go to the home of family where the loving dad had tossed his baby in the air and ONE of them moved ever so slightly, the baby fell, hit his head and died. It was probably fun right up to that point. Not safe. Please think of this. And Dave, dear, I know you love your kids, but it is NEVER safe.

          • k damsted says:

            i’m the loving mother of a cute boy age 14 months and i’ve tossed him up in the air like that to, since he was about 5-6 months old and his is loving every seccond of it, i find it to be just as safe as climbing in trees.. accidents happens and sometimes with tragic outcome yes i know that, but it doesn’t do the babies any good by over protecting them.. life isn’t safe in the end you die… and that goes for us all..

          • Emily says:

            I completely agree. It’s never safe to throw a child in the air. And it will never be safe. Anything can happen. And accidents usually do.

      • jen says:

        Looks like the top of a lamp to me, Sharon.

    • TM says:

      Mitchell, you seem like you’ve had some experience with this. At first, I could not possibly think how this could happen. Thanks for clearing it up!

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