The Great Bambini

October 14th, 2009

The Great Bambini - Kids

Our second in a series of flying babies.

(submitted by John)

341 Responses to “The Great Bambini”

  1. NEIL PAOLINO says:

    Is this some kind of wonderful baby angel ? : )

  2. davesintexas says:

    Wow, what loonies a Baby Flying in the air….Hey, I did see this same photo on YOU TUBE about an alien baby that floats uncontrollably in the air…IS THIS THE SAME SPROG? Yes, it has to be him I can tell by the same small load he is carrying for ballast. Good thinking to load down his diapers so he doesn’t hit the ceiling and or float out a window and back to which ever planet he is from.

  3. Snowrider says:

    See, See…see what happens the OB says “OK, ma’am just one more big hard push”

  4. My of The Great Bambini says:

    Not sure who John is or who posted it but that is my son. My husband just found this website & YES that is our baby boy. This picture was taken in late ’07 early ’08 ???? Not exactly sure when, since I wasn’t there. My cousin was babysitting our son & I guess they (my cousin & his friend) got a little bored. When he brought our son home that night he told me what they were doing but I don’t think I fully understood what he was explaining. It wasn’t until I saw the picture last year that it clicked………..I had to laugh (would of freaked if I saw them doing it but I did laugh after the fact). They reclined the recliner back put my son at the top of the chair (where the head would go) & my cousins friend stomped on the leg part to shot him straight in the air while my cousin caught him. As you can tell he had a blast!!!

    Everyone who was worried about shaking baby syndrome HE IS FINE. He will be turning 8 in a few months & has an IQ of 157…………so no brain damage. Yes we are lucky nothing happened & yes my cousin babysat for us after that.


    Thanks Brandon for the funny pic……….my son loves it!!! I hope everyone enjoys the picture!!!

    • Julia says:

      Here I am, sitting in the computer lab at the University I go to, laughing my head off at the story behind this! Boys are the best babysitters, because they are do stuff like this. Sure, its dangerous, but more often than not, just good old fashion fun! Your baby looks like he was having a “blast” (pun intended)!

    • Ceci says:

      This is freaking classic and the story makes it even better…i actually laughed until I started crying. This is what happens to babies when moms leave them with MEN. We women treat the babies like they are fragile…but MEN do stunts and the freaking kids LOVE EVERY SECOND…no harm no foul and a great picture too!

    • Jaemae says:

      Something isn’t adding up here. If that’s your cousin catching the baby…and his friend is the one who stomped the foot rest…which by the way said friend is not in the picture…who’s taking the picture?

    • Al Coholic says:

      157 IQ at 8? Einstein had a 160 IQ…

  5. Deb says:

    Have they not heard of Shaken Baby Syndrome…regardless of how happy the baby looks, it’s not a good idea to throwing a baby in the air!

    • Steve says:

      “Shaken Baby Syndrome” is caused by violent, short-to-long duration, intentional shaking that cause the childs head to whip back and forth, literally resulting in the brain “bouncing” back and forth against the skull.

      This would not result in such an issue.

      • Ilsa says:

        THANK YOU! Deb has obviously either never had children or doesn’t really know what SBS is. Either way, some people just seem to troll the internet looking for something to gripe about. If I was the mama, I probably would have smacked my cousin in the head resulting in Shaken Cousin Syndrome after seeing the pictures lol

  6. Ugly Bob says:

    How much is that little baby loving it? He is SO happy- probably twice so as Dad will catch him. Ah good times.

  7. JPLAYJPLAY says:

    HERE’S A BABY!!!…

    …just throwin’ it out there.

  8. jetern1c says:

    I love how everyone is arguing about how a baby looks like when it is “really” thrown. How many babies do you throw around? Is this a sport? You all sound like you are discussing a guy’s golf swing. I feel like I am suddenly missing out on a great pastime that everyone else is enjoying. Of course, I have no children, so I may need to borrow a few from some of you more experienced baby-throwers until I can build my own collection. Is there a standard procedure for launching a small human around? I don’t want to do it wrong. I need to speak with the resident baby throwing expert!

  9. shan says:

    How did the guy have time to slam down on the leg rest, while having enough time to get in catching position?

  10. jjj says:

    me and my recliner go way back

  11. Lindsey says:

    The baby was originally standing. His feet are clearly lined up to have been standing on a flat surface. Tilt the baby to the side and you can see that he was jsut standing weird

  12. 343 says:

    It is funny watching everyone argue about it being photoshopped. This is not photoshopped. Most of all I can not believe that out of everyone commenting on this photo only a couple people know what is happening. It is simple! It is a recliner you put the baby on the back of the chair when it is reclined and then slam the leg rest down and make the baby fly to you. We used to do that as small kids. We would lay on the back and have a couple of kids jump on the leg rest and you would go flying. Normally we would try to land on a bean bag but it did not always work out that way.

  13. Lincoln says:

    Who cares if it is or isn’t photoshopped. Doesn’t anyone care about the welfare of the baby?!?!

  14. Squirlontheworld says:

    Awwwwe, lil’s angel can fly.

  15. Lisa says:

    what that baby needs is a diaper change……doubt the baby was ejected into mid-air with a soggy diaper and Lazy Boy.

  16. Steve says:

    Is that kid holding a picture…. or a meat cleaver

  17. 80sgirl says:

    Hmm, judging by the old photos, I think both myself and my younger sister may very well have slept in cribs with those recently-declared-hazardous(!!) crib bumpers. (yeah, the kind that have started murdering kids by impairing their lung function) Like a few other posters, I could vouch that at least if a person posts a photo from said person’s own family, it was NOT “Hey, internet! Check out the activity that caused Timmy’s horrible accidental death!!”

  18. mary says:

    Does anyone see the hand on the baby’s side? Or did this child grow one out of their right side?!? Wow folks photo shop is amazing I guess………..

  19. Lisa says:

    My name is also Lisa, i totally agree

  20. pupcake11 says:

    its not 1:17 its 4:17!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. treva says:

    why do ppl care so much if these pics r photoshopped? 99% of the time they r hilarious and r just meant to make others laugh. lighten up!

    • Kkristina11 says:

      AMEN!!!! totaly agree with ya ppl care way to much about if the picture is photoshopped or not it is so aggrovating, ppl get over it an just have a laugh!!

  22. Could Christmas get any better than curling with my baby brother and cat, watching the cartoon “Grinch Who Stole Christmas?” I think not.

  23. Crystal says:

    forget the photo! i haven’t laughed this hard in so long. thank you people for the arguments, quips and snappy come backs. my day is so much better now

  24. pixie_19 says:

    People, this is edited. Did everyone miss the indentation on the left side of the baby’s belly, oh and the finger sticking out of it, that they forgot to remove? And if you think the shadow belongs to the baby, look at the guys shadow, they’re not going in the same direction, nor does the shadow match the position of the baby…

  25. cookie says:

    Wow. This is my favorite by far. And it doesn’t have weird 1980 people in it. 😀

  26. king Missle says:

    Wasn’t this a Monty Python skit?

  27. Ian says:

    I’ll leave the ‘shop talk to you people to argue about. But speaking as a father of two young girls, if that chair is super-soft, the guy is tossing the infant in the air and it will land on the chair on its legs, back to the cushion. That’s why the baby is in front of him and his arms are relaxed – he is not going to catch it. I used to toss my girls into a massively overstuffed chair too after they started to walk – they thought it was great fun, and if the baby can hold its head up it’s not going to cause any harm unless you throw it like a fastball or into a ceiling fan. Can’t tell the age exactly, but that baby looks like it’s about one, which means it’s got some motor control and strength in its legs.

  28. Skip says:

    I agree with Josh. I photoshop things all the time and this definitely wasn’t photoshopped. Plus the whole photo has a uniformity of defect… blurriness, shadow and contrast. People think everything is photoshopped nowadays that they have lost any sense of what a real photo looks like.

  29. michelle says:

    or the baby himself yea lol but its definately not photoshopped my dad used to throw me up in the air all the time in fact one time my head made a hole in the ceiling but i was ok

  30. michelle says:

    the shadow behind the baby is probably the person taking the picture duh!!!

    • Mamimoni2 says:

      If its the photographer’s shadow on the wall, then shouldn’t it be facing the opposite way? I myself believe it IS photoshopped. My husband photoshops all the time. The shadow on the wall is faint but you can still see it. I think it is the mom’s shadow (or person holding the baby) and yes, they forgot to remove it along with parts of the hand/fingers sticking out from baby’s diaper/side. I think that person holding the baby was playing “airplane” with him, going towards the dad or man waiting to “catch” him in the air (creating an optical illusion), and that’s why the baby is laughing so happily… all babies laugh happily when you play “airplane” with them!

  31. Josh Mullis says:

    You have to be a complete moron to think this was photoshopped. The shadow behind the baby is the person that threw the baby to the guy in the picture. The position of the camera is just at an odd spot. I’m a Graphic Designer. It’s NOT PHOTOSHOPPED.

    • Mamimoni2 says:

      No, I don’t agree… if the shadow behind baby belongs to the person THROWING him in the air, then WHY is that person not in the picture? the recliner and baby are clearly in the corner, so that person should also visibly be in the same corner. There is no way based on the position of the baby and from the direction “thrown” that the person “throwing” him can do it from outside of the picture’s range of vision. In that case, then the baby would look like he was thrown from the right side of the picture, and not from the recliner.

  32. Rstev says:

    I’m scared because the baby has super powers but doesn’t know how to use them.

  33. Cunthry says:

    It is obvious, the baby is glued to the wall

  34. brent says:

    There’s the same dark outline around the kid catching the baby. Who’s throwing him, huh? Look, all that matters is that someone’s throwing a baby around and look how happy it is. I think we all could learn something from this, right!!…If the baby is not happy, throw it.

  35. bwilson27 says:

    Somebody needs to change that flying baby’s diaper!

  36. Giggling says:

    Not enough of a “family photo” for the hall of fame…

  37. Lisa says:

    Very fake looking. The baby’s position gives it away. Looks like he/she was laying down and then extracted from the photo, spun around to try to make it look like flying.


  38. Lady Andrea says:

    that baby is in freakin’ MID AIR! Is that guy throwing or catching???

  39. Alex says:

    Yes, we all know you *can* do this for real. But this time, it clearly isn’t. There is a definite outline around the baby that indicates he/she/it was cut out from a darker background and pasted in its current position. Funny, yes, but real? No.

  40. Smartazz says:

    Come on everybody…are you that blind that you don’t see how this is done…geez…. You can totally see the clear fishing line that is stapled to the babies neck…please go take a second look…it is not photo shopped 🙂

  41. Mike says:

    I FIGURED IT OUT!!! I think he reclined the chair, set the baby on the back, then stomped the chair closed and catapulted the baby toward him! That’s why the baby is so far forward. If he had thrown it that far forward there’s no way he could catch it. I’ve been thinking about that all day.

  42. David says:

    He’s just playing catch with the recliner.

  43. steve says:

    he put the kid on the recliner and kicked down the foot-rest. We used to do it all the time when I was a kid. No photoshop.

  44. Erin says:

    You can see someone’s shadow behind the baby, it IS a doctored pic. Plus, you’d have to have thrown the baby forward to get this angle.

    • Bitch says:

      The only shadow behind the baby happens to be the baby’s shadow. I know, right… like OMG who would have guessed?

  45. Ron says:

    Definitely can be done without Photoshop.
    BTW it was the Great Gazoo on the Flinstones.

  46. Emily says:

    this is not done with photoshop. he simply throw the baby up a bit (ive done this) and take the pic at the exact precise moment.

  47. Haleigh says:

    It’s not photoshop… My dad used to do that with me when I was little.

  48. Bobo says:

    Reminds me of ‘Gizmo’ from the ‘Flintstones’. Except the flesh tone and absent the antennae

  49. duh says:

    this is done with photoshop.

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