Rocky Mountain High

November 2nd, 2009

Rocky Mountain High - *AFP Hall Of Fame*

“I was 3 months old and my parents (who met in the Sierra Club) took me on a trip to Yosemite for some cross country skiing. She swears that no one knew in 1977 that drinking beer while breastfeeding may not have been a good idea. ”

(submitted by Allison)

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  1. LS says:

    I’m a breastfeeding fanatic and completely OK with each element in the picture…but I still find it so funny! The 70s aspect adds to that. Just all of it together makes it cute and random and funny. I’ve surely had a beer while nursing- I can’t say I did so in the snow with my shades on looking quite so laid back.

  2. jeff strongleaf says:

    you guys are f-in bored!

  3. Joanne says:

    I hope the poor baby’s lips don’t freeze onto her nipple, like the boy whose tongue froze onto the pole in “A Christmas Story’!

  4. So Funny! says:

    Hahaha….just showed my husband and all he noticed was that a snowflake looked like a booger on her nose!

  5. Allison says:

    Look at what’s really happening. That’s just sweet. Go momma. You’ll be so glad you did. Brings tears to my eyes and nearly makes me “let down.” You mommas know exactly what I mean.

  6. Dane says:

    Hey Dad! I’m getting Coors over here!

  7. TexasRick says:

    Beer, Breastfeeding and Baby: The Circle of Life.

  8. Lynsey says:

    I see the usual ignorant, judgemental comments here.

    What a pity people can’t keep their ill informed opinions to themselves.

    Moderate alcohol consumption is perfectly safe while breastfeeding. You would have to be seriously drunk for alcohol to affect a baby through breastmilk.

    Yet again I see why so few women feel they are able to breastfeed and give their children the start they deserve.

    Shame on the small-minded fools who make it all so much harder for normal mothers.

  9. grimey says:

    Now I know what is missing from my childhood… πŸ™

  10. Don says:

    I have got to start paying closer attention to these pictures. I completely missed the beer can. I missed the subtle nuances to the breast feeding issue. At first glance, I thought this was a picture of Sister Mary rehearsing for the annual Nativity scene.

  11. Katie says:

    I think this might just be the awesomest AFP I’ve ever seen. hahahaha As a breastfeeding mom I can TOTALLY relate. The whole scene is hilarious and random, which is what makes it awkward even if it IS something totally natural (and acceptable on all counts!).

  12. redmirchee says:

    Nothing awkward about this.
    Au contraire, it’s beautiful.

  13. Tim says:

    Like mother, like daughter – they both like thier drinks cold!

  14. mrsslats says:

    Hehehehe… awesome. I’ve had a beer while nursing before- it takes a little bit to get into the bloodstream (where milk is processed from) so no biggie (as long as that one wasn’t preceded by the rest of the 6-pack). Though I don’t drink while being in the snow for long whiles I would totally nurse out in the open like that. Not like you can see anything anyway. Even if you could- shame on you if you find it sexual or gross! That doesn’t make the person nursing in public a pervert, it makes the one being disgusted by it perverted. It’s what boobs are for anyway.
    Oh, and I agree- I am offended by the fact that it’s a COORS. Sheesh. Yuck. How about some quality beer.

  15. Dorothy says:

    Looks like she Tapped the Rockies!

  16. tracy says:

    Love it! My ‘baby’ is 5 and we still comfort nurse at night in the privacy of our home. If I were out in the mountians and not in the middle of the mall I would still do the same thing as the woman in the photo. So she was in the mood for an adult beverage?????? That is between mother and healthcare advisor. I am in the care of a traditional OB/GYN that never had a trouble with me having a drink in moderation while pregnant. Worldwide average age to nurse????? Age 7.

  17. Gridley says:

    All this talk, and she might just be holding the photographer’s beer while he/she took the picture.

  18. Jill says:

    I came back, admittedly with trepidation, to see how far downward the comments on this photo spiralled. I am thoroughly heartened to see the educated posters outnumbering the ignorant ones! Yes, this photo is hilarious because of a combination of all the unusual elements, but there is still NOTHING WRONG with breastfeeding, or breastfeeding outdoors (baby looks pretty well bundled!), or drinking an occasional beer while breastfeeding. Thanks to all of you who pointed this out!

  19. rico says:

    i wonder if that can and her boob are cold activated

  20. Kris says:

    I think breastfeeding photos are sweet. Doing it in the snow with a beer in her hand makes it funny. Go mama!

  21. Jenny says:

    I love it, it’s a beautiful picture!

  22. hupla says:

    The only thing I find awkward is the bright orange turtleneck. And it looks like the baby’s wearing a bonnet under that fleece.

  23. Lori says:

    The only awkward thing about this is that she’s drinking a COORS!!!

  24. DrMomma says:

    What a FABULOUS 80s momma!! At a time when so few babies in the U.S. were breastfed, this woman certainly is doing what is best for her baby. And a small amount of beer NEVER hurt any breastfed baby. While inutero, yes, it is certainly detrimental to consume alcohol (it is a heavy carcinogen passing through the placenta and impacting brain development). But when nursing, having a beer (or a glass of wine or another alcoholic beverage) is NOT going to pass into a mother’s milk enough to intoxicate her nursing babe. And – as irresponsible as it may be – even getting drunk and nursing a baby is STILL better for the baby developmentally, immunologically, neurologically, and all around health-wise than giving formula is. So hats off to this SMART mother! She should be commended for nursing on demand – whenever and wherever her baby is hungry. And what a lucky little baby!! But she’s all grown up into a wise woman herself…

  25. Lauren says:

    Well, my Dr. recommended a beer every now and then to keep my milk supply up. And my son was born in ’05. Because of this I was able to breastfeed for 18 months. Where lots of people would have dried up by then.

    Thanks AFP for the adorable photo of a mother sharing one of the most precious experiences a mother can have with her child. I think the only thing awkward is that someone sent it to AFP thinking it was an awkward pic.

    • Melissa says:

      People don’t “dry up” because of the length of breastfeeding, they dry up because of lack of demand. As long as a baby is breatfeeding, lactation will continue unless the frequency of nursing decreases-that is your bosies cue to slow down and stop

      • Lauren says:

        It’s interesting to me that you say women’s milk dries up because of lack of demand… are you a Dr.? Cause I will say this: If you are one (which I doubt you are) Dr.s dont know EVERYTHING. There was absolutely no lack of demand in my case. I was a stay at home mom to a very demanding boy who breastfed almost every hour until he was 18 months. And yes, I did say almost every hour. I felt like I didnt sleep for a year. He sucked me dry with each and every feeding… and kept sucking when there was nothing left to suck out. So, I would venture to say that there was plenty of demand there. My milk started to dry when he was about 6 weeks old. He wasn’t eating anything else… and he never took a bottle. Not once…

        I hate that I can make a simple comment on here, and have someone like you get on here and leave such a condescending remark, that I have to in turn defend myself. You could’ve kept such a remark to yourself.

        • Jill says:

          Wait, what? Your milk dried up at 6 weeks…yet he never took a bottle? What on earth did he eat? o.O Was he like that magic baby on Lost that gets toted all around the jungle for days without eating yet is miraculously happy and adorable the whole time?

          • Lauren says:

            Jill, If you read the entire post it said that my milk began to dry at 6 weeks. Didn’t dry completely… BEGAN TO DRY. At which point I drank a beer. Then my milk came flooding back. After that I occasionally drank a beer to keep my milk coming in strong. And I was able to breastfeed for 18 months. There sure are a lot of negative Nancy’s on here… and people who I feel are trying to catch my in a lie. Ridiculous that I began with a nice post… and now I’m having to defend myself. It’s people like you that are what’s wrong with the world today.

        • Melissa says:

          I actually am a nurse that works in an OB/GYN office for several years. Although this does not make me a doctor, I ahve asked every doctor in the practice about the occasional, moderate consumption of alcohol by breastfeeding mothers, and they all say no, because even though research says its okay, years later we always find out something new that could be harmful so why take that chance? Also, anyone’s comment on here is fair game, so if you didn’t want your comment to also be commmented on in any way, then you shoudn’t have posterd it in the first place.

  26. Kate says:

    I think this is a great picture! One of my husbands favorite picture is of his mom when she was 9 months pregnant with him & has a Old Milwaukee can resting on top of her belly. It was still socially acceptable to drink while pregnant/nursing in the 70’s (he was born in ’72). And by the way it didn’t effect his development in the least & his mom is a great mother/grandmother. I breast fed my kids and my pediatrician actually recommended I drink a beer or glass of wine on occasion to help my milk supply. As far as nursing your baby in the cold = bad mothering. Give me a break people! The kid is dressed warmly & as a mom of two myself who’s from Alaska I can tell you a hungry baby isn’t going to wait to eat just because it’s cold outside & it’s ridiculous to tell a mom to cloister herself indoors all winter. I think some of the people who commented on this pic need to pop a cold one themselves & chill out!!

  27. Kelly says:

    Boy, everyone seems to be a bit up in arms about this photo and a certain comment. Jeez. I think this might be considered “awkward” because when you think of breastfeeding, the first thing that comes to mind is NOT sitting in the snow and holding a beer while the baby latches on.

    YES, babies get hungry in the winter, and I’m sure it may be perfectly acceptable to drink a little bit while nursing to help in lactation. However, plopping down in the middle of winter with my gators on during snowfall and cracking open a cold one while nursing wouldn’t have crossed my mind. I might have waited til my child was done nursing before getting my drink on, but hey that’s just me. Judging by the pop top on the can it probably WAS in the 70’s or 80’s and drinking while nursing probably wasn’t the issue it became in recent years. Or the mom is just more laid back than most and that’s okay too.

    Awkward? Maybe not. But it’s a photo that sparks a lil controversy among posters, that’s for sure. πŸ™‚

  28. Karen says:

    This discussion is almost as hilarious as the photo. Stop over-thinking it and take another look at that classy photo. A picture really is worth 1,000 words. And a thousand laughs.

  29. This is hilariously random! I have nursed in some unlikely places, but never in the snow while drinking a beer. This lady wins.

  30. MMB says:

    Is that Britney Spears?

  31. MN says:

    Wow, people are so judgmental. So she’s having a beer while nursing. It’s perfectly okay. Babies are allowed outside in the cold, and even though I find anything to do with childbirth and breastfeeding gross (tokophobic and fine with it), there is nothing wrong with it and a woman should be able to feed her kid when and where she needs to.

    What makes the picture awkward is the fact that so many ignorant people are so quick to jump all over her for doing something perfectly normal. It’s actually a cute picture!

  32. RFM says:

    Absolute classic! I have been known to nurse with a wine in hand…but not in the snow, cold nipples anyone!! :).

  33. Frank says:

    That baby can’t handle it’s liquor. Just look. It’s passed out.

  34. Amanda says:

    There is a photo like this with my mum, apparently they were in the snow and found an old can of beer so she picked it up being a goose, and now she is captured forever

  35. EDUB says:

    Everyone that felt they needed to defend their rights to breastfeed:

    Do you want to breastfeed? By all means, please do! Do you want to do it outside? Fine! In public? Great! In the snow? Fantastic! Please do not admonish everyone for laughing when a funny/awkward/situational photo is taken. It’s not awkward because she’s breastfeeding, it’s awkward because she’s breastfeeding while sitting in the snow and having a beer. I know, I know, babies need to eat regardless of the weather…but it doesn’t make it less funny. Kids fart all of the time. When they fart in church, it makes it a bit funnier. Why? It’s situational! /rant

  36. Pookie says:

    to everyone worrying about drinkin and feedin – coors can’t get anyone drunk – even the wee ones.

  37. stephanie says:

    Here is my take on this photo it is funny and awkward hence why it is posted here and in a forum to comment on no less, so why do you care if “Amy” says ewww she is entitled to think ewww if she likes or if someone thinks drinking a beer while breastfeeding is bad? So be it~

    I come here to laugh not take down other posters uh hello what moral soapbox are you on that you wanna judge the judgers!

    It is all meant in fun and to each his own for what they think when they see it. I mean seriously AWKWARD FAMILY PHOTOS is what it called for a reason. It isn’t a news blog!

    ATTN: MLB, thebonmama,agentscully,Jill & Jill,spamelita, dizzymama, Nicole,Oscar:
    Isn’t life too short to be stupid? Lighten up roll with it have some fun or go to a more serious site where your comments would be welcomed.

    I don’t care what any poster says about any particular pictures I just think it is stupid that anyone would say anything negative to other posters! Seriously?

    Oh yea Jill and mlt my husband differs on “thats what boobs are for” 5:23 pm and “Oh and Amy, breast feeding is what breasts are for!”

    And when you Jill 5:30 pm says “I don’t see how this photo is at all awkward. What’s awkward about a baby eating?” it is clear that you could be caught in a shot like this because it is so reasonable to you but I think you must have missed the point, about 85% of the other viewers think it AWKWARD! Another clue to it being kinda awkward it is on this BLOG!

    • Nick says:

      sweetheart, you need to take your own advice. You’ve got about the longest post on here and took the time to name several posters and rip apart their “judging” while you are clearly doing it yourself. It is a fun website…that’s just the point. A woman was “caught” breastfeeding with a beer: funny, yes. But for people to say “ewwww” that’s just juvenile and I have a right to call them on it. Everyone has a different opinion of what is awkward. And just because a picture is submitted to this blog doesn’t not automatically make it awkward.

      • stephanie says:


        If you will notice I am not judging I am stating the facts and just the facts and only my husband calls me sweetheart and if I am going to say anything I do want to direct it at the person who’s comment I am talking about. Every picture submitted to this blog doesn’t make the cut. They make the choice because they think it is funny, awkward whatever. If you read my post as how it was meant to sound is funny, ie my husband disagrees about the boobs comments, and I merely state just have fun and leave your comment about the picture no matter what you think if you think it awful that she has beer then say so but don’t bash someone for saying so and so again I will say JUST HAVE FUN.

        Oh yea because I had the longest post means nothing I just had a lot to address. My husband did point out since I talk outloud while I type I did say “Isn’t life too short to be stupid” not nice sorry but I really do not feel like I am judging anyone I am saying leave your comment about the picture and take your stand there are many people who did that and I am merely saying comment on the pic or reply to a poster because you liked what they said. The ewww comment could have been a JOKE.

        I hope this helps clear up my long post with another long post!

      • Jill says:

        My thoughts exactly Nick. That entire post – what little I could understand of it, anyway – was one big contradiction.

        “I don’t come here to bash other posters.”

        “You’re all stupid.”

        Thankfully my head hurts too much from trying to make heads or tails of the grammar to properly absorb what must have been an attempt at an insult.

        Also, I had no idea I commented on this photo so many times…unless there is another Jill on here. πŸ˜‰

  38. akprincess72 says:

    This is an AWESOME picture, the rest of you? Get a clue! Your Mom likely did the same (which actually is harmless when timed properly) or worse. As for the ‘afraid of the outside people’? Yeah, we don’t all live in Florida, nor do we want to. This Mom is still out being active with the baby? This is an awesome Mom whose kid won’t be glued to the tv.
    Cheers Mom, you rock! =D

  39. I am still breastfeeding my daughter so I feel pretty current on what is OK. It actually takes over an hour for what you drink to make it into your breastmilk so if you are going to drink at all while you are breastfeeding, it actually would be best to do it at the same time rather than between feedings.

  40. Angie says:

    Breastfeeding? I’m cool with that. Having a beer? Sure! But I can just imagine what those freezing temperatures are doing to that breast. It makes me cross my arms and shiver just thinking about it.

  41. LLL mama says:

    Love it! Nothing wrong with the occasional drink for a nursing mama. Baby’s warm and cozy up next to mama. Wish more people were this comfortable with nursing.

  42. Jackson says:

    Shame on you, Sarah Palin!

  43. Guggie Daly says:

    LOL! I just posted a similar photo to facebook. DH took a photo of me nursing while holding a margarita at the Trex Cafe in Downtown Disney.

    Alcool isn’t metabolized in the blood immediately. If the baby stopped nursing soon after the woman drank the beer, the baby would not get any alcohol at all.

    Additionally, some people have not been culturally engineered to fear alcohol.

  44. Sarah says:

    This is a fantastic photo! Pure 70’s! Way to go mom! I have no idea why so many people are uptight about this. You can drink a beer while nursing. It’s such a trivial amount of alcohol that would get into the milk from that. Lactation experts recommend beer to help with milk letdown problems too. What I really love about it is this woman is happily nursing her baby. The baby is warm, bundled well, and…get this…WITH MOM! Not in a stroller with a bottle propped in her mouth or at the babysitters while mom is out with friends. I think there should be more moms like this one nowdays. This is great! πŸ˜€

  45. dln says:

    I can’t decide which comments seem more ridiculous to me, the ones about her breastfeeding while having a beer or the ones about her breastfeeding outside in the winter. As others have already said, there is nothing wrong with having a beer while you are nursing. And as for the cold, the only one who might get cold would be the mother. The baby looks well bundled up. It isn’t like you have to lift the baby’s shirt up to nurse. The baby is snuggled up against mom and is probably plenty warm.

    If she was drinking something other than Coors, I would say it looked perfect.

  46. Janis says:

    awesome, not awkward! maybe a little cold, though πŸ™‚
    As a breastfeeding mom of 3, I think the comments on this photo show why moms are discouraged from breastfeeding … so much misinformation!

    • mjn says:

      i totally agree with you! little do most know that beer is often recommended to breastfeeding momma’s – my doctor recommended it to me when I was πŸ™‚

  47. Lisa says:

    She doesn’t have the beer to her lips. She might not even be drinking it. My first impression was that it’s supposed to look like she’s swiggin’ a beer while nursing but that it probably isn’t even her beer. It’s an old can. She might have just found it in the snow.

  48. Mell says:

    I think its a great picture, particularly as its depicting a normal aspect of life, breastfeeding, during a time when it was highly stigmatized due to aggressive marketing & misinformation. Mom & baby are both dressed well for the snow, so what if she is enjoying a beer… as others have stated small amounts of alcohol consumed while breastfeeding are not problematic, alcohol during pregnancy on the other hand but that’s not what this is a picture of.

    • spamelita says:

      we’ve even overblown the occasional use of alcohol in pregnancy. I’m more concerned with smoking and ingestion of artificial sweeteners and high fructose corn syrup in pregnancy.

    • AC says:

      minimal drnking during pregnancy is actually fine. my sister enjoyed wine during her pregnancy. sure did it make me slightly nervous because I wasn’t used to it? sure… is her baby perfect in every way? yes.

  49. sallyomalley says:

    She’s not breast feeding- her and the kid are splitting the beer. Just gotta keep Jr’s lips warm in between sips….LOL!

    Yay mom!

  50. Robinfish says:

    I don’t find it awkward that she’s breastfeeding while drinking a beer or even that they’re out in the snow, what I find weird is that someone decided to take a picture of it.

    • Patricia says:

      OK, good, Robinfish, keep the focus on the photo! I don’t think this was posted as a conversation starter for the Breastfeeding Police or the Lechenistas, or even the pro-beer lobby (or the anti-Coors lobby, for that matter). It’s an awkward photo, not because of the individual elements, but because of the mix of all of them, the sum of the parts. A photo is a recording of one moment in time, without the benefit of context or a backstory , so one moment recorded whipping out an udder in the snow, holding a beer may be many things, but this moment is, indeed, awkward!

      Now go back to your homes, citizens!

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