Garbage Pail Kid

November 4th, 2009

Garbage Pail Kid - Kids

Well, what else is she supposed to lean on?

(submitted by Kimberly)

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  1. Andrew says:

    A cute little girl stuck with unfortunate props!

  2. Spritely says:

    Those bangs are PERFECTly straight.

  3. Soquel says:

    Maybe they were tryign to get a head shot and just didnt crop in like they should.. I dunno thats all i got.. As someone who used to take childrens photos I think they really need to start drug testing these photographers.. a guy i used to work with took a picture of a toddler holding a lint roller.. O_0

  4. Allison says:

    This costume was in one of my recitals years ago, sans the skirt. I actually had something similar to this in 1992, when I was 9 – it was red (not clown like – it had some sort of silver leopard print on the front of the top), had sequins, and was for the Bangles song “Hazy Shade of Winter.” And yes, it had the skirt…in fire engine red, no less!!! 🙂

  5. seagreen says:

    what’s up with the Golden Girls stockings?

  6. D F Stuckey says:

    Tonight on THE NEW TWILIGHT ZONE – Our new version of “Spectre In Tap Shoes” Starring Punky Brewster!

  7. kathleen says:

    the costume and trashcan are quite goofy prop choices for this picture, but what a beautiful little girl! I’m sure she looks back on this and just laughs.

  8. anonymous says:

    Cute girl, but her outfit is burning my screen. I don’t think XP only has a colour range into the millions.

  9. JR says:

    is that punky brewster?

  10. because right after this picture the costume is going into the trash?

  11. Kristen says:

    very random, and odd choice of props, but the girl is so cute!

  12. Margaret says:

    I simply “refuse” (as in…well, refuse, like garbage) that there was nothing else in the studio that could have been used for a prop.

  13. two in the stink says:

    ahahahahahahahahahhaha what an obscure picture.

  14. Jeff says:

    The love child of Oscar The Grouch and Punky Brewster.

  15. Frankenstein says:

    you’ll never guess where she got the outfit…

  16. Danielle says:

    Okay … I didn’t even see the garbage can until the second viewing … that costume is psycho!

  17. MadAsshatter says:

    If epilepsy were a dress…

  18. Snobo says:

    i figured the trash can was just the right height……..

  19. jessica says:

    the tights. how unnessecary.

  20. TJ says:

    The girl is adorable, but the trash can looks completely out of place…like something else was supposed to be there, and was lost at the last minute. So, someone said, “hurry, someone find something she can lean against!!!”, and this is what they came up with. Love it!

  21. Brennan says:

    How trashy.

    jk. haha

  22. Miina says:

    this is so cute! love it!

  23. normajean says:

    this is totally a dance outfit

    note the tapshoes
    athe trash can was prolly a prop

    • C.T. says:

      Yep, this was what I was going to say, When I took dance lessons and it came time for the recital, our costumes were about as horrid as this one is.

  24. nos says:

    what an adorable outfit! i really don’t get the trash can though lol

  25. El Miguel says:

    Maybe it’s a radiactive waste/costume can

  26. Ninja_Girl says:

    All great entertainers have to start somwhere. She looks like a young Shirley Maclaine!

  27. JD says:

    well, it’s more original than a tree…

  28. Tim says:

    Well, at least we know where that dress eneded up…

  29. photogirl says:

    But I’ve gotta say, usually they didn’t include a garbage can….this little kid just got lucky, i guess!
    sweet costume too- those colors will blind the audience come recital day!

  30. Moose says:

    She’s stalking oscar the grouch by waiting for him outside his house

  31. Matt Pizzuti says:

    Apparently this is a Halloween photo and she is an abandoned snow cone.

  32. john in co says:

    a little off-topic, but wasn’t there a picture posted after this one yersterday?

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