November 11th, 2009

Pollock - Family Portrait

This young lady is clearly a fan of expressionism.

(submitted by Megan)

70 Responses to “Pollock”

  1. mc says:

    she has her father’s eyes…

  2. suzy says:

    Mom was stylin’.

    • Tayla D says:

      EEWWW!Sholder pads!My grandma has a box of them in the garage.She says they myte come back in style.MAJER DENILE!!!

  3. julia says:

    not to be a buzzkill, but pollock is abstract expressionism (totally different than regular expressionism)
    besides that, it is hillarr. demin and faux tribal paterns never looked so good.

  4. chris says:

    black jeans (mind you) + black tennis shoes + white socks = Great moments in 1980’s family photo history

  5. I am DJ...hear me! says:

    Quick math lesson: Denim + shoulder pads=excellent.

  6. Jeremiah says:

    It looks like blood splatter in the background!

  7. Max Edelstahl says:

    Apparently the boy’s footwear is of highly significance (?)

  8. Jim says:

    Did they all just come from an eye exam???

  9. GeekFeatures says:

    If you crossed a guy like the one in the blue shirt, with a gal like the one in the blue dress, you’d get a kid like the one in the pink top. (purely for fun – no offense meant – you are all a lot better lookin’ than me).

  10. Ken says:

    The little girl on the left looks like she just dropped some acid.

  11. HeatherW says:

    Sweet denim dress complete with puffy sleeves. Awesome choker on mom. Bitchin’ giant fabric bow and vest on daughter/song. Excellent mullet. The combination of all of these elements plus the artsy badly done Pollock impersonation leads me to one conclusion:
    The 90’s are bringing sexy back!

  12. Patricia says:

    I like how one girl has a hair bow and the other has reindeer antlers.

  13. Magic Pink says:

    Whoah, hot daddy alert!

  14. Daver says:

    Is that a young Mathew Stafford? Go Lions! One win better than last year already…

  15. Deidre says:

    That is the laziest paint splatter background ever. It’s like they flung a brush three times and stopped before they got to the top.

    • LucianGemini says:

      LOL. Considering how much effort went into the outfits they didn’t want to outshine the family. And that is one HOT daddy.

  16. Gregorian says:

    Surprised Expressionism at that.

    I have a few photos of myself like that. I have a habit of blinking as the flash goes off, so I sometimes compensate by forcing my eyes open. Open too much, it seems.

    • Michael the artmonkey says:

      If you can’t see white ALL the way around your iris, then you didn’t get your money’s worth from the photographer.

  17. Hamster says:

    I know that little girl’s expression all too well. After too many family photographs were ruined because I had blinked, I resorted to the “deer in the headlights” look until the flash went off.

  18. Rabecca says:

    You never really realize how trendy something was until you see it on a site like this 15 years later.

  19. corkystclair says:

    It seems a little unexpected, but I guess when two denim-only people mate, their kids come out country western themed …. huh.

  20. melba says:

    What about the girl’s giant bow in her hair. There’s so much going on in this photo! And the way that the mullet kid has two paint-spatter horns coming out of his head. Oh! And his white sock peaking out between his black pants and shoes. In putting together their carefully crafted outfits, Mom let the white socks go. She was not aware of the potential cuff-raising effects of the foot shelf.

    • Mel says:

      perhaps if he wouldn’t have tight-rolled those pants then the white sock wouldn’t have peaked out. I don’t understand the awkward placement of everyone… looks like someone is missing from the picture between mom and dad. Perhaps cut and paste you’re favorite country star here? lol

  21. Jeff B. says:

    the boy and the girl just realized the shirts they are wearing were meant for the other one; he got hers, she got his….and the matching Arkansas scrunchie…

    • WideEyed says:

      Sad part is we’re from Southern California and we still ended up with Arkansas scrunchies, mullets, and canadian tuxes. The 90s were harsh to us.

  22. Other Dave says:

    The girl either drank to much pop, this was right before the girls next dose of riddlin?

    Also the dad looks like he lost his hair piece?

  23. Denise says:

    The black sneakers with white socks seals the deal!!

  24. Tim S says:

    I think Mom’s left hand may be contributing to the surprised look. A quick fingernail to the ribs.

  25. Sarah says:

    I almost missed her hot pink cowboy boots.

  26. carol says:

    All I can think of to say is how pretty the mother’s strawberry blond hair is. Well that and the fact that her daughter looks like she’s just discovered meth at a young age. Not nice. I used to be a really nice person, until I discovered this site, sigh.

  27. Marie says:

    What a HORRIBLE back-drop! It’s glaring and washes everyone out. Truly baaaad photography, which is a shame, ’cause they’re a nice-looing family, despite the maniacal expression on little Princess’s face.

  28. magillicuddy says:

    I love the way the matching outfits intertwine … jeans and red and bandana motifs …and that girl’s wide eyed with surprise and joy look… it’s all so late 20th century

  29. eliza says:

    I think that the Dad is equally scared of splatter.

  30. V. says:

    I want my Pollock-esque shirts back.

  31. Pertigal says:

    I think the little blonde sees the next hurl of paint coming. Very attractive mom and dad!

  32. princessluceval says:

    I kind of love the mom’s dress, and the belt!

  33. kristi says:

    wow she has dad’s eyes!

  34. Skip says:

    Can’t go wrong with denim and bandannas!

  35. Tim says:

    “is that…CANDY!!?!?”

  36. msumissa says:

    Denim dress for the win!

  37. LAURIE says:

    No more coffee for YOU, little girl!! lol

  38. Jen says:

    There’s a mullet awkwardly located in this photo. I almost missed it.

  39. mash says:

    rockin the canadian tuxedo

  40. Vanessa says:

    Oh my god. I have school pictures with this background from the 90s. I didn’t realize how ridiculous it was until right now.

  41. Angie says:

    the light is….so bright…

  42. ginny says:

    oh my god. i think the photographer JUST pulled out the rubber ducky.

  43. CarpoolMom says:

    Dad needs to borrow some of mom’s hair.

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