11 Days To Xmas: Oh, Christmas Bush

December 14th, 2009

11 Days To Xmas: Oh, Christmas Bush - Christmas

This family traveled all the way to their front yard to chop down this festive shrub.

(submitted by Rachael)

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  1. Cathy Evers says:

    The boy looks handsome, well groomed, nice haircut. A true Christian spirit is exhibited with the three Wise Men marching towards the tree. But that tree has GOT to be the worst tree since the tradition began. I can’t stop laughing. The little boy thinks it looks fine. oh my!

  2. Justmule says:

    Those lead ornaments didnt catch on.

  3. Mark M says:

    An old roommate of mine said his dad brought home a live tree for Xmas one year. Mom wanted a real big one. Dad brought home a 9 foot tree with an 8 foot ceiling. The solution? Why, cut a foot off the top of course. Mom didn’t find the humor in it.

  4. Winter_B says:

    My son and I are crying of laughter over here…… A festive Shrub…….. :L and he looks sooo proud of it! Thanks for sharing….

  5. dan r says:

    This sadly is me, and it was submitted by my sister. Kind of funny because I didnt know it existed for all these years. The guys at work sure got a laugh out of it. Haha, oh christmas bush oh christmas bush!

  6. ik8tey says:

    Ah, memories of awkward Christmases past. My favorite was the year the scrawny, home-grown Christmas tree had a large bald patch in the middle. Instead of turning that side to the wall, as my mother suggested, my father drilled a hole in the trunk and glued in one of the cut off lower branches.

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