Santa’s Little Goths

January 6th, 2010

Santa’s Little Goths - Christmas

Screw jolly.

(submitted by Anthony)

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  1. katie Z says:

    Anyone know who the girl on the right is with the pink in her hair? People keep thinking it’s me in the picture and its not. It even freaks me out. I part my hair the same and I used to have the same coloring.

  2. Duathmegil says:

    DUDE!!!! I so wish I could get a pic with my friends like this!!! >_< dang…I have never thought of this, it's bloody brilliant! hahahaha ^_^ Thanks for sharing! this made my day

  3. punxxi says:

    I want to use this as a Christmas card!

  4. Gogit says:

    Even after Santa promised them lifetime Christmas presents after they agreed to give back his red coat and hat, they’re STILL unhappy!

  5. Smartazz says:

    This picture is from a cover of a book I just read…
    Santa and his 5 Goth Elves…”The story of the over-sized chair”
    Chapter 3 is my favorite…It’s a must read 🙂

  6. urchin says:

    despite the common assumptions about goths, most of the goths and former-goths i’ve known had really good senses of humor.

    • Duathmegil says:

      Definitely…most have better senses of humor than the average person just cause they aren’t afraid to be their own person outwardly

  7. Soquel says:

    Lmao off! this is hilarious.. And this is from a girl who dressed similar in highschool..

  8. ilovechristina says:

    hi, i’de just like to say you should probably stop judging people. yes, i’m not denying the irony of this picture is funny. but i know one of the girls in this picture & she’s one of the sweetest people i have ever met. and she looks nothing like that anymore. people are people, some just like to express themselves differently. let them live their lives.

    • BettiePageGirl says:

      I don’t read anything really that judgmental. Just people offering their opinion and take on a picture submitted for the fun of it. I don’t doubt that all of the kids are awesome!

  9. ik8tey says:

    I love this picture. Do the kids get their pictures taken with the new Santa now?

  10. May says:

    i think i’ve found my cousins >.< awesome picture 😀

  11. massh0le3 says:

    I can remember growing up not wanting to look like everyone else.. So I’d make the obvious changes; long hair,ripped jeans,baggy shirts. Weird thing is I look at those pictures and I look like just like everyone else. These kids are no different. Trying to look different by looking exactly like the crowd they hang with..

  12. netkook says:

    Sucking up to Santa, trying to make the “Nice” list.

  13. Tim says:

    Having hung out with a similar type of crowd in my youth, I remember that it used to be a “cool” thing to go as a group and get your picture taken with Santa while dressed in your most outrageous club gear. I don’t know why, and I never participated myself (honestly!) but my fellow goths in the suburbs got really excited by the prospect. I guess it was originally supposed to be an anti-establishment act of some sort, but it quickly evolved into the goths’ very own Christmas tradition. The gloomy looks were an integral part of the experience btw. They really didn’t hate Santa or Christmas, but everyone was supposed to think they did. 🙂

  14. Kelly says:

    Ya’ll don’t know what’s up. In our head’s we are all the same.

  15. Queen says:

    They only believes in Santa.

  16. LOOKIN says:


  17. once... says:

    1. Lets clear this up at the time, the man/woman looking guy on the left was around…20? I’d like to say. Everyone else is 15. PROBLEM NUMBER ONE.

    2. No one forced them to take the picture, they’re a bunch of “rebel” little rich kids who think that its cool to dye their hair pink and black and shave their eyebrows and hangout at neshaminy malls on friday nights.

    3. I know everyone in this picture personally and things haven’t really gotten much better.

    • BettiePageGirl says:

      It IS cool to dye your hair, shave your eyebrows and hang out at the mall. What would you have teenage kids do, run for mayor? How much better do you think it has to be? If they are happy then that the best it needs to be. Gotta love the “rebels”!! Question authority, I say!

    • CSA says:

      The only thing here that is clear to me is you are jealous. You were so tightly bound to the establishment, that you were afraid to rebel, and wanted to look as normal as possible(whatever that means). You sound really uptight, and a bit like a douchebag. And as far as your age comment, these days 20 isn’t much different from 15…

  18. Kathi says:

    Wow, for a moment, I thought it was my daughter and her friends. She has the same slipknot sweatshirt AND the pink hair.

  19. loyal to the santa says:

    By the way, to all of you-
    He was the best mall Santa ever and I think this picture proves it. May he RIP 😉

  20. BSE says:

    Oh my God, this is so funny on so many levels. Irony is the best level. I can’t even find the words, it’s like looking at my own sense of humor personified! I love it. Favorite photo ever.

  21. cincha says:

    I LOVE this one, probably because I teach high school… teen age kids adopt all kinda guises and masks and poses, but when it comes to Santa, they all still kinda believe.

    • Soquel says:

      so true.. I dressed like that on highschool.. in fact at 22.. im slowly getting covered in tattoos.. but I still kinda believe…

  22. tim says:

    why so serious?

  23. squirtle1973 says:

    That is the coolest looking santa ever. Very sorry to hear he passed 🙁

    For the group in that pic, that’s gotta be an awesome memory and something to show the grandkiddies.

  24. Katie Swim says:

    I think this is actually very cute.

  25. Nancy says:

    Kelly, I thought it was a good picture except for the boy who looked so unhappy.
    I hope you all were having a good time. There isn’t anyone who posts a comment on these pictures that hasn’t had some pictures that could be made fun of, or appear weird to others. I know a lot of people don’t understand the Goth look (I’m over 50 and I would have loved to have dressed like that when I was that age). If you’re clean, honest, and have a good heart you’re all okay in my world.

    • brittani says:

      I wish my mom were more like you, Nancy!! lol!!!

      • BettiePageGirl says:

        I love the look. Love the goth kids and all the other genres kids identify with. I was a 70’s kid and dressed pretty normal (what ever that is) in boot cut jeans, platform shoes and boots and t shirts and polyester tops I was big into David Bowie. Got into disco when I was 18 but when The Sex Pistols hit in ’77 I was all in. I was a punk and still am. I know when you feel strong about a lifestyle it can influence your life. Give you others to seek out and identify with. Make you feel secure in knowing you belong. Nothing wrong with that. We all need to be accepted. My daughter is 30 and is a hippie/biker chick and a cool one, at that. My son is 21 and into bmx and skate boarding. It makes me so happy to know I’ve raised two young adults who accept others no matter their look or life style. Love this picture and the majority of the comments!

  26. Unlike many posts on the internet, this was fun to read and gave me some valuable input. I will have to put a backlink on my website. Regards. J

  27. Zibith says:

    I did this when I was an angsty goth kid back in high school, except we posed with the Easter Bunny lol

  28. Kelly says:

    HAHAHA I legitimately know every single one of these kids.

  29. whitney says:

    i’m just wondering how you people are recognizing that santa? weird. the picture is cool but no one is smiling so it kind of looks like a cd album or something for some terrible band.

  30. Threethisweek says:

    WOW! Ho F@#$ Ho! I don’t think they’ll be including celebration of the birth of Christ in their holiday plans.

  31. ManusNigrum says:

    Most awesome Santa Picture EVER!

  32. jeaneane says:

    I immediately knew this was the Neshaminy Mall Santa….he died??

  33. hayley says:

    why are everyone’s comments so stupid and trying to get a “WIN” “WINNER!!!” or some stupid s*** that doesnt matter like that? i prefer to ACTUALLY comment the picture than trying to get compliments from strangers.

    this picture is actually quite sweet. that santa looks a lot like the one i took a picture with once. really had the santa look going on. the kids look nice too, just because they have another style doesnt make em stupid or bad persons. also, is it just me or the girl on santas right (left on the picture) looks a FREAKING lot like bellatrix lestrange (elena bonham carter) ????

    • fas says:


    • Angel says:

      Thats Hellen Bonham Carter and the poor girl looks more like Wednesday Adams. I am a proffetional tarrot reader and the boy with the pink hair is NOT happy to be there. The only people truly enjoying the picture takin is us and the two girls on each side of santa (may he rest in peace) This site is made for ridacule whether you like it or not. Judging others is how all of us servive we make judgments based on first instincts and if you are asking us not to judge them how about your judgement of our coments GROW UP they posted the pic for us to laugh and believe me I am laughing outloud!

      • Harris says:

        “I am a proffetional tarrot reader and the boy with the pink hair is NOT happy to be there.”

        LMAO, Science!

        …and it’s tarot. professional.

      • Broken says:

        Apparently you are not to good of a reader cause the person behind the one with pink hair is not a girl.

    • Annie says:


      • BettiePageGirl says:

        Angel sweetie, it’s Helena, tarot, professional, ridicule, survive, comments, out loud and Wednesday Addams. Just a little constructive criticism. When in doubt, there is always spell check. So you can avoid the negative criticism, Blessed Be.

    • Emily says:

      The one on the left in the picture is a guy, his names tristian…hahahahhahah

  34. Willie Tyler&Lester says:

    I don’t think any of these elves will be Dentists.

  35. Denise says:

    Santa loves all the special people

    • Kelly says:

      To everyone saying rude things about this. As you can tell these people probably really don’t give a s*** about you judging them. That’s what you r doing! “Just face it”. Deep down in side they r like everyone of us even on the outside.”HUMAN” I would think twice before judging. Karma’s a b****. This picture is very artistic and moving in my eye’s. But again who am I to judge.

      • Andersen says:

        Oh lighten up, Kelly. I’m sorry your parents spilled the beans and told you there was no Santa at an early age. But that is not reason to take it out on those of us who still find humor in life’s small favors.

      • NatashaLynn says:

        Okay Kelly which one are you in the photo? You’re the one with the pink hair aren’t you.

      • Pip says:

        Dude…chill out! They’re on a website designed to blast awkward photos. There isn’t a single photo on this entire website where the people in it aren’t being made fun of.

      • ripp says:

        oh. it just made me smile. then it made me think about how me and my friends were going to do that this year but they all went to the country so we couldnt and that made me sad.

      • Ferd says:

        I’ll try 2 spk in ur languaj, Kelly, bcuz english duz not seem to B ur native tongue. 1st of all, no, they’re not like everyone of us even on the outside. The rest of us don’t look that stupid. That’s not judging, that’s just offering an opinion.

        U mentioned ur “eye’s.” The picture is artistic and moving in ur eye’s what? Ur eye’s cornea? Retina?

        • Jusumguy says:

          I am a “goth” and LOVE this picture. I have a similar one myself with the easter bunny. I don’t care if people laugh at it. If I can find it, I will post it. I enjoy the small things like that – cliche and awkward.

          Kelly – I understand where you are coming from – TRUST ME – but at the same time getting defensive (especially with internet people) is ASKING to be ridiculed.

          • brittani says:

            agreed! you gotta deal…if not enjoy…if not THOROUGHLY ENJOY (lol) taking pics like this if you choose to dress like a goth, right? (black goes with everything, I sure don’t mind)

          • ahnah says:

            oh i so loved this pic and it really made me laugh. i love them being themselves and santa sitting quietly through it.

      • marstracy says:

        …..and Santa did finally visit the land of the misfit toys.

      • ReginaPhalange says:

        Wow, Kelly. Have you scheduled the surgery to get that stick removed? I doubt a bunch of goth kids being photographed with Santa were taking themselves quite *that* seriously…

        • ckirk says:

          Kelly, I have nothing against “goth” people, but the picture is still funny! First of all, Christmas is usually associated with bright colors, red bows, snow, etc. NOT Slipknot, heavy black eye-makeup and all black clothing. Aaaaand, even if the people in this picture weren’t in black clothes, it would STILL be funny because not a SINGLE person is smiling!

          It’s just an amusing picture! Lighten up! Geez!

      • Cara says:

        Artistic and moving??? Are you confused about what this website is all about???

      • Soquel says:

        You do know these kids did not do this to ask santa for presents right? They did this as a “joke”.I’m sure they all laughed before and after this picture was taken. Though they did it in the darkness of thier own dungeon..where no one could document it…

      • BettiePageGirl says:

        I really haven’t read anything “rude” in the comments. Just people having some fun on a site that is meant to be just that…FUN!! Lighten up and relax. No one, here, is judging and I don’t think anyone in the picture does care what people think so why should you? Just asking.

  36. Damagedxrose says:

    wow this was from 3 years ago wasn’t it. Back in you normal days Mike? …. lol …

    RIP Santa, he died 2 years ago…. he always dressed in funny socks and weird printed shirts …. he was awesome …..
    alotta the kids up at Nesh Mall get pic with santa, he was used to it …

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