The Pincher

January 7th, 2010

The Pincher - Behind The Awkwardness

“This is my dear friend. She had never been on a cruise before, and didn’t realize that they took your picture when you got out at each port. Naturally, since we had a 7:30 am excursion, she was a little disoriented when she was greeted with flashbulbs and men in native dress. Imagine her surprise when she saw this photo and realized that this lovely Sombrero wearing guy was getting a little souvenir for himself.”

(submitted by Amber)

98 Responses to “The Pincher”

  1. FreedomFighter says:

    That a charro outfit is “native dress” would be similar to a European going to Colonial Williamsburg, seeing all the actors dressed up like George and Martha Washington and saying that’s the native dress for Americans. It’s rediclous to suggest that Americans go around dressed like that. Except, I guess, if they’ve got tea bags hanging from their hats. Okay, forget I mentioned it.

  2. MARK says:

    The knuckle of the index finger sticks too far for this to be a thimbs up. Boob pinch!

  3. Lucio Mollinedo says:

    “Native dress”… heh…

    I am mexican and I live in Mexico, and… people don’t dress like this here. Only guys in Mariachi bands do it.

  4. lori says:

    It’s just shot at a bad angle, he is giving a thumbs up.

  5. Jen says:

    When I went on a cruise to Mexico and you got off at each port, you were greeted by a man in a cheap red parrot costume. With the boob grab (probably actually a thumbs up BTW), this actually seems creepier.

  6. nkl says:

    Knock it off with the “Native dress” comments. If the local people are showing up dressed like this for photo opportunities with the tourists, obviously THEY are the ones promoting this outfit as “native dress.” What do people get out of finding offense in everything? Nobody is stupid enough to think everyone in Mexico dresses like this guy.

  7. mary says:

    After 10,000 photos, ya gotta make it interesting.

  8. Cat says:

    Aw, c’mon..he’s obviously giving a thumbs up but, his hand just happens to be overlapping where he boob is…

  9. ReginaPhalange says:

    Looks like he’s poking her in the ribs and she’s giggling like the Pillsbury Doughboy.
    See it? *poke* “Hee hee!”

  10. Lee says:

    Just checking to see if the money i spent for the re do was worth it.

  11. Amer says:

    Isn’t anyone else seeing the smirk on his face? It looks like he’s trying not to giggle. Maybe this shot was just a one-time double dog dare, but I betcha there many cruisers with similar pictures.

  12. mmmmhmmm says:

    I think when the author says “native dress” the author means in general. No matter what country you make port at there will be a greeter wearing the traditional outfit of the land. I think people are taking this way too seriously.

  13. Laura says:

    This is the costume from “The Three Amigos.” You know the people there are just laughing like crazy at we stupid Americans who fawn over their “native dress.”

  14. Alex de Large says:

    Thumbs up or Pincho Villa – she seems pretty happy with Senor Cruise.

  15. Becky says:

    Thumbs up, no pinching. Wishful thinking on your friend’s part, perhaps?

    Can’t help laughing at the phrase “native dress”. Not all Mexicans walk around in mariachi garb and enormous sombrero unless they’re getting ready to play some music in a mariachi band or posing with the tourists. I lived in Mexico for over 14 years and men normally walk around wearing…get ready for this…regular suits, ties, jeans and shirts {*gasp*!}.

  16. rj's mama says:

    OMG! If I am that lady, I will definitely slap him so hard his mustache will fly off his face 🙂

    • wendy says:

      im sorry but i for one, would know if my boob had been touched. I think she never felt it because it never happened, theres no fabric wrinkles of him pinching her, his hand is just very close, like a thumbs up.

  17. Cristina says:

    I think he’s just giving a thumbs up sign. Came out a little funny though!

  18. gregorian says:

    My first thought was that it was the “finger-gun” gesture, as if he was pretending to hold her up.

  19. Dumb One Here says:

    I didn’t realize he was giving a thumbs up until the first post pointed that out. Then I went back and looked just to make sure. It wasn’t so obvious to me but still hilarious!

  20. Mama says:

    This is awesome!

  21. mrsslats says:

    Oh man… This reminds me of the picture from my honeymoon… I was in Acapulco and we’d just watched the cliff divers when they came around for photo ops. My hubby took a pic of me with the divers, and my expression is priceless. One of them was grabbing my behind right as he took the pic.

  22. dennylou says:

    When you are on a cruise, there are ship paparazzi waiting to take your picture at every port with locals in cheesy costumes and they are everywhere on the ship too. My husband and I learned, after our first cruise, to never fall for this. The photos are generally bad and expensive, too.

  23. Max says:

    This picture is racist. It propagates racial stereotypes of Mexican men being perverted. I think AFP should take this down IMMEDIATELY. I’m offended by the caption. This is supposed to be a family site.

    • Bleah! says:

      Aren’t all men, regardless of race, nationality, or social status, a bit pervy??

    • Hexipooh says:

      ??? The caption is racist? Supposed to be a family site? Have you not looked at the Xmas: Deck the Halls or the LOL Cats? Dude, your comment is awkward. Thanks for the chuckle!

    • Denise says:

      Max, I don’t want to seem dismissive if you’re really offended. But if it makes you feel any better, there have been other “perv” pics of what appears to be someone copping a feel or ogling at someone inappropriately, etc. In one pic, the perv was a baby! Next week it might be the Easter bunny…

      • cory says:

        the ‘native dress’ is what’s ridiculous. he’s wearing a traditional mariachi costume, not dressed as a ‘native’ man. it’s funny, sad, and i guess you could say a bit awkward that the person who wrote the caption was unaware of how easily misinterpreted, and potentially offensive, her words are.

        • Laura says:

          I never even knew it was supposed to be a stereotype of Mexican men tobe perverts, I just thought it was ALL men….so thanks to the OP for enlightening me on that one….ridiculous

        • John says:

          Sorry Max – people just don’t really dress like that anywhere else in the world. If it’s localized, it’s native. It is native dress whether or not you like it. It’s somewhat coarse language but it’s not very dishonest.

    • ReginaPhalange says:

      I don’t believe Max is serious. I think he’s messing with everyone. Oops, I meant he or she is messing with us. I wouldn’t want to propagate gender stereotypes that all people named Max are male.

    • Tricia says:

      Lighten up max. PC people are the worst.

    • Brian Burns says:

      Lmao get over yourself.

  24. bmj2k says:

    That’s a horny 15 year-old with a painted on ‘stache and goatee!

  25. copacetic says:

    Hey, I wonder if the guy is just giving the thumbs-up gesture. Do you think that could be it? I may be the only one to comment this, but I’m willing to go out on a limb.

    • Freak Speely says:

      LOL. I dunno, I wanted to say he was giving a ‘thumbs up’ but I was afraid no one would agree with me. Now I just think he’s being a perv and grabbing her boob…

  26. Kelly says:

    Does no one read the previous statements?

  27. Nan says:

    Pincho Villa strikes again!

  28. DRrr says:

    the “sombrero wearing guy” is called a “Mariachi”

  29. Boppie says:

    All we need now is a picture of the bride who pinched handyman butt out the window on this cruise on her honeymoon!

    Photoshoppers, get busy! For once, we really want you!

  30. Mel says:

    Sure, he was just giving a thumb’s up… or using it as an excuse!

  31. mike says:

    his awesomely drawn on “stache” goes great with the best hand placement ever!

  32. Andy says:

    does anyone else think that his goatee looks painted on????

  33. CarpoolMom says:

    C’mon people! Enough with the thumbs up! You may be right but isn’t it more fun to think that this guy is a total perv preying on unsuspecting tourists… ahem!

    • jacque says:

      Exactly, keep the dream alive baby. I want to hope that maybe, just maybe. In a far away land, no kids in site, that I too may have my booby tweaked by a dark and handsome man. Even if his fake facial hair does rub off on me.

    • Denise says:

      Exactly. Thanks, CarpoolMom!

    • LAURIE says:

      To me, if he were giving the thumbs up sign his fist would be closed with the thumb up. This guy seems to be a true PINCHER just like the title of this pic. I think they both got a cheap thrill out of it…hahahaaa.

    • DeeDee says:

      Yes! I am a big fan of pervs in unsuspecting places! I have an adorable photo of my two toddler boys and myself with Donald Duck at EPCOT Center. Right after the picture was snapped I got a very discrete pat on the bottom from Donald. Every time I look at that picture I think, “Well played Mr. Duck, well played.”

  34. Mike says:

    Obviously he’s giving a thumbs up.
    An unfortunately placed thumbs up, but still…

  35. Nancy says:

    And he looks so innocent… not.

  36. Pamela says:

    Maybe he’s just giving the thumbs up.

  37. LuLu says:

    hace calor!

    • rubia says:

      Ay ay ay! Es verdad 🙂 It’s safe to assume he felt just as awkward/surprised after seeing the alignment of his all-american gesture!

  38. Mark says:

    Could he also be giving a thumbs up sign?

  39. cory says:

    “native dress” that’s almost as good as the picture…

  40. Josh says:

    Ummm, he’s obviously giving a thumbs up. He just happened to do it directly in front of her boob.

  41. softgeek says:

    What’s up with the early cruise excursions? Everyone is on vacation and should be sleeping in.

  42. techno_techie says:

    I am wildly impressed at the masterful “thumbs up” positioning of this dude.

  43. megan says:

    looks to me like he’s just doing a thumbs up

  44. AUT_5 says:


  45. Mel says:

    He is giving the thumbs up…. not pinching anyone… It just looks that way…..and i’m sure if someone pinched her booby she would have known it……

  46. Jo says:

    I wouldn’t be arguing – he’s actually cute lol

  47. Cyn says:

    Holy ShXX!

  48. beth says:

    He’s obvioulsy giving a thumbs up sign, but funny never the less.

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