Say Anything

January 20th, 2010

Say Anything - Birthdays

Robby was hoping for something a little more impressive to hold over his head.

(submitted by Robby)

99 Responses to “Say Anything”

  1. JaimeAnn says:

    Is that a pipe in front of the boombox?

  2. 119ENG says:

    That’s TOO funny Robbie. I had one similar to that but mine was bigger–lol:)

  3. Colleen says:

    wasn’t that woman on Bridezillas?

  4. skeeter says:

    Robby is a hottie!

  5. Ellas Mum says:

    OMG I had the same radio!!

  6. tenth_chair says:

    You know Boombox is not a toy, it can change the world. That’s why the calendar is in the 90s he used the boombox and society reverted back 10 years

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