The Mopersons

February 4th, 2010

The Mopersons - Siblings

And this is bubbly.

(submitted by Kim)

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  1. HoHo says:

    They will all wish you away if you do not say Happy Birthday! Tell them how much you like them or you will end up in the TV with grandpa! (Reference to The Twilight Zone)

  2. emo boys says:

    this is why I love emo boys

  3. PeterD says:

    this is my fave pic on AFP. I love it!

  4. SKM says:

    Unbeknownst to everyone the Moperson’s were carrying around a pocket full of smiles. Pure evil genius on this most photographed day.

  5. Mike says:

    The Ramones high school yearbook photos.

  6. Darn Gofers says:

    There is absolutely NO way these kids are related.

  7. moe says:

    extras from the village of the damned!

  8. gm says:

    I hope we hear from the peeps in the pic. I want to know that their deep sadness was because of the horrible day at the portrait sitting; not a lifetime of unspeakable trauma that has disabled them from ever smiling again. If I don’t read that version of this pic, I’m afraid I will be having nightmares re: scary secrets. 🙁

    • Kim says:

      I have laughed so hard at this pic and these comments!! I was debating about if I should chime in, and your request to hear from the peeps in the pic has inspired me. ha! This is my brothers and I from the early 80’s. None of us recall this being taken, sadly enough. Our consensus is that it was likely when we were getting passport photos done, and they decided it would be fun to do a group photo, but we were obviously done with the smiling part. We were recently hunting through old pics for a family photo album and came across this gem. Clearly, my mother was equally horrified by the glum photo and had hidden it away for many many years. ha!! You’ll be pleased to know that every other pic I have from my childhood is happy and normal… this one is downright frightening! But hilarious!! 🙂 Hope that cures the nightmares!!

      • Skipping Lunch says:

        Thanks Kim – for the picture AND the backstory!

      • ReginaPhalange says:

        Early 80s? Seriously? Between the boys’ shirts and pants and the haircuts, I would have sworn it was from the 70s.

        • Kim says:

          Yeah – I was thinking that too, based on the styles of the clothes!!! But we narrowed it down to ’80 or ’81. And yes, Mom was big believer in hair styling at home. I cut my son’s hair the other day and had a flashback to haircuts in the kitchen as a child. I quickly determined that I need to let that family tradition pass over this generation.

      • Rob says:

        Thank you, Kim, for your sense of humor, and your confidence. It’s great when we can laugh at ourselves and share that laughter.

  9. Cheryl says:

    The little sister is obviously the ringleader. I love her!

  10. glasstabletop says:

    Oh dear. I love that it’s in black/white.
    This is tooo much.

  11. Callista says:

    The title is brilliant! I can’t believe no one has mentioned it until now. Way to go, AFP! You win my heart yet again.

  12. Jeff says:

    Several minutes earlier, the kids found Mommy’s secret Ritalin stash.

  13. Chasmic says:

    I, for one, welcome our new overlords from Planet Zombie.

  14. Sidekick says:

    Why bother?

  15. Hannelu says:

    Ths is mah happeh face.

  16. Shakespeare? says:

    This is Toby’s family, from “The Office”.

  17. poodbird says:

    The power of the flowbie…..

  18. Hebrew Hammer says:

    I think it’s a “Let’s see who can hunch the shoulders the most in a single act of low self esteem” contest. I’m still working on a better acronym than LSWCHTSTMIASAOLSE

  19. MT says:

    A childhood picture of Johnny and Joey and the much lesser known Sarah Ramone

  20. Goat says:

    That girl is my new hero.

  21. CaGal says:

    Actually this is how I remember you!

  22. Alan says:

    Ok,kids,one quick photo,then you can put your studs back in & your black EMO clothes on.

  23. sockmonkey says:

    Dennie, Donny and Debbie Downer- the early years.

  24. Uncuw Biww says:

    Are they posing for iodine labels?

  25. Fanboy Wife says:

    No one looks remotely pleased with that haircut.

  26. rwblake says:

    Argh the eyes, no matter where you are they are staring at you.
    I think there is something evil behind this picture I truly do.

  27. Jane1211 says:

    I’d bet money she has a Talking Tina doll.

  28. Tim says:

    RIDYLIN: It’s not just for breakfast anymore!

  29. cowgirl says:

    Are these the people from the “Swiffer” commericals?

  30. Julie says:

    Cooper, Peyton and Eli

  31. Mr. SisterConBlister says:

    Get the older kid a new belt. He’s lost so much weight that he’s punching new holes in the belt. Besides, he’s had that Davy Crockett belt since Kindergarten…

  32. Skipping Lunch says:

    Jack, Kate, and Sawyer — the real ending to Season 6

  33. Chazlette says:

    Okay, this is it…my ab/fab awkward photo for all time (even though I’ve said that 3 other times before) this is the best eva!!!! Wicked good!!!!

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