*The Baby Grinder*

February 9th, 2010

*The Baby Grinder* - Babies

Oh, the joy of meat.

(submitted by Mandy)

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  1. Vueiy says:

    Can’t see it. 🙁

  2. Lessa says:

    I love this one! I just had a son, and my husband, who is a musician, was playing guitar to our baby one day. He “wrote” a heavy metal song called “Baby Meat Grinder” with the lyrics “Baby meat grinder, baby meat grinder, I’m gonna put my baby in a baby meat grinder!”. The fact that there is an actual picture of a baby with a meat grinder out there kills me! I guess you really CAN find everything on the web!

    (and just for the record, my hubby really does love our son! lol)

  3. jbjones says:

    this is cute and i love it. that little guy is having a blast

  4. Arnold says:

    That hilarious! I think I might go make a hamburger now…

  5. BeniD82 says:

    This pic reminds me of home and my family 😛 … I laughed so hard when I saw it yet it also brought back memories of my grandmother’s meat grinder (“Fleischwolf” – I grew up in Bavaria). My dad’s a master butcher hence I got to see the thing quite often, and I’ve been threatened more than once that he’s going to “verwurscht” me (turning me into sausage) one of these days if I wouldn’t behave … hehehe! I totally agree with what drlouie posted above though, one happy kid.

  6. zach davenport says:

    haha i cant believe this picture is on this website this is me as a lil kid we were grinding meat at my grandmas house. They use to own a hog farm so that is what is in the grinder.

  7. netkook says:

    Less than 15% baby fat!

  8. Emy Kate says:

    Daddy–? Where’s muffin?

  9. devtrev says:

    That’s your twin sister who didn’t quite make it. She will be made into some tasty vittles though.

  10. drlouie says:

    My third grandchild was born 2 days ago, he’s beautiful. Looking at that happy baby, in the picture, someone is doing a good job of raising their child in a loving home.

  11. Bella says:

    Children now a days are hooked on tv

  12. Rob says:

    Thats what happens when kitty touches my binky.

  13. Eliot says:

    Hey mum… this is awesome, if only tyler where here to see – i haven’t seen him in a while…

  14. Brooke says:

    Little do the viewers know that it was actually his twin brother.

  15. SKM says:

    Who says Play-Doh is just for kids?

  16. Mandy says:

    This was actually taken in my aunt and uncle’s kitchen. I’m not sure which one of my cousins this is, but I’m thinking we should do a head count and make sure everyone is still here. My aunt and uncle live on a farm in middle Georgia, and – true to Southern form – my uncle made his own sausage. None of us are completely sure what went into it, as he has now passed away, but Soilent Green/Sweeney Todd aside, it was the BEST sausage anyone ever ate. He was a true Southern farmer from the old school, and one of the kindest people you would ever meat . . . I mean meet.

  17. Lola says:

    Does this mean that we won’t get yelled at when we play on Mr. Smith’s lawn? Sweeeeet…

  18. yucky says:

    soo… whats being inserted here? i see a baby-flesh colored twisted object, and a sickly limp arm hanging down. and never in my life have i seen such an elated face on a baby.

  19. cristy says:

    I hais a sosidge!

  20. KaHarta says:

    ……Until this picture surfaced, little Johnny Smith had no idea what happened to his twin brother, Scooter.

  21. ScoutC says:

    Is anyone else thinking about “Sweeny Todd?”

  22. suzushii says:

    Hey, who put the Laughing Cow in the grinder?

  23. Lyla says:

    ….One of the many reasons why vegetarians are vegetarians.

  24. Devin says:

    *Insert pink Floyd “The Wall” music here*

  25. koko says:

    I look at this picture almost daily for a laugh. It’s so bizarre.

  26. farmer's daughter says:

    This was me as a kid. I think I turned out alright. And I’m pretty sure this made me laugh more than anything else on the internet ever.

  27. sparkeyj says:

    Mommy, where’s kitty?

  28. Dena says:

    Hmmm…don’t which grandbaby for sure…looks like Aunt Norma Lee’s kitchen though, lol. I sure would love to have some of that Sausage!!!

    • Mandy says:

      You’re cracked, lady. I can assure you that you don’t know anyone in this picture. You know, since I’m the one who sent it in and all.

  29. HippieDippie says:

    “Hey I thought you and your wife had two children together?”
    “Nope, just the one.”

  30. Rachelle says:

    OMG SOYLENT GREEN I HATE THAT MOVIE!!! ( after dinner) Its ok kids hes in a better place now

  31. Heather D says:

    I am so embarrassed now. I have a meat grinder that will lead my daughter to send in pictures of herself with the meat grinder to AFP.

  32. Pentagoon says:

    So THAT is where baby oil comes from!

  33. gina says:

    this looks like something out of the texas chainsaw massacre.

  34. Meg says:

    Hostel III



  36. glasstabletop says:

    when I see photos like this, I can’t help but think: God I love America.

  37. Jamie says:

    Has no one made the solyent green joke yet??



  38. Boofricketyhoo says:

    @NorandaPete…I am STILL laughing at your comment and I read it 2 hours ago. Kudos.

  39. jnmcnally says:

    not only is this picture funny, but it has attracted some of the funniest comments from viewers!

  40. meat me in st. louie says:

    Anyone ever sing the song:
    Oh Mr. Johnny Verbecks,
    How could you be so mean?
    I told you you’d be sorry,
    For inventing that machine.
    Now all the neighbor’s cats and dogs,
    Will nevermore be seen.
    They’ve all been ground to sausages,
    In Johnny Verbecks’ Machine!

    • WHODAT says:

      One day the thing was broken, the darn thing wouldn’t go
      So Johnny Verbeck, he climbed inside, to see what made it so
      Along came his wife, who was walking in her sleep
      She gave the crank an awful yank and Johnny Verbeck was meat!!

    • Lisa says:

      LOVE that song!! Hahahahaha!

    • Kathy says:

      I always heard it as “Oh. Dundabeck, oh Dundabeck, how could you be so mean?”
      I actually just found some sheet music to it while cleaning out a closet at my parents’ home. It was the first thing I thought when I saw this!

    • Meredith says:

      One day a little fat boy came walking in the door
      He bought a pound of sausages and laid them on the floor
      He then began to whistle, and whistled up a tune
      And all the little sausages ‘gan dancin’ around the room.

      Ohmygosh…I haven’t thought of this song in 20 years. We sang it at Summer camp, and as soon as you wrote the chorus, it all came back. I love it!

  41. DonnaLee says:

    Geezzz… That’s how my dad lost half a finger… Poking meat into a grinder at the butcher shop…

  42. Snowrider says:

    I wonder if they have a regulation cassarole dish too.

  43. David says:

    “Damn kid drank all the milk again, guess I’ll have a Coke.”

  44. I don’t think I’d have thought much of this picture without the title…PERFECT! 🙂

  45. Amy says:

    That baby truely looks happy! Hey- whatever keeps him/her grinning!

  46. NorandaPete says:


  47. Shawn says:

    Most people would say Jeffery Dahmer had a normal upbringing, others would disagree!

  48. George P says:

    We’ll get a new dog tomorrow.

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