Bridge To Nowhere

March 21st, 2010

Bridge To Nowhere - Pregnancy

They wanted to convey a sense of peace, security, and where the hell are we?

(submitted by Grace)

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  1. L Boogie says:

    “Now THAT was a delicious burrito.”

  2. AwkWerrrd says:

    I keep leaning .. you know,.. to balance out the “She’s about to get pushed” feeling.

  3. dolly2 says:

    I actually know this couple! I went to college withi the guy. I was surprised to be clicking through the site and actually recognize someone! lol I’m waiting for the day I get on here and find my own photo ha ha. And for those who thought it was TN I can assure you it wasn’t although TN is beautiful just like those hills!

  4. Russell says:

    Actually, she’s not even pregnant. They’re just enjoying the belly.

  5. PsiBug says:

    Brooke met River in the Spring. They were ready to take the plunge by Fall.

  6. Kirk Jordan says:

    I am a full time photographer for the state of Arkansas. This is clearly NOT a backdrop, but fill-flash added to existing overhead sunlight. I use the technique routinely.

  7. Baroo says:

    “For the last time! If you don’t agree to help with a.m. feedings and diaper changes, we’re outta here!”

    I grew up near Portsmouth, Ohio and live in southeastern Tennessee and definitely think this photo was taken in Ohio, looking across the Ohio River into northern Kentucky. Those wonky little hills and brown water look awfully familiar.

    • duston says:

      This was taken in Portsmouth, Ohio outside by the Ohio River and that is a burnt kentucky woods in the background and the baby and the woman are just fine!

  8. BB says:

    Ooooooh look!

    A womb with a view!

  9. BabyIbby says:

    A Camaro somehow, somewhere is involved in this.

  10. Tim says:

    Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall…

  11. Pookie says:

    OK..on 3
    let’s throw this evil fleshy melon into the river

  12. MMB says:

    Looks like she’s holding a big tan colored egg.

  13. wizzy says:

    I don’t think it’s a studio. I’ll bet they have some lighting equipment with them. The light is definitely too white to be late afternoon sunlight, that’s for sure. maybe it’s not a bridge at all but a balcony or something at the photographer’s studio. The backdrop doesn’t look fake to me.

  14. bmj2k says:

    This picture makes me nervous.

  15. lschmid says:

    You know how you said “we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it”?!

  16. Daisie says:

    In the event of an emergency landing over water, this lady brought her own flotation device – seat cushion be damned.

  17. Peg says:

    Personally, I like the photo.

  18. Jan Brady says:

    The lightning is a dead giveaway, it’s taken in a photo studio.

    • Grace says:

      Hahah but it’s not a studio. It’s outside
      on a REAL bridge at the Ohio River. PS just because I submitted this photo does not mean I am in it. I. Am. Not.

  19. Anne says:

    “Yes, Honey, I AM glad you wanted to meet here to tell me about the …”

    “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ……..”


  20. Emily says:

    Not a good time to yell PUSH! Not yet, anyway.

  21. Simi says:

    It’s so obvious they are just outdoorsy types and they wanted to personify that by being close to nature in her 6 inch stiletto heels???

  22. nite owl says:

    Is he trying to convince her not to jump or what?

  23. wizzy says:

    I mean it’s weird in this context. I like some pregnancy shots but this is just goofy.

    • wizzy says:

      What happened to my other comment that said “I would like this picture if it weren’t for the bare belly…” It would be really sweet but the bare belly looks weird…in this context. Who sits on a bridge in public and exposes their belly? Bare belly shots should be in private locations….even tucked away in the woods somewhere….but not on a bridge…

  24. Kelley says:

    I can’t wait to see the picture of the baby balanced on the wall while they kiss…

  25. Catherine says:

    I think it’s cute. And the hills around us look just like that right about now.

  26. Kim says:

    Maternity photos are just getting weirder and weirder…

  27. Noneya says:

    I remember when the baby was born before the family pictures were taken.

  28. coNNie says:

    Save the date.

    We’re ENGAGED!

  29. kim says:

    thats the look they gave eachother that got them in this whole perdicament 😛

  30. Michele says:

    My thought exactly!

  31. suzushii says:

    Tommy there knew EXACTLY how to ensure he’d get a first born son

  32. MJ says:

    The belly looks fake. Why aren’t they looking at their baby-to-be.

  33. skyeleo says:

    I think you were brave to submit your own as bizarre as this lol Love the title!
    Did your baby grow up to become a bungee jumper? xx

  34. mark says:

    The way the back of his shirt is lit in white light not golden and the front of her is lit sowing two different light sources, it appears this was shot inside. so I assume this is a studio that might produce bridge shots on a regular basis. So that means someone built a fake bridge in their studio and uses that to take pictures.

    • Tim S says:

      I could be a studio shot, but it looks to me like the sun setting over the hills behind them is lighting them from that direction, and the photog is either using a reflector or softened off-camera flash for fill light. Believe me, there’s no trickery necessary to get a shot like this.

  35. Jessica says:

    Ooh! I see the Loch Ness monster in the background! You see it!? On the right there! Awesome!!!

  36. Kaos says:

    Is he helping her up in the railing to do her belly dance!!

  37. BC says:

    I just love seeing senior pictures.

  38. durhay says:

    Like a bridge over awkward waters

  39. Chad says:

    Let’s see how well you float.

  40. Chad says:

    I just need to air this thing out a little.

  41. Susie says:

    After some of the other horrible pregnancy photos on here, this one doesn’t seem so bad

  42. I HOPE she’s pregnant.

  43. Steph says:

    Is that Nessy lurking, making the ripples in the water?

  44. K H says:

    I’m mortified. I have to wonder who dreamed that up

  45. Mary says:

    This photo makes me nervous. Don’t fall off the bridge! And what IS it with women having to show off their pregnant bellies in pictures? I mean, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to get pregnant so this really isn’t that unusual of an event.

    • Amused says:

      I personally love belly shots. Why not show it off?

    • Ginny says:

      Oh Please ! ! you have obviously not tried to get pregnant !!!!!!!! Fo some it could be extreamly difficult with years of tests and diffrent treatments. I’d say it takes MORE than a rocke scientist and it is a very unusual event for some folk.

  46. PTSD says:

    Is that hillside in the background burnt?

  47. brian says:

    Is she with Billy Joe McCallister up on Tallahachy Bridge?

  48. Ken says:

    Ok, that has to be in East Tennessee somewhere. LOL. I should know since I am from there.

  49. taino sam says:

    this has a great makings of a CSI episode… where’s Horacio Cane?!

  50. Andi from NC says:

    Seems a bit dangerous for a pregnant woman to be perched on the bridge like that….

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