Bridge To Nowhere

March 21st, 2010

Bridge To Nowhere - Pregnancy

They wanted to convey a sense of peace, security, and where the hell are we?

(submitted by Grace)

130 Responses to “Bridge To Nowhere”

  1. mellowlandings says:

    This is the last known picture of her before her unexplained disappearance.

  2. Sleepy says:


  3. Latoya says:

    this is just so darn adorable. love ya’ll!

  4. rlabarge says:

    I think it’s a nice soon to be baby photo. And, they look very much in love with each other, the scene is beautiful….sorry, nothing awkward

  5. Mitur Binesderti says:

    How the conversation started:
    I said I’d love you till death do us part…

  6. teaandtoast says:

    Oh put that away

  7. Nosferatu says:

    It looks like she holding a fake stomach.

  8. seattle_dave says:

    First baby, obviously.

  9. Clarise…honey…I brought you here because it’s time I showed you what I really feel about having children. Oooops! Clarise?

    Gimme that camera. It’s goin’ in with her!

  10. AMS says:

    DON’T JUMP!!!!!!!!

  11. andrea says:

    She’s got a cute little baby bump!

  12. Mattteus says:

    I love the water…

  13. Jeff says:

    “Of course I know how to swim. Why do you aaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssskkkk……….

  14. Cathy says:

    Is it hot out here, or is it me?

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