Learning The Hard Way

April 7th, 2010

Learning The Hard Way - Kids

There are no training wheels on a unicycle.

(submitted by Emily)

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  1. Jill says:

    to those who do not think this photo is funny and are upset….what r you gonna do? Kiss it and make it better? NOT LOL This is a great site and this pic is priceless! We are photographers and are compelled to document everything we see. Where as I am sure those of you who do not think its great to catch this slice of life would not understand this need of ours. I took pics of my hubby before almost every surgery and after even when he was under the milk of amnesia and he was thrilled I did that, he is still sharing them on the net and with family and alive to do so. Keep on taking photo’s PLEASE….!!!!!! and thank you for the humor…..I will look at more of these priceless pics and giggle myself silly. Life is too fragile and short so laugh at your goofy selves…. by the way keep on loving your children its very good and great you do, BUT please keep your camera’s handy.

  2. mary says:

    this pic rules! and i want their lawn guy!

  3. Marc says:

    Oh man I came here because I saw the book at Chapters and figured I’d enjoy a different kind of funny internet picture.
    And STILL the funniest one so far is a nutshot

  4. Davie says:

    Make a great magazine advertisement for Blue Cross Blue Shield.

  5. Bianca Tempt says:

    Dad, you are a Realist, which is an artist with a capital R!

  6. Dad says:

    For all the naysayers and guesstimators out there, I’m his dad. He was learning to ride the thing and yes, he did this to himself trying to ride it. AFTER he was injured, what was anyone supposed to do other than console him? For those of you that don’t own a pair, THERE’S NOTHING YOU CAN DO. Yes, it was “staged”: I moved the cycle so it would be in the picture. He had crawled/fell onto the lawn. I reached in my pocket and grabbed the phone; it’s an iPhone with a decent camera, but sorry, no flash.

    p.s. I’m his Dad, not his Mom. Of course I took the picture, and while I felt sorry for him, yes, I was silently laughing my *ss off!

  7. Sherrodzilla says:

    I love that someone took the time to take this picture.

  8. lol that is a classic!

  9. Aussie Robbo says:


  10. Kay says:

    wait… is he already wearing a hospital bracelet?

  11. Nancy says:

    Looks to me like he couldn’t ride the thing and got mad and smacked it..Than threw himself down to have a fit over it, while holding the hand he hurt when he smacked it.

    • JadeCash says:

      LOL. oh man, i never even thought of that. oddly that explains this picture so well..and it’s still hilarious, maybe even moreso now.

  12. Caroline says:

    never mind the kid– the lawn is beautiful! 🙂

  13. Steve says:

    Unicycles and trampolines = bad idea.

  14. Jeffery says:

    This is just one of many nut injuries this kid will suffer over his lifetime. Most of the time it’s not serious, and as an adult it probably makes him laugh a lot. I would find a picture of myself like this hilarious.

  15. Jenn says:

    My heart is breaking. I have four children, and not once during a fall, slip, jam, bump, or anything that caused them pain have I ever laughed at them. This little boy looks like he is in pain, and if it isn’t real, he is going to grow up to be a wonderful actor. I can’t imagine my child being hurt and not dropping everything in my hands to run and tend to them. And trust me having 4 kids, you go through a lot of injuries. Poor little boy.

  16. etienne says:

    That photo is staged in a way. I have no doubt the kid may indeed be reeling from a kick to the balls, but my guess is someone threw threw the unicycle beside him and snapped a “funny” photo.

    I am a professional acrobat and have been riding unicycles for decades and have also taught circus arts to kids for years.

    First, that uni is almost as tall as the kid. If he put his foot on a pedal the seat would come up to his sternum. Nowhere near his junk and there is no way this kid was on that uni.

    Also, it’s on grass. The kid is probably 5 or 6. Riding on grass is REALLY REALLY difficult for kids. When I taught unicycle at circus camps and my ten year old kids who were AWESOME on pavement would constantly wipe out on grass because they did not yet have the strength in their legs yet. (14 year olds shred with no problem, btw) There is no way this kid was riding or doing anything on the grass.

    Finally, hey everyone likes a good “kick in the balls” joke, but in all my years of unicycling I have wracked myself a total of twice and both were from extreme jumps.

    The most common injuries with kids is the pedal whacks them in the shins, or they fall backwards and land on their butt and try break their fall with their hands so injure their wrists.

    So “funny” as this is, it is probably staged in some way or another. Sorry to be a stick in the mud.

    The last comment is interesting. I’m marvelling at how as this kid was writhing in pain, the photographer ran to the garage, grabbed that unused unicycle and then ran back, threw it down beside the kid, and clicked away.

    • kelly f. says:

      Plus, if the kid hasn’t yet mastered tying his shoelaces, what’s the chances he can ride a unicycle.

    • Minnie says:

      Geez, way to ruin it

    • Mark says:

      The photo has been rotated 90 degrees, which distorts the perspective a little. The unicycle is actually in front of the kid which makes it look taller. If you were to stretch his legs out, they’d just be long enough for him to think he has a chance getting on it. The fact that it is a little big for him and he’s trying it on grass are what probably resulted in his lying in pain on the ground. And he isn’t acting. (It could be an older brother who snapped the pic.)

      • Tom says:

        That’s a 16″ Jugglebug unicycle, which is almost certainly the right size for that kid; it’s the perspective that makes it look too big.

        I agree that it doesn’t look like he racked himself; I don’t think there’s any plausible way that he fell off the unicycle and wound up in this particular position. Either the unicycle or the kid was moved, or there’s another explanation.

        He probably is just throwing a fit because he’s frustrated trying to learn; he’s not really grabbing his groin.

  17. duff says:

    i’m marvelling at how the laughing photographer managed to control their chortling/shaking enough to get a clear photo.

  18. June says:

    Oh, trauma to the groin, boys trauma to the groin
    Nothing’s quite as funny as a trauma to the groin
    ~Haywood Banks

  19. Henry says:

    awwwwww, my pee pee hurts just looking at this!

  20. Stacie says:

    Makes for great blackmail material later in the kid’s life…
    That looks like a unicycle marketed for children with the bright colors and low seat. What the hell???

  21. I gotta say, the composition of the photo is nicely done as well! similar sizing, nice focal point, matching colors on a great background…

  22. Brah says:

    Besides the topic, this foto is very aesthetically beautiful. Such nice parallel

  23. Laurie says:

    I love how mom runs to get the camera to take a picture of this epic fail

  24. chillax says:

    “Honey, Jamie fell off the unicycle! Go get the camera!”

  25. Mindy says:

    You’d take a picture of this simply because it’s hilarious! Do you know how many pics I have of my son bawling after injury?! Favorite is the one I have of him after he jammed a full size peanut(shell and all) up his nose far enough that it took hemostats to remove it!

    • T.R. says:

      Are you serious… that is just sad. Lets not comfort our child after injury, but make fun of him. That is teaching empathy for sure. Kudos to great parenting.

      • the best pictures of kids are real moments

      • Nick says:

        Yeah it’s better to make a big deal about it so every time something happens they cry about it, good plan :). Or maybe make light of it so they can shake it off quicker and not be that kid that is always crying on the playground.

        • Roberta says:

          Good grief, lighten up, he’s gonna do a lot more crying over sacking himself in the future I’m sure. Especially if he keeps riding unicycles.

    • John says:

      Hilarious? To perhaps some people but NOT to the victim. No acting as some females have supposed; it’s real pain, just like labor pain is real.

  26. starsky51 says:

    For a minute i thought this was called ‘The Smooshing’. Kind of fits.

  27. Cole says:

    Ha! hilarious!

  28. Chandra says:

    Poor guy….who takes a picture of a kid in pain? That’s just mean.

    • Cal says:

      Mean/extremely funny.

      Good colors in this shot, and decent composition.

      • Justin says:

        but the lighting is harsh and unidirectional…the photographer should have used fill flash,or a reflector to soften the lighting…

        • sarah says:

          Hopefully it’s just a parent with a camera and they didn’t see the kid writhing on the ground in pain and take time to call a professional to take a picture.

    • rainydaze says:

      It’s what Fathers are for.
      He can take the picture as you hurry over to scoop up the precious bundle. It’s a nice balance and the kids get something important from both parental reactions.

  29. MyMorningJoe says:

    why would you take a picture of this…. geez

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