Learning The Hard Way

April 7th, 2010

Learning The Hard Way - Kids

There are no training wheels on a unicycle.

(submitted by Emily)

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  1. carol says:

    Pain and and screaming in agony IS NOT FUNNY!

  2. carol says:

    I hate this picture.

  3. tentoes says:

    I think that the kid legitimately injured his jewels. I also think that whomever took the photo MOVED the unicycle next to the kid to show why he’s in such pain.

    And with the logo on the shirt (and based on the color of the pants and shoes), it looks like he attends a private (Catholic) school, which would be why the lawn is so lush… the parents have the $$$ to afford a gardener to keep it looking good. I would also like to say that the sidewalk is either just to the left of below the bottom of the photo. If the parents caught him riding his unicycle on that lawn, I would bet that they bust him in the jewels!

    • CB says:

      Nice astute observation about the shirt, and grass…..and I agree with your hypothesis. I also was thinking something about it looked “staged” (that maybe the unicycle was moved into the shot) and that the sidewalk is probably just out of sight in the pic. 🙂

  4. m says:

    Ok. Here how I see it. Little Jimmie was taken to the local fair, hence the bracelet, where he decided to take the unicycle ride for 5 tickets. Included in the “ticket price” is one free photo. Unfortunately for Jimmie, the ride was short and painful. The carnie was the photographer, couldn’t care any less the kid was crying, and took this photo as promised. The lawn was photoshopped in because the original surface was asphalt and not as funny.

  5. Kelly says:

    took the photo for insurance purposes.

  6. Nancy says:

    This kid looks a little young to be trying out a unicycle. Plus, who would learn how to ride a unicycle on grass? It makes it twice as hard. I taught myself to ride one (and it took me hours), but I was at least 4 years older than this kid at the time. I must say, for once I think “staged.”

  7. Jen Mitchell says:

    Photoshopped or not, it’s not awkward, just mean. Come on AFP, you can do better.

    • Pret24 says:

      Who guessed “Not Awkward, You’re mean” would post at 32? anyone? 32? I saw the “Photoshopped Police” above.

      It isn’t mean. Unless someone writes in and says the mom or dad pushed him down… then yeah, that’s mean.

  8. Lebturtle says:

    I hope it was the kid’s mom who took this picture.

  9. Dan Brennan says:

    This gives him the right to later in life say “Don’t tell me about the pain of childbirth!”

  10. He’s fakin’ it! Those precious little orbs haven’t even decended yet!

  11. Anne says:

    Well, if the photo’s taken by someone standing on whatever the kid leaned against to launch himself into brief exhilaration and total humiliation, this could be legit. The mud in the corner looks like he spun out. This is one to threaten to show his future girlfriend if he stays out past curfew.

  12. Alan says:

    Clearly photoshopped….how can anyone grow such beautiful lawn on a vertical surface & then get a kid & unicycle to stick on it.

  13. Tim S says:

    It looks like the kid just got out of the hospital. See the wrist band? Any guesses what he was in for?

  14. OwieOwieOwie says:

    “Eunuch-cycle? I wanted a unicycle for my birthday!”

  15. Jayne says:

    Its not right to publish a photo of a child in pain, its not funny.

    • rainydaze says:

      As I read somewhere recently (I think somewhere close by, in fact), it’s all fun and games until somebody gets hurt,
      then it’s hilarious!

      No blood, no foul.

  16. ninja says:

    *SOMEBODY was harmed in the making of this photo

  17. ninja says:

    *people were injured in the making of this photo

  18. BeQui says:

    I like it that they stopped to take a picture before they helped him

  19. Samantha says:

    My kid is 4, and no matter what gets bumped on his body he grabs his junk to cry about it. It might be slightly less cruel than you think.

    Also boys get a kick out of this kind of stuff, so maybe the parent with the camera was thinking ahead to the only thing that would make a boy with his stuff crunched feel better about it: a picture of it.
    in technicolor.

  20. Don says:

    This is an unbelievable shot. Where was this phototaken? I have tried and tried and tried and you would never see a shot like this in our photo album…is that St. Augustine or some type of Kentucky Bluegrass? That is the best looking lawn I have ever seen. I would have given Junior an icebag and told him he needed to move over to the neighbor’s yard if that was my yard.

  21. Kerry says:

    Photo clearly taken by big brother who would find this sort of this side-splitting.

  22. Uncuw Biww says:

    It’s like those wildlife films where some poor animal is dying and the cameraman doesn’t intervene.

  23. Leslie says:

    Who said it was one of the parents who took the photo? Could’ve been a sibling laughing their a** off behind the lens! Whatever the situation, this photo is HILARIOUS! Just one of life’s many little lessons, caught on film. hehehe

  24. eslah says:

    all I can say is oooooouuuuuuccccccccchhhhhhh 🙁

  25. Kate says:


  26. Chely says:

    As a mom of four boys, I would so take the picture first, then offer WORDS of comfort to them. My older boys have told me they would rather cry it out than to have mom knealing down beside them asking if they are OK. They would rather be in pain than be in pain AND embarrassed. And yes my boys have been that way since they were about five years old.

  27. Joey says:

    The pain will only last a little while, but this picture will be a family TREASURE for generations. This kid will be glad that (whoever) took this photo in the future, I’m betting. Don’t we ALL have at least one family picture that was horror for the moment, but worth a lifetime of laughs? 🙂

  28. pissed chef says:

    All I can hear in my head is “if you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball”. Same theory I suppose.

  29. Nik says:

    Oh whatever, you p**** tree-huggers. This is a hilarious photo. The parents aren’t “cruel” for taking a photo instead of running to him to coddle him and make him feel all better. My parents would have done the same thing, and I grew up to be able to laugh at those photos. It’s just a nut-shot. If his arm was broken, or he was bleeding profusely, then yeah, you’d have to question the capability of those parents to raise a child. But he hurt his nuts, like many boys and men before him and many men and boys after him have and will. Get over yourself and enjoy the photo for what it is–a funny, awkward part of this kid’s learning curve.

    • Cassie says:

      What does “tree hugger” have to do with anything?

    • Pret24 says:

      There’s a wide spectrum of parents. I have neighbors who’ve let their kids wander into the street daily with their knowledge, and other neighbors who won’t let their 3 yr old girl ride a big wheel on the sidewalk without a helmet and padding. This parent seems to be in the middle. Like Nik said, the kid’s not scraped, bleeding, or broken. He’s on a soft lawn. Maybe mom did hug him, kiss him, and wipe his tears. Maybe he kept overdramatizing to the point where it was cute and….SNAP! Picture tiiiime! I know my kid has done it! 😉

      • S.Azrael says:

        Nik’s got it right. You really can’t keep coddling a kid in such a way, not if you want to cause psychological issues later in life. A mother who does that to her son, when obviously the boy is between seven and nine…yeah, just setting him up to be a mama boy… I venture to guess it was the father who took the picture anyway, and really what GUY wouldn’t…Eventually, the kid is gonna look back on this and laugh!

  30. MYRA says:

    This is a little boy in pain, NOT a photo op. Some comfort is needed here.

    • Tim S says:

      If crotch hits weren’t funny, America’s Funniest Videos would have been canceled in the first season!

  31. Rob says:

    In my best sportscaster voice, “He’s down. Looks like he has a wrist injury.”

  32. Shilo says:

    I think this photos is staged too.

  33. Flippy says:

    It’s funny because I don’t know him.

  34. Hilary says:

    It looks staged. And funny. Laugh a little.

  35. Kim S. says:

    I feel his pain…and I’m a Girl!!! OUCH!! =o)

  36. Tom Flapwell says:

    My amusement is diminished by sympathy. The kid looks like he’s crying, and the irresponsible parent who didn’t realize he was too short to reach both pedals is now cold enough to photograph his pain and shame.

  37. Marshall says:

    Ray learned at an early age there’s no truth in advertising – especially when it comes to athletic supporters!

  38. BJ says:

    Always wear a cup.

  39. JEN says:

    Aww…poor kid 🙁

  40. mamasmilkman says:

    Looks like a staged pic, but nice grass though.

    • Angie says:

      yeah, but I think it’s accidentally posed. I think they were trying to get a nice picture of him with his unicycle, but the sun is shining right in his eyes. That probably made him sneeze (bright lights often make me sneeze), and they took picture just at the “a” of his “achoo”

    • Nicole says:

      Sure it isn’t photshopped?

    • Nicole says:

      I agree, it looks pretty staged. It’s pretty easy to convince a kid to act like they just got whacked in the jewels.

  41. Skippy J. says:

    What sort of joker takes a picture of the hurt and crying kid before bending down to help the poor bugger out?

  42. Don says:

    The poor kid is writhing in agony on the ground and his parent is standing above him with a camera? What’s wrong with this picture? LOL

    • Pret24 says:

      The thought in my head that makes me giggle- Mom ran in to get ice and it was Grandma who snapped the photo 🙂

  43. Fey says:

    I taught myself to ride a unicycle many, many years ago when I was just a few years older than this little guy. Not quite like riding a bike…at all. I’d say that this is just part of the learning curve, but I’m wondering how he could even mount that thing–it’s nearly as tall as he is! There’s no way his short little legs would even reach the pedals correctly -to- pedal, even if he had someone holding him up there.

    At least he had a nice, soft bed of Bermuda to land on. Too bad his Spongebob Underoos didn’t cushion the blow.

  44. charmy_canuck says:

    Some how this reminds me of “A Christmas Story” and Ralphy hearing “You’ll shoot your eye out.”

  45. Nudz says:

    I feel for you little brother. But his is an inevitable test all us men must face. Be strong

  46. ukdragon says:

    ooooooohhhhhh – poor kid!

  47. MCR says:

    Take picture first, help the kid later. Glad the photographer’s got his priorities straight!

    • Dibs says:

      Help how? Put ice on them? Rub them? The damage is done, the pain is there, he just has to get past the awful pain. Poor kid though.

      • Joy Speaks says:

        Thats a good point! Because my first thought was exactly the same as MCR! BUT! The last thing I would want while I was writhing in pain is someone to run away and grab a camera.

  48. juantag says:

    That poor kid! I feel his pain (as any decently empathetic male human being must). This isn’t awkward. it’s poignant.

  49. Romeo says:

    Am I a bad person for laughing my ass off with this photo? XD

  50. Joe Terranova says:

    “Junior hurt himself in the, well, you know, trying to ride the unicycle!”

    “Hurry! Get the camera!”

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