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April 17th, 2010

Baby Talk - Babies

Why feel the baby when you can hear the baby?

(submitted by Katharine)

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  1. him says:

    I bet the baby is boy ……

  2. just sayin' says:

    What an awkward place to find out that Dad has sleep apnea!

  3. Aussie Robbo says:

    Hey darling, it feels just like a pillowzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…

  4. mamajosh says:

    Yer right, diane; It’s a guestbook pen. He’s going to leave his sig on her tummy so everyone’ll know: I DID THIS. lol

    I think the photo’s very sweet. He looks like he’ll be a wonderful dad. Nice to see sensitive guys who are into their wives’ pregnant look and love their children, even while they are being formed.
    His glasses look very natural (they’re not SUNglasses, after all), and the flower is just something on the wall in the background. Would most have noticed if not pointed out? Not sure, but it *does* fit the Hawaiian theme, as does the bare chest, which also balances the bareness of the wife’s tummy.

  5. diane says:

    maybe the feather is from the wedding to write in the guest book? lol
    he’s going to write on her stomach. or maybe he missed the last sonogram?

  6. Lisa says:

    What is up with the hate for the glasses? Kinda harsh if you can’t see, y’know. Been wearing glasses since I was six. They are as much a part of me as my hair or nose or skin, and have been dealing with such insensitive comments about people in pictures wearing glasses, instead of being photographed without them, unrealistically depicting …

    Yeah, I’m not having any luck working up sufficient irrational retorts. I’m still stuck on the feather.

  7. Ruprecht says:

    I like this photo a lot, it’s very sweet and who cares why a feather? I do think it would have looked better if dad had removed his glasses, but like others have said, if that’s how everyone knows him (as wearing glasses), that’s probably why he wore them.

  8. angelfirett says:

    The feather had spiritual meanings in a lot of cultures including asian. One of the most common meaning of a feather is new beginnings. Hope this helps regarding that question. 🙂

  9. SoMuch2Say says:

    This isn’t as bad as some of the other pregnancy pics. Could be a lot worse!

  10. DMF says:

    I think the feather will be used to induce labor – tickle her until her water breaks…

  11. Whoa says:

    When you can take the feather from my hand, it will be time for you to leave.

  12. Al says:

    lol @ tags: prom… And the feather is a nice touch for story-telling purposes…

  13. james flynn says:

    The baby must be a female, already he is gaeting an earful……sheesssssssh

  14. Sidekick says:

    Oh, Demi Moore, look at the madness you started all of those years ago!

  15. Jeff says:

    I always wondered whatever happened to David Cassidy’s pooka shell necklace from “The Partridge Family”. Now it’s obvious. This guy stole it and made it into a bracelet.

  16. Pret24 says:

    First of all – she is so pretty and I love her hair! Hopefully they did a photo of just her because she’s so darn cute and, not to mention…AWAKE.
    He looks like he’s sleeping. If his eyes were open even a little it would look a lot better.
    Imagine him photoshopped out of the pic. huh??? 🙂

  17. Anne says:

    The only thing I find awkward is the feather. Otherwise, it’s a standard maternity shot.

  18. ShannonRae says:

    Seriously, NOT AWKWARD. I mean, she is just a beautiful woman. That makes this a beautiful portrait.

  19. Lynda says:

    As a photographer, I see the need for Dad to lose his shirt, continuity if Mom also has a bared look, which is necessary for the tummy to stick out! But it would have worked as well with him clothed.
    If he took off his glasses it wouldn’t look like him, what’s the point of that? As for the feather…mmm, it would have worked without for sure but any other implications come from polluted minds.

    Lovely portrait and such a shame that it’s been entered in this rather strange category.

    • Adrienne says:

      I thought it was beautiful too-and I totally understand the glasses thing. When my dad takes off his glasses, he looks like a total stranger to me. Plus, he runs into things.

      Seriously, though, I thought this was pretty.

      The only creepy thing was the prom tag. Come on, AFP!

  20. Beth says:

    to me, this is a lovely photo. for those of you who’re asking about the glasses: my husband also wears glasses, and to me, he doesn’t look right without them. If this man has to wear them all the time, they probably felt the same way.
    why isn’t he wearing a shirt? maybe he felt if he wore a shirt, he would look like he was ‘too dressed’ in comparison to her outfit.
    I think sometimes people think too much about these things.

  21. Andi from NC says:

    As Barbra Streisand would would say (sing):

    “Papa can you hear meeeeee??”

  22. rosie says:

    Why is he wearing women’s jewelry? And what is up with that feather??? Why was this tagged “prom?” So many questions!!

  23. gnemec says:

    The feather is awkward because it looks like he’s writing an 18th century letter on her crotch. And, because…he’s holding a feather.

  24. Daisie says:

    Apparently the baby is dictating sonnets to Dad?

  25. Dean says:

    Folks, it’s awkward because it’s a prom photo, not because it’s a belly photo.


  26. rwblake says:

    Well, the photo is not awkward and is a typical listen to the baby photo. Well, that is until you see the feather, what the heck does that have to do with anything?


  27. michael says:

    I like the Rock-Candy bracelet on the guy

  28. Steph says:

    Take the guy out and it would have been a lovely shot.

  29. iLOLd says:

    Blue-tooth baby monitor: Ur doin’ it wrong.

  30. Rachel says:

    Why the feather?

  31. Anne says:

    Dad’s been told that he’ll never be able to get a good night’s sleep once the baby arrives, so he’s trying to grab every nap that he can.

  32. hwar says:

    Who or what is being tickled and why?

  33. Kristen says:

    A new meaning for WTF: Why the Feather? That was the only thing awkward I found in this….until I read the above the comment that said it was (and is indeed) tagged prom.

  34. why are flowers growing out of the man’s head?

  35. Jon says:

    This is “Howeet,” the midpoint between hot and sweet.

    • Jeremiah says:

      I had to burp when I read this, after I took a sip of soda. I laughed so hard I about puked all over myself!! LMAO!

  36. tuper says:

    She’s so pretty! I wish the two of them the best of luck!

  37. DaddysSister says:

    This is one of the rare baby belly pictures that isn’t awkward. It’s actually one of the more attractive ones. Dad’s glasses are the only thing throwing things off. Everything else is so ‘of nature’.

    That’s going to be one gorgeous baby.

  38. lance says:

    Everyone needs a bosom for a pillow!

  39. Cat says:

    the guy has on more jewelry than the lady does!!

  40. Moi says:

    “I can hear the ocean!”

  41. Richard says:

    Doctors told Jamie that they would not be able to completely detach him from his siamese twin sister so he would be relegated to listening to her stomach gurgle for the remainder of his days.

  42. autumn says:

    uh, what’s with the feather? and, more importantly, why is this tagged “prom”?? creepy.

  43. Melly Mel from Hell says:

    LM*AO!! sometimes the comments are just funnier than these damn photos.

    • vertigocreative says:

      MOST of the time! I cringe at the photos yet rarely “LOL”. I more often laugh at the comments! It amazes me how quick and witty your average Joe-Commenter can be.

  44. la petite siène says:

    And the baby says, “LEMME OUTTA HERE!!!!”

  45. Kim Alexander says:

    Why the feather?

  46. Jaja says:

    Is the feather for later?

  47. skyeleo says:

    EW-Tea and Sympathy 80’s Style. His glasses make him look like a little kid, so it’s disturbing. “Someday when you write about this…and you will…~be kind.”

    • Pret24 says:

      Awww crud! Where else besides Tea and Sympathy have I heard that? I think a sitcom used it. Oh, It’s driving me nuts!

      • Leslie C. says:

        The Rugrats go Wild or Wild Thornberrys Movie. The older daughter says something like.. Someday when I write about my life…and I will. I won’t be kind.

  48. John says:

    The glasses kinda spoil the mood for me.

  49. Som Yung Gy says:

    Dude’s gotta flower growin’ out his head!!

  50. Cheryl says:

    The idea is kind of sweet, but the feather is in a BAD position. And why does the guy need to be shirtless too? Is he going to help nurse the baby or something?

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