Hair’s Looking At Us

July 17th, 2010

Hair’s Looking At Us - Wedding

In sickness and health just got “sick.”

(submitted by Janet)

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  1. dave says:

    Once Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs made parole, he married his long time pen pal.

  2. Shut Up Iris says:


  3. glennbets says:

    Nope Katie, it wasn’t creepy, it’s funny, lol.. Looks really like a projector put the pics there. Was that picture Western style? I never remember anything like this in our older days.

  4. oobyjoobygumdrops says:

    OMG he looks like my science/social studies teacher from waaay back in the day! (he showed us pics of him btw)

  5. mary says:

    oooohhh mmmmmmY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Liseski says:

    Oh my. I used to print these kinds of things when I worked at a custom photofinisher in Toronto. We double exposed the paper using a masking box that moved the mask through the exposure so it would provide a fuzzy transition. I thought it was lame even then. I hated being pulled off my regular darkroom duties to do these!

  7. Jerry says:

    Are they still married? Could be perfect for a funeral after both have died.

  8. Valerie says:

    LOVE! <3

  9. Backpackgirl says:

    It’s the Ghosts of marriage past

  10. Smartazz says:

    I love the fact that he was such a good sport and gave into the whole…piggy curls on his shoulder to match her for their special day….awwww

  11. Jimmy says:

    Oh no, it’s Vigo the Carpathian!

  12. Jeannie says:

    “I know pronounce you Mr. and Mrs. Mullet. You may eat your guests.”

  13. Ang says:

    This is me now slinking off to my living room to take down from our wall the exact same pose/double exposure of our wedding (framed even!) Sometimes it takes another person pointing out your awkwardness to realize it. Thanks AFP

  14. Bo says:

    I didn’t know that Vigo from Ghostbusters 2 got married.

  15. Edward DiLiddo says:

    I was a wedding photographer for about 14 years. This gimmicky double exposure shot was popular in the eighties. I NEVER took a photo like this… I thought it was gimmicky and just plain silly!

  16. J Hall says:

    It’s Vigo the Carpathian from Ghostbusters II

  17. Adhis says:

    To the mullet groom, the mini-couple looks delicious!

  18. Aurelio Dominguez says:

    Man he’s got a sick mullet sweet!

  19. OrganMan says:

    What church is that? I think I recognize the organ…

  20. Badger Fan says:

    *In your best Jeff Spicoli style voice* – Huh, huh huh, huh, huh, DUUUUUUUUDE! Look at all the little people below us! That is sooooo wicked!

    Hey, wait! That’s us down there! What a trip man…… Awwwwwsommmme! I’m soooooo wasted!

  21. Chuck says:

    I am the great and powerful Oz!… and this is my wife.

  22. Lady says:


  23. caitlin says:

    this is amazing

  24. Radndy Rainbow says:

    Very sinister! Love the hair on both bride and groom.

    • Tiffani says:

      It is sinister…almost like Bridezilla and Groomzilla attack! Like they are about to squash the sweet young couple that took their time slot for the church.

  25. Yvonne says:

    Ugh! I’m so tired of all of the WIN/FAIL proclamations. I can’t wait until people get over this little fad.

  26. Jena says:

    We had one picture proof with Jesus looking down on us in this same manner (married in 2001). I didn’t order it, but I wish I had. It was spectacularly awkward.

    • Venetia says:

      Talk about PRESSURE.

    • Omayra says:

      My parents got married in 1971 and in their wedding album they have a shot of Jesus looking down on the ceremony as well. In another photo the photographer did the same thing with my mom. My parents are now divorced after being married for over 30 years and my mom told me that she didn’t like those shots. I can understand why. These shots are too weird and creepy!

  27. Tiffani says:

    Looks like someone left the projector screen down at the pulpit again.

  28. Rita says:

    They look like they are haunting their own wedding!

  29. Cheryl says:

    Why are they looking to the right and not down?

  30. suzinOHio says:

    I got married in 1990 and I have the same exact photo

  31. Ginger says:

    Those are the largest candles I’ve ever seen. One wrong step by a hungover groomsman and… POOF!

  32. Sherry says:

    These type pictures were very popular in the ’80s. Husband and I did not like these special effects so we did not get them. My Sister in Law however loved these type of effects and had them in all of her wedding pictures.

    Looking at the pictures 25+ years later our look like lovely pictures of a wedding while hers look like a bad special effects wedding from the ’80s. She now wishes that she did not get all those special effects because they look very dated and distract from the purpose of the pictures, which is the wedding.

  33. Wilson says:

    So awkward…. I mean they’re totally looking down the Maid of Honor’s dress….

  34. Up2 says:

    Do not arouse the wrath of the great and powerful Oz!!! I said come back tomorrow!

  35. Julie says:

    Nice tan line she’s got goin’ on there!

  36. Katie says:

    This was very common back in the day. My husband and I were married in 1982, and this type of picture was an option with our photo package. We DID NOT include that photo in our book. It was as creepy in 1982 as it is today….

    • Allison says:

      That’s like having your picture in a brandy snifter in the 1970s…both equally cheesy and just plain strange. Gotta love trends.

      Disembodied heads in children’s photos were also popular in the 80s…I have one of those photos, as do my cousins. I’m actually the floating head…and so was my female cousin when her and her brother had theirs taken!

      But, giant wedding couple “hovering” over the church? SCARY!!!!

      • Christina says:

        I’m an only child so I got to be the floating kid and the “normal” kid. I’m crying in most of the shots. Actually if I could find them they’d be perfect for this website.

  37. pandadancing says:

    This is the first reported case of the floating mullet. Beware onlookers!

  38. nicole says:

    i go to that church!

  39. LollyBlue says:

    “Honey, I shrunk the wedding guests”…the sequel

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