July 22nd, 2010

Necking - Kids

Birds do it, bees do it, bet you didn’t know that these do it.

(submitted by Michelle)

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  1. Carl says:

    I think it’s a fake. It almost looks real, but then I wonder why there would be no fences or barriers. Are Girraffes roaming through parks now?

    • JerseyPam says:

      It’s very natural.

      The zoo is natural too, built and dredged to appear a natural habitat. What you don’t see is probably an impassable trench back there.

  2. CarrieM says:

    This picture will show up later in porn for giraffes, with the human’s head cropped out.

  3. willy says:


  4. Mathilde says:

    Big G back there is TOTALLY posing!

  5. Steve says:

    Clearly this would constitute a “teachable moment”.

  6. mrs5180 says:

    crazy how the giraffe’s front right leg looks too long—-also thanks for the head’s up on how to zoom Delilah, so naughty—LOL

  7. Tezca says:

    As my old friend’s mom explained when he saw two dogs engaged in similar repast, “That one in front is sick, and the other one is pushing him to the hospital.”

  8. Kazz says:

    PDA-when you’re too big to just get a room.

  9. Gulf Girl says:

    No honey the giraffes are not playing leap frog, it’s . . . well . . . . she’s giving him a piggy back ride.

  10. Binkymae says:

    “Look Mommy the giraffe’s are fighting!”
    “I heard they are feeding the hippos, let’s hurry over and watch.”

  11. Deb says:


  12. Carrie says:

    Does that fence really work??

  13. FedUp says:

    “Not Awkward,” anyone? Anyone? Hah, didn’t THINK so.

  14. This is a fairly recent photo, my daughter has the same shirt, purchased last summer.

  15. Tonie says:

    I know just where this was taken, the Cape May Zoo in NJ!

    • JerseyPam says:

      Wow, really? Last time I was there, the zoo only had one giraffe in the middle area. Is this the new Savannah part of the zoo? I gotta get back down there, I’m missing all the action.

    • sandradee says:

      You know – I had the same thought! I was just there last week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Don says:

    Thanks. I will now chuckle every time I go to Toys R Us and see Jeffrey the mascot as he walks the aisles.

  17. Moss Morris says:


    Yes, it’s photoshopped just like ever other picture on the internet.

    Those kind of comments really shouldn’t be allowed through the filters.

  18. jw says:


  19. coNNie says:

    I see an extra leg.

  20. Jeff F says:

    The giraffe teams are playing football. They’re just making the goal post.

  21. Angie says:

    Notice where the focus is.

  22. sasha says:

    what are the chances?

  23. ash says:

    zoo keeper! those animals are killing each other!

  24. Lady says:

    Well there is nothing that kills “the mood” quicker than witnessing giraffes “loving” one another.

  25. Gigi says:

    Giraffe 1: “Not in the middle of the day!”
    Giraffe 2: “Don’t worry dear, I’m sure no one will notice”

  26. Rick D says:

    “The children were nestled all snug in their wee little beds,
    While visions of fornicating giraffes danced through their wee little heads.”

  27. CarrieM says:

    You want your kids to have “educational” experiences, but geez….. not THAT educational!

  28. Foxy.Kate says:

    @Sandradee – if it had been my parents, they totally would have seen it when they took the photo. “kate, move just a smidge to the left! There’s a gorgeous tree back there that I think will frame this shot beautifully!”

  29. taino sam says:

    oh look! another picture from the Playboy Mansion’s Petting Zoo!

  30. sandradee says:

    How did they not see this when they took the picture???

  31. Be3t says:

    Giraffes are so inconsiderate.

  32. haha says:

    That’s one long…um…neck.

  33. MeToo says:

    July 22nd is my wedding anniversary so this is the perfect picture for today! Except, of course, I didn’t marry a giraffe. Just in case anybody was wondering…

  34. Martina says:

    I like how the kid is blurry and the giraffes are in focus.

  35. hannahmumma says:


  36. j-lu says:

    I’ve never needed a zoom option on this website more!!!
    At first I was thinking this was awkward b/c that girl looks eerily like I did at her age, only she’s less awkward, owing to her two distinct eyebrows…

  37. JerseyPam says:

    I knew they did it, but couldn’t imagine how. Thanks to AFP, now I can’t stop imagining how.

  38. Yaos says:

    This is very awkward if you don’t notice the giraffes.

  39. jkfurlong says:

    My husband and I have also seen giraffes mate at the zoo, and much closer to the spectators than in this photo. The giraffe act itself is incredibly awkward: it’s amazing they propagate at all.

    • Snowrider says:

      I’m more worried about drop the baby giraffe has to take in the first few moments of life! I’m envisioning an otherwise tranquil scene on the African savanna where a hyena follows around the mom giraffe wearing a catcher’s mitt.

  40. Harry says:

    soon after I would awesome they had “The Talk”

  41. Richard says:

    Dad took the photograph and its obvious where the focus is. Darling daughter is pushed off to the side and blurry but those 2 necking in the back are nice and clear.

  42. Lily says:


  43. linda says:

    OMG! if she only knew…

  44. Paula says:

    Oh dear! Doin’ it like they do it on the Discovery Channel. Don’t need to zoom….

  45. Macy says:

    Class Field Trip:)

  46. suzi says:

    OMG you can’t make this stuff up! It’s actually a great photo….hysterical. One she can laugh at when she is older….wonderful!

    • scruffy says:

      Yeah maybe she’ll laugh at it when she’s older. But now? I’m not so sure.

      Hey Suzy and Rachael look at the picture that Dad took of me at the zoo. Cool huh? What are the giraffes doing? What do you mean? Huh? DAAAADDDDDD!!!!!!!!

      And wait until Mom sees it. Oh boy. Dad is really gonna hear about this photo for a long time.

  47. Jeff says:

    Welcome to Giraffic Park!

  48. Rose says:

    Who ever said animals don’t breed in captivity?

  49. Rose says:


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