The Winged Warrior

July 26th, 2010

The Winged Warrior - Behind The Awkwardness

Help Bill recapture the awkwardness of his youth:

“My parents cursed me with this hat (and wardrobe, and throwing skills). It stayed with me through a good part of my awkward years, but I’m happy to report I did end up with a wife and kids so the damage wasn’t permanent. I feel it is my duty to submit this photo, and confess that I have grown nostalgic for the hat. I’ve looked over the years, and Cosmic Caps apparently is long out of business, and ebay is a bust (why anyone would keep one I have no idea). My goal is to find one and send it to my dad who bought the cap for me such that he “could find me in a crowd.”  Then maybe I could pass one on to my poor son. Anyway – if you have any idea where I can find one, please let me know.”

(submitted by Bill)

123 Responses to “The Winged Warrior”

  1. Kathy says:

    I gave my dad a hat like that in the 70s. He never wore it but he didn’t get rid of it. When my middle child was about 6, my mom gave him the hat. He wore it for several years, until the bill became mush. Since the company was out of business, I went to etsy to replace it. I bought wing pairs from an etsy artist and sewed them on to caps myself. Now all of my kids have winged caps!

  2. Wabbit says:

    Try Spencer Gifts at your local mall.

  3. Carrie says:

    My Husband had one of these and loved it – my 8 yr old son wanted to wear it to the zoo in Cleveland Ohio, so I let him….While enjoying the antics of Monkey Island, he leaned over too far and the hat fell into the moat, where one monkey fished it out. they ther was a big monkey fight over the hat, and thy tore it to pieces and even ate some of it! We were yelling for zoo helpers and when they got ther they juswt watched and laughed along with everybody else!

  4. 80sgirl says:

    blue w/orange=GO BEARS!

  5. Holli says:

    I could probably create a wing pattern if you want to buy just a blue hat and sew the wings on it. You’d have to do some sewing, but it wouldn’t be too hard to put together.

  6. Jennifer says:

    Holy crap! My Aunt Giselle worked for this company and made these hats! She gave me one once. If I still had it, it would be yours!

  7. Margaret says:

    I haven’t seen one of those kinds of hats in years but I remember reading that the woman who came up with the idea became a millionaire almost overnight. Now that the craze is over I wonder if she’s still rich.

  8. Alstott says:

    You guys are missing the point here. Who taught this poor kid how to throw a ball? Does anyone out there believe that this ball didn’t just land on his left foot? Or heck, even roll off somewhere behind him?

  9. Jessica says:

    My husband has one of these hats. it’s blue with silver wings. He wears it all the time. I’ve been searching all over the place for a new one because the one he has is about ready to fall apart! If anyone wants to send one to a good home (I’d pay for it, of course), or knows where to get one, I would be most happy!

  10. Lori says:

    My parents have one that’s red with blue wings. Is that good? They called it the Valkryie Hat. Hasn’t been worn in years.

  11. Bill (the Bill) says:

    UPDATE: So I’m thrilled at the responses and actually making AFP! You guys are all very kind, and some of the guesses at my current profession interests etc were surprising – I’m not with Gates but have worked for his friend HAL for 11 years. I am sad to report that I have not yet found a replacement, although the ideas about Etsy and the alchemy feature may be something I take up if I still don’t find anything. I find it amazing that no matter how I search, I can not find one for sale period – it’s like a complete black hole in cyberspace. My promise is – if I do find one, I will absolutely recreate the picture and repost.

  12. Krissi says:

    Bill did you ever end up finding this hat?!
    I saw quite a few people comment on here that they had a similar one.
    I shared your picture on my FB page asking all my friends to help find this hat for you!

    Gotta promise to post pics of each you and your son wearing the hat you do get one though!!!

  13. Raymo says:

    Send me a green one. GO EAGLES!!

    • Spritely says:

      I’m surprised that the Eagles don’t have one of these already! Get it licensed and you might make a lot of money, Raymo.

  14. Dorene says:

    Didn’t Natalie on Facts Of Life have one of those hats??

  15. Bet says:

    If you go to Etsy you can submit an alchemy request and explain what you want and how much you are willing to pay for it and people bid for the chance to make it for you.

  16. Missy says:

    Bill, oddly I know what you mean. Despite any awkwardness – I often miss the oddest things of my childhood too and wish I had them back again. My fitness for one. And also someone to pay all of my bills for me. And a snoopy sno cone machine. And my sticker book. Maybe my slip and slide. My Atari 5200. I would love to have back my generic cabbage patch kids, or my ET doll. I actually wouldn’t mind getting back my entire youth and start all over again.

    Wait. What was it you were looking for again?


    • Tabitha says:

      I just saw a Snoopy Snow Cone Machine at Toys R Us the other day! It’s exactly like the old used to be! I gasped in delight… and then posed with one for a picture to send my siblings so that we could reminisce!

  17. Courtney says:

    I’ve been trying to figure out a line up for the Etsy store I’d like to start. Now I have a product line!! Thanks so much for introducing me to this amazing product.

    PS My 3 year old got a great laugh, but even he finds it silly and not cool

  18. BJ says:

    once had a man in a Utah store offer me $25 bucks for it. He wanted to manufacture/copy it…..

  19. BJ says:

    I have a Blue One with silver wings. It was my Raver Hat..I loved that hat and it was my best friend for like 5 years… Um, I put a half inch spike in the brim, and sewed a love flower patch on it. It is also covered in several buttons. Bought in Medford Oregon, Salvation army store for like 50cents. People hated and envied that hat. I had a bounty put on it by the local rednecks and rockers……….. Still have it, dont wear it.

  20. Jeff says:

    Or make one yourself? I don’t think it’ll be that hard. Put glitter on the wings! heheeh

  21. Margo says:

    Maybe you can find one on Etsy?

  22. kacbad says:

    I also remember in “Carrie” the girl who never took that hat off even for the prom.

  23. Stacie says:

    What a sweet story, Bill! 🙂

  24. carina says:

    I bought one at the salvation army here in Vancouver…it’s blue with orange wings. I wear it when I drive into the sun because I am too short for the car visors to work. I call it my “commuter hat”

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