Tiny Dancer

August 3rd, 2010

Tiny Dancer - Pregnancy

Even more impressive, she plans to give birth while doing a plie.

(submitted by Kylee)

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  1. Newton says:

    Black Swan: The Next Generation

  2. Ian Jackson says:

    someone should do a shoot of a pregnant women wearing boxing gloves & call it SUPERHEAVY!

  3. mary says:

    That guy is just dying to break into a twirl.

  4. a3sarah says:


  5. monik says:

    well I would like all of you guys to even try to do what this girl is doing, I think its a beautiful picture!

  6. jdancer says:

    I can’t imagine how SHE got pointe shoes on while pregnant. I dance en pointe and I’m not pregnant, and Pointe is about being able to hold yourself up with muscle strength. I would totally dance while pregnant!

    • Jenvan says:

      ??? Why assume she hasn’t got that muscle strength?? Plus her fellow is helping to support her this time, because she’s obviously not at her usual weight, and her center of gravity/balance is off.

      Everyone who is criticizing her *dance* skills/position is missing the point (no pun intended). It’s a *charming* pregnancy picture, very beautiful. Except the background/flash, too bad about the photographer. It could have been quite magical with a clean background.

  7. Corinne says:

    I don’t think this is all that awkward, it’s actually kinda cool…

  8. renee says:

    I don’t really see anything wrong with this! Its a sweet picture of a woman who happens to be a dancer and her husband. I think pictures of pregnant women with their bellies out are cute! Granted, a ton of these open belly pics are vulgar and weird, this one is sweet!

  9. Sammara says:

    I think they’re adorable and that this picture is adorable. I typically hate the bare-belly pictures, but this chica is clearly in shape and has found a way to show off her pregnant bod without it looking gross or contrived. They aren’t doing anything gross, like having him lick her tummy or anything. I don’t think the “tan line” or the “Photoshopped” arguments stand, either, because that is clearly the line between the pregnant belly and the super strong muscles she has.

  10. Micky says:

    Beautiful Picture, Congratulations and good luck

  11. rachel says:

    being a dancer myself, this is actually pretty cool looking…

  12. Sarah says:

    I thinkits kind of nice

  13. Hannah says:

    Second everyone who said this photo is AWESOME.

    I wanted to commented to say that giving birth while doing a plie wouldn’t be too hard at all. Many woman have given birth while doing a grande plie en seconde!

  14. Melynda says:

    This is a ~great~ picture. Not awkward at all. She’s very beautiful, and they both look so happy! Thanks for sharing. I wish this weren’t on “AFP” at all. It deserves to be someplace that celebrates it, not makes fun of it.

  15. RDT says:

    What’s awkward about this?

    This is freaking awesome.

  16. Melissa says:

    I don’t usually like pregnancy pictures, but I love ballet and I think this is sweet!

  17. Santa says:

    The leg she is leaning on is bent… yeah some dancer

  18. swift says:

    It’s incredible she can do that, seriously that couple would have been awesome to do a real session with outdoors. The reflection of the flash in the glass just kills me. She must still be a starving ballerina, poor guys would have done fantastic had they paid a real photographer to do the job the right way!

  19. nerd says:

    I read the caption as “plans to give birth while doing a pile”

  20. sevanderslice says:

    I think this is really cool. As a mother and a former ballerina, I can’t even imagine going up on pointe while being THAT pregnant.

  21. morgan says:

    Has no one else said that this is photoshopped? Because the belly looks added on and the skirt looks like it has been pulled up from where it originally was. There’s an obvious line where the “bump” starts.

    • Marie24 says:

      That’s how tiny people look when pregnant…
      I was the same way when I got pregnant…my belly looked “fake” because of that line at the top. It’s just the skin being pulled away from the ribs..icky, I know..

      • DysLexie says:

        Yep, I agree. Add some bad lighting and there’s the “tan line.” Looks real to me. I think this one, while being very different, is pretty darn cute. I can’t believe she’s on toe shoes – mad props to her. I couldn’t even fit into my sneakers at 3 months.

  22. ricky says:

    shes kind of fine.

  23. Beth says:

    I believe ou mean plié. Just sayin..

    • Kazzie says:

      I clicked comments to see if someone had replied with exactly that & I wasn’t disappointed, haha.

      Speaking as a dancer, her arch is actually really bad & I doubt she’s a professional or particularly skilled dancer in any way but hey, it’s a cute photo of a dancer couple [trio?], I suppose.

      • Marie24 says:

        An arch doesn’t make a dancer, fyi.
        I dance professionally, and not all of my co-workers have amazing arches. What makes a dancer is talent, grace, and the desire to dance.

        I also don’t know if you’ve ever been pregnant, but if you have, you’d know that your ankles and your feet get particularly swollen towards the end of pregnancy, and looking at her I’d say she’s at about 8mo?

        Regardless, props to her for posing with pointe shoes this pregnant.

      • idance333 says:

        hey you try going en pointe in your 3rd trimestor and it doesnt matter how good your arch is but your grace and technique!!!!!!!

  24. Pipergirl says:

    I seriously think the second AFP book needs to be a pregnancy and childbirth theme – there’s too many good examples of “What not to expect when you’re expecting” and awkward new baby poses for these to get dusty in the archives!

  25. Maya says:

    this is now awkward but awesome! i love this picture! <3

  26. Sydney says:

    “A little higher, just a little higher. How about if we try this again in a few weeks?”

  27. jesse says:

    sloppy reflection.

  28. rei_hiino says:

    that’s one heck of a pose to do whilst pregnant. i tip my hat to her.

    • Amy says:

      Agreed! Props for getting on pointe that far along! In reference to the “tan line” around her tummy posted by someone else, that’s actually the delineation of her muscles and uterus/baby. Means she’s in shape and looks great! Wow! Serious props to her!

  29. Lizzy says:

    Well that’s one way to disguise swollen ankles…

  30. Candice says:

    I know that guy totally made with the calf massages for several days after that was taken! I love this site, so much!

  31. Janellionaire says:

    I dunno, I kinda like this. They look so happy. And it isn’t as vulgar as the usual baby-belly pix.

    • Mary Lou says:

      I agree that it isn’t quite as vulgar but I still wish these pregnant gals would keep their tummies covered up. Of course, I think non-pregnant gals should cover their tummies too unless they’re wearing bikinis on the beach or at the pool and weigh less than 130 pounds.
      But kudos to this young lady for staying in shape while pregnant.

  32. Missy says:

    Seriously… that is one strange “tan line” around her “pregnant belly” isn’t it? Hmmm.

  33. PugMom says:

    With apologies to the Great Nat King Cole

    ♫♫Dance, ballerina, dance♫

    ♪♪And do your pirouette in rhythm with your achin’ heart.♬

    Dance, ballerina, dance♬♬♬

    ♪♪♪You mustn’t once forget a dancer ….shouldnt forget her pants.♬♬♬
    ;D ;P ;D

  34. Mathilde says:

    My ankles hurt just looking at this …

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