Tiny Dancer

August 3rd, 2010

Tiny Dancer - Pregnancy

Even more impressive, she plans to give birth while doing a plie.

(submitted by Kylee)

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  1. Gigi says:

    I don’t understand why she even bothered with the skirt.

    • Amber says:

      when I took ballet we had the option of skirt or shorts over our leotards.
      I picked the skirt because it felt more floaty and ballet-like..

  2. Vera says:

    if you think this is impressive, you should see the ultrasound of the baby doing a perfect plie

  3. Sassy says:

    She’ll be using those pointe shoes to give Dad his own personal Nutcracker when the labour pains hit.

  4. BeQui says:

    I’m just mad she doesn’t have fatter arms. I think that’s where all my pregnancy weight is going.

    Seriously, though, good for her to get on her toes that big!

  5. Really! says:

    Aww c’mon! ANOTHER naked pregnant belly? This is getting boring!

  6. Schmendrick says:

    Never mind the beauty of the picture or the difficulty of the pose, isn’t it DANGEROUS to the baby to be so precariously balanced?!?! Even the most advanced dancer must have trouble balancing so much weight–plus, just about everyone who has been pregnant has posted giving her kudos for being able to go up on her toes at all! I don’t know about you guys, but if I were this far along, I wouldn’t be taking ANY chances. It’s for this reason that this picture is decidedly awkward–whether or not it’s beautiful.

    • cranky says:

      Meh. Hubby is supporting her nicely and she’s probably not doing a whole lot of pirouettes and jetes at this point. A woman that physically fit is not particularly delicate in pregnancy anyway. She’ll be fine.

    • baware says:

      really? you think she’s putting her baby at risk?! Of course it’s not *DANGEROUS* to the baby. She’s clearly in great shape, looking happy and healthy with a supportive partner. She’s obviously trained for years in dance, and she’s POSING for ONE picture, because she CAN! I say GOOD for her! Just because a woman is pregnant does not mean she’s disabled, it’s certainly possible to get up on pointe for one picture, and I’m sure this is not a daily activity for her.

  7. tosmand says:

    If it’s a boy, can we name him bunion?

  8. Kazz says:

    Having taken ballet through a couple of pregnancies, it was never relevé that was uncomfortable with the growing baby (I’m not advanced enough to go en pointe)-it was leaps that I had to put the kibosh on pretty early since it really causes the baby and bladder to duke it out. Being en pointe is probably comfortable for the dancer in the photo if she’s been dancing all her life and through her pregnancy. Love this photo!

  9. Jizzle says:

    The only thing bothering me about this picture is the awful glare off that picture. Ack!

  10. Susan says:

    Okay, all you Broadway music fans….on cue…
    One singular sensation
    Every little step she takes.
    One thrilling combination
    Every move that she makes.
    One smile and suddenly nobody else will do…

  11. princessmarsha says:

    This is a beautiful photo of a beautiful couple.
    God bless you both and your baby.

  12. msannomalley says:

    I’m impressed that she can go en pointe while that pregnant. I could only waddle when I was that far along.

  13. sarah says:

    Well at least they have their clothes on. i have to agree the most awkward thing is that photo in the backround.

  14. britbrat20 says:

    Hold me closer, Tony Danza

  15. Kristin says:

    I’m 7 months pregnant and I feel a kudos should go out to her for being able to do that, but enough of the pregnancy photos. They’re just awkward.

  16. lizzie says:

    These kinds of photos are just weird.

  17. Amice says:

    This woman, who is at least a dancer, more likely an instructor, has a *reason* to be in a long drapey skirt and stretchy bra top, unlike most of the “let’s record our giant belly growth as though it’s lovely” pix out there. This is the one and only preggers photo I’m in favor of.

  18. Crystal says:

    My DD dances pointe (she’s 12) and SHE cringed when she saw it. Her exact sarcastic comment was “Oh, that’s not wrong.” Two of her dance instructors had babies this year. Pregnant Pointe. Fun.

  19. Lynn says:

    I agree with Abi and RHB, this one isn’t awkward. It is a sweet, beautiful photo. And if I could get up on my toes like that while pregnant, I think I’d be showing it off too. The thing that is distracting in the photo is the reflection of the umbrella the photographer used in the photo on the wall.

  20. bobbie says:

    isn’t a belly just as cute when a nice top covers it?! I mean come on! enough of the beer bellies already!

  21. cyndi says:

    this is beautiful!! If he had a leotard on, i would cringe!!

  22. Lisa says:

    This is probably one of the least-awkward pregnancy photos I’ve seen. Not to say this isn’t a little awkward, just that the others are waaaay more awkward.

  23. whathuhwhat says:

    Wow….being seven months pregnant myself, I don’t believe that I could attempt an en pointe(on her toes), without something breaking. It would be a beautiful picture if dad-to-be had worn something else besides that.

  24. Tracey says:

    Looks to me like Dad’s a ballet dancer as well, from his posture. Note the dance art on the wall behind them. You’d be surprised how many professional ballet dancers get married and have kids!

  25. Annie Clark says:

    Hey, if I’d looked that good when I was preggers, & could still do a “toe stand” (or, whatever ya call ’em) , I’d a DANG sure wanted it recorded…nobody’ll believe her (including herself) in later years without a photo! One of the nicest awkward prenancy photos you’ve ever posted!

  26. Pamela says:

    This is what happens when we try to do too much all at once LOL

  27. Heatha' says:

    You just have to “love” the umbrella flash on the picture in the background…

  28. cara says:

    I’m just glad there’s a mirror in the background. Otherwise I would have lost sleep over what was in the picture on the wall with the horrible flash reflection.

  29. Beth D. says:

    I liked this picture! Only awkward for the kid who has friends over later in life. For the rest of us, adorable!

  30. She is dancing for two…

  31. that is just ODD. Then again, I’m not fond of overly cute-sy and posed pregnancy photos.

  32. RHB says:

    Actually, I think this picture is quite tender and beautiful. One of the most attractive “let-me-combine-my-job-or-hobby-with-an-unrelated-milestone” photos we’ve seen.

  33. JS says:

    Awkward pregnancy photos never get old.

  34. Abi says:

    This isn’t awkward…she looks beautiful!

  35. LollyBlue says:

    What’s next? “Dancing With The Stars”?

  36. Whoa says:

    A new twist on “The Nutcracker”.

  37. CarrieM says:

    I miss the days when pregnant women just sat around in tasteful smocks and looked serene.

  38. db says:

    And the kid’s onesies will be sleeveless too.

  39. Des says:

    This is actually a cute idea for a picture. But I can think of like ten ballet poses that would be more flattering than this – and less weird for the guy.

  40. amy says:

    This is awkward. What’s the pointe?

  41. Julie says:

    Normally I don’t like these pregnancy photos- so cheesy…but this one is sweet. Kudos to her to be able to get her leg up like that!

  42. steph says:

    I think this is beautiful! She must be an amazing dancer to balance on her toes, on one foot, while pregnant. Just beautiful.

    • K'lyn says:

      Actually all joking asie, I agree. I think it’s quite a lovely picture as well. At first I thought, “Oh great, another “Showing the baby bump” shot” but I noticed the whole pic. and thought it was very nice.

      • geekgirl says:

        Given the father is obviously also a dancer I think it’s very apropos. I’m right there with you regarding most baby bump pictures but this one works much better than most.

  43. JerseyPam says:

    Cute couple, but I’m more interested in that incredibly awkward photo in the mirror behind them.

  44. MG says:

    yes, that birthing plan would be impressive. especially since she is wearing tights. that baby’s not going far…

  45. JR says:

    I’m pretty impressed she can get up on her toe 9 months pregnant.

  46. Neil says:

    Is it only me who is thinking “I’ll be your private dancer, a dancer for money…”
    No? Only me then.
    En pointe is impressive at that stage of pregnancy. My Mrs is about the same stage and can barely walk.

  47. benth says:

    i can see the flash umbrella in the picture hanging on the wall… photographer FAIL!

  48. Leo says:


  49. astrid says:

    but was is awkward here? they are handsom, gifted and LIVING their life!

    • Tim S says:

      Roger that!

    • kelly says:

      Agreed. Good looking young couple. Cute photo. This pic would be great if the photographer had got a better shot, without the flash umbrella/awkward mirror reflecting a poster print getting in the way.

    • mellowknees says:

      I don’t know about you guys, but going en pointe is pretty freaking awkward at any given moment in a human being’s life…let alone going en pointe while hugely pregnant. I’d say that qualifies as pretty awkward. I look at this and all I can think about is her POOR TOES.

      • Steph says:

        THANK YOU, mellowknees. People don’t understand that there are multiple ways for these photos to be awkward. Some are embarassing, some are unnatural, and some are just physically awkward. Of course, all of this is overlooking the fact that the creators of this site are hugely successful and couldn’t give a flying fig about what we think isn’t awkward.

      • glass cactus says:

        her toeas are the least of it. The body releases relaxin to loosen tendons when you are pregnant. You joints all become looser. It’s an odd choice to pose en pointe.

        But I find the choice o wardrobe particularly awkward.

  50. G says:

    What is going on in that picture in the background? It looks like a lady is beating up some kids while “dancing”

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