Awkward Pet Name: The Lady Shroedinger Underfoot De Velcro

August 5th, 2010

Awkward Pet Name: The Lady Shroedinger Underfoot De Velcro - Pets

(submitted by Mainframe)

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28 Responses to “Awkward Pet Name: The Lady Shroedinger Underfoot De Velcro”

  1. Roman Sandstorm says:

    This cat is clearly both alive *and* dead – at the same time.

  2. JannieWolf says:

    I once worked at a Vet with two awkwardly named clients. Honky Wigglesworth was a small dog.

    The other pair was Nicki the human and her dog Nicky. I never knew if the dog had an appointment of if the owner was coming in to visit.

  3. Insane answered your question very well. But since we are the subject, how do all those insects survive the brutal winters in Chicago. We have days in dead winter that it gets to be 30 below 0

  4. Zaposlitev says:

    gauyveggosmmpethvwdj, delo, JZQtxQZ.

  5. veev1976 says:

    My mum has a cat we named Sir Clement Moore Meows-a-lot of Stinky-Pooville…but we just call him Clem.

    And I have friends who had a cat they called JAC (for Just Another Cat).

  6. JerseyPam says:

    The later picture of the couple with lizards reminded me of my son’s two iguanas…Iggy Juana and his wife Mary. I don’t know about awkward, but I thought it was funny.

  7. Jenll says:

    My friends cat is call izzy which is short for “is a bell really necessary on a cat? of course it is its so I know where you are!”

  8. Anonymous (other) says:

    You can’t have my name, but I’ll give you the name of the rat that told me there was a mouse up here.

  9. Audrey says:

    Did anyone else notice that this cat seems to be missing the tip of her tail?

    • birdie says:

      I did!!! at first I thought it was the angle of the tail, but, looking again, I think you’re right! maybe she caught it in a closing door? or similar –awkward –poor kitty she looks p.o.’d bout something!

    • mad dog says:

      It’s so flat, I think they trimmed the fur (without affecting the actual tail). It caught my eye because I’ve known two other black cats with trimmed tails. I guess it just looks good on black kitties.

  10. JerseyPam says:

    That’s the exact expression I have when I read the photoshopping comments…

  11. michelle says:

    YoBimbo, the title is AWKARD PET NAMES. So her pic does belong here.

  12. powermuffin says:

    What’s really awkward is that Lady could not decide whether to be a black cat or a tabby cat. I’ve known a lot of cats but never seen that sort of tabby shadowing on a black cat.

    • Booger3.14 says:

      I have two of those cats. They’re kind of camouflaged for the middle of the night.

      • Fuzzbutt says:

        The mother of one of my cats is patterned somewhat like this.

        I agree that this doesn’t really “belong” here. Start another blog or something, but this photo isn’t that awkward.

        Most of the cats I’ve known have had either weird names or weird nicknames. Mine are Cobweb and Neko, but I call them Fuzzbutt and Stinky more than I use their actual names.

  13. Tootywink says:

    Yes…but SHE has her hoomans answer to “Get me NOMS now or your doc goes pfft!”

  14. YoBimbo says:

    I agree with ACLS… this doesn’t belong here, unfortunately.

  15. ACLS says:

    This seems likely to attract a lot of plain photos of pets with outlandish fictional names. This cat almost certainly just answers to Lady.

    • Samantha says:

      I agree; Anyone can make up some longwinded name for a pet they actually call something with one or two syllables.

      I knew a guy who loved to announce that his chihuahua’s name was something like “Dirty martini well shaken with a something something something and a green olive” but the dog’s name was Olive. It’s the only thing anyone ever referred to her as outside of that idiot laughing to himself out loud about his own cleverness.

      This will be disasterously boring.

      Maybe they didn’t have quite as many awkward pet photos as they thought they would and need to fill space…

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