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August 10th, 2010

Simon Says - Behind The Awkwardness

“This is my stepdad, Simon, doing a handstand on a trash bin while wearing leopard-print Speedos. I have a friend in England who collects pictures of people in/on trash bins and so we took this for him. The speedo & handstand were Simon’s ideas.”

“Simon doing a faceplant on a trash bin, shortly after doing the handstand.”

(submitted by Heather)

92 Responses to “Simon Says”

  1. Amber says:

    This is AWESOME. I laughed so hard I almost pee’d my pants. So good.

  2. Binkymae says:

    I feel pretty sure that I am laughing along with his ex-wife.

  3. heather says:

    Even the story was awkward. Well done

  4. Alan says:

    Doctor to Simon: “OK,I’ve written down your case as; patient presented with cut lip & swollen nose from face planting on a green trash bin with a smiley face on it,whilst wearing leopard speedos”…..*thinks to himself,’Oh,this is SO going on Awkward Medical Cases’

  5. DMF says:

    Simon says: “Here hold my beer while I do a handstand on this dumpster.”

  6. M says:

    This is by far the funniest thing I’ve ever seen on this website!

  7. Teresa says:

    If I had a collection of people doing things in/on dumpsters – this would be the HIGHLIGHT of that collection, hands down.

  8. CTBRK says:

    Wait…..nobody has yet said, “What’s awkward about this picture? Its beautiful that this man is in such good physical condition and is adventurous enough to touch a dumpster!! Our society should revere, not criticize, the wearing of such classic apparel as Speedos!!”

    Sorry…lately too many people have been this site to criticize us for criticizing the pictures here! 🙂

  9. Noneya says:

    .What an unusual hobby your friend has. Kudos to your stepdad for helping the cause.

  10. Pat says:

    Your mother said “Only if you wear the speedos, dear.”

  11. Bob says:

    Did anybody realize how fake this picture is? His hands aren’t even in the same place in the second picture. I love this website, also because most of the pictures aren’t obviously faked, but this one is too fake to be ignored.

    • Ducky says:

      Maybe he moved his hands to catch his balance – Why would anyone paying enough attention to Photoshop in blurry “movement” not know to put his hands in the same place? And how would they get the fingers so correctly placed? I think, in actuallity, the second shot is Simon trying to do a real up-and-down handstand and not quite making it.

    • CarrieM says:

      Why do his hands need to be in the same place? Maybe he was up there 10 minutes trying various poses. And why would he purposely smash his face on a dumpster?

    • JerseyPam says:

      Maybe he actually walked on his hands to that point, and then did the face plant. Heather caught the awesomeness with a camera, not a camcorder.

    • Nicole says:

      Oh, Bob. Really. If he started to lose his balance, he would instinctively move his hands to try to catch himself. Seems real enough. Killjoy.

    • Heather (Photographer) says:

      a) You certainly are a killjoy. You must be a very unhappy person.
      b) These two photos are a part of a larger series of about 10 photos…
      Have you ever taken a series of photos of the exact same thing, 10
      times in a row? Probably. I prefer to branch out a little and make
      each one different- call me crazy.

  12. Mindy says:

    Simon is awesome!

  13. UberDork says:

    From my angle…I think it looks like Simon was doing an amazing push-up..or planche(that is besides the point) in photo # 1….and in pic # 2 he lost his balance and took a header into the green monster 🙂

  14. Alan says:

    The green trash bin is happy,despite its splitting headache,but the blue bin is not interested… is ”board (bored) only”

  15. wreck says:

    Izzy Mandelbaum!

  16. Valdamir says:

    I hope the squirrel in his speedo wasn’t injured. Dude is packin’

  17. Ang says:

    Way to go, Simon!! For skill, strength, sense of humor, and confidence to wear animal print speedos, I give you a “10” all the way!! You are totally cool and hot all at the same time.

  18. Susie says:

    Good form on that first position. Look at the pointed toes!

  19. Susie says:

    Good form on that first position. Look at the pointed toes!

  20. LoveThisSite says:

    That’s the hottest thing I’ve ever seen.

  21. McKevin says:

    He should have read the sign on the trash bin: “Do not load above rim of the container.”

  22. marcharmom says:

    First off, not sure where anyone would get the idea of doing anything on a trash dumpster for a picture collection? Strange hobby, but to each his own right? Secondly, he is not doing a “handstand”, it’s more of a planche, and if he is able to do that at his age then I am all for doing it in a lepord print speedo! Hope he washed his face and hands after, yuck!

  23. Annie says:

    A new twist on dumpster diving!

  24. DanaK says:

    Awkward? This picture screams, “AWESOME!”

  25. Kelli says:

    I love how the dumpster has a smiley face on it.

  26. Kacky says:

    I bet Simon has a great sense of humor to match the physique. Speedos = yuck!

  27. micah says:

    I’m not sure which is more awesome: that someone thought they should put a happy face on a trash bin or that your step wanted to take the photo in a leopard print speedo.

  28. rebekah says:

    Nice pants!

  29. j-lu says:

    I agree: this guy is way cool. Your friend has issues.

  30. Heatha' says:

    That is one fit dude. I think taking a collection of pictures of anything can be creative. Call it artists perogerative. If you don’t like it don’t look at it. Artists love it when you have strong emotions about thier art, like or hate 😉 I like this!

  31. ScoutC says:

    The handstand is impressive, but — OH DEAR!

  32. momof2 says:

    The handstand is impressive…..the Speedos are what makes this awkward!! The faceplant is great! ha!

  33. Kazz says:

    I love this for some reason. Simon’s clearly not in high school, and I doubt many kids a fraction of his age could hold a handstand at all up there. Bonus points for the animal print.

  34. Marty says:

    Jack La Lanne he’s not!! I just spit out my coffee looking at the second picture

  35. RICHARD says:

    After reading the description, now the photograph doesnt look that odd. Wanting pictures of people in or near a dumpster – NOW THATS WEIRD!!!!

  36. Evelyn says:

    Ouch!! Hope he didn’t lose any teeth! This has to be one of the funniest photos I’ve seen on here!!!

  37. blackhawkdude says:

    I’m trying to decide what is more awkward here- the picture or the friend who “collects pictures of people in/on trash bins”. That is not exactly a normal hobby!

  38. JerseyPam says:

    Simon demonstrates the perils of loading above the rim of the container.

  39. John III says:

    Well, the trashbin seems to be happy!

  40. Snowrider says:

    Let me guess the trash bin is named Paula……

  41. Sioux says:

    this has WRONG written all over it. you wanted a picture of him on a dumpster for a friend…understandable. he decides to put on a leopard speedo and do a hand stand…what the heck?

  42. Snowrider says:

    The symbolism here is astounding! The smiley face. A man in a leopard print speedo posed over a very symbolic shaped slot. Freud would have a field day…..

  43. steph says:

    That is very awkward that your friend collects pictures of people in/on trash bins.

  44. Iris says:

    I totally want Simon as my step-dad.

  45. James says:

    Well, it’s a good thing the second lid was closed. I hope he lysol’d his lips after his slip

  46. Sandy says:

    God Bless your Mother!

  47. Jon says:

    A+ for originality, I suppose

  48. astrid says:

    YES HE CAN!!!
    but only on very very clean containers…

  49. Brad says:

    The trash bin obviously knew something awkward was about to happen.

  50. amy says:

    Face plant! ROTF!!!!!

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