Lizard People

August 19th, 2010

Lizard People - Pets

This is exactly why you bought him his own lizard.

(submitted by Gritty)

12 Responses to “Lizard People”

  1. AndrewT says:

    Goanna! Go!

  2. powermuffin says:

    Not only is the guy handsome, but he has a big lizard. I’m happy for you, lucky lady.

  3. Heywood says:

    When he’s out in the bars, he has the perfect pick-up line: “Hey, baby. Wanna see my iguana?”

  4. JerseyPam says:

    At least the pets are well fed.

  5. park pig says:

    His lizard is bigger!

  6. Morcroft says:

    Soft, dry and leathery.

  7. Tab says:

    ‘to have and to hold’ didn’t apply to my lizzard, buddy…

  8. Rachel says:

    Shouldn’t this go under the “Pet-A-Likes” category?

  9. CarrieM says:

    Arrrgh. The only thing worse than having a reptile as a pet would be having a pet reptile put its… paw… on you there.

  10. Sioux says:

    get your hand off her lizard!

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