October 12th, 2010

Cakemix - Birthdays

You can also choose to have your cake and not eat it too.

(submitted by Lana)

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  1. James says:

    The cake a Disney smashup of The Little Mermaid and Wreck-it Ralph or possibly Wall-E.

  2. Lana says:

    As the birthday girl, and the person who submitted this, I feel that it deserves an explanation. Unfortunately, there isn’t one. I’ve talked to everyone in this picture, and no one knows what happened. I was three, so I don’t remember, and everyone else seems to have blocked it out. Rest assured, though, that “the broad” behind me isn’t giving me the finger. That’s my mother, and it’s far more likely that she is proud of what she made–as that is one half-of-a-cake more than we expected her to be able to make. 8) Love you mom!

  3. coolpillows says:

    The key is in the broad behind the girl…zoom in. You’ll see she’s subtly giving the finger. Back when this was taken, (late 60s, early 70s) this was The Finger. You didn’t extend it all the way. She was giving the finger as her secret way of saying, “I know where the cake is…I fixed everything!! Everything!!! Bwaahhaahhh!!”

  4. Gordy says:

    Her birthday is in the same week as two other family members’ birthdays. The other two had cakes made for their birthdays, but since the family doesn’t eat much cake, there were two unfinished cakes in the fridge. A chocolate one, and a vanilla one. When it came time for this little girl’s birthday, they figured, “Well, we already have two perfectly good cakes that we didn’t finish, why add a third uneaten cake to the already crowded fridge? Besides, she’s only three years old, she won’t care.” It’s a classic parent troll move.

    • bethksp says:

      I think you nailed it here:) That is exactly what happened to me every year until I was 7 or 8. My dad, my sister and I have birthdays with in a 8 days of each other and mine is last. MY mother ALWAYS took their leftover cakes, shoved them together, and served it for my birthday. Apparently, I was labeled the easy going kid so they figured I wouldn’t care. Finally, one year, my grandparents were visiting and my Nana took pity on me and bought me a unicorn cake. That was my best birthday ever:)

    • All American Kid says:

      I gotta agree with you on this one. And my guess is its the little girl to the right and the guy across the tables left over cake. Look at em they don’t look to thrilled to be eatin MORE of their own cake had enough just a few days before when it was their own cake. Poor kid. Id demand a due over!

    • Who says:

      That makes so much sense now! lol.

    • mama dont bake says:

      as an insider to the picture, I can confirm that Gordy has pretty much nailed it!

  5. Aly says:

    If I had to guess, I’d say they have a dog and he sunk his teeth into one side of the store bought Mermaid cake. They made a clean cut down the middle and disgarded the bitten-into half. WHY they replaced it will a mashed up chocolate cake? Not really sure! BUT, I know that kids like weird things, so maybe the little girl likes her cake mixed up like that. That is how I have always liked my cheesecake – mashed up!

  6. Connie says:

    The destroyed half is chocolate and looks home made, while the other half is a white cake that looks as though it is from a bakery . . . mom, or someone, shoved two cake halves together?

  7. Bigbluefan says:

    Patty knew in no uncertain terms that the mermaid half belonged to the “Duckman”.

    • Redjag says:

      WTH? just in case the picture with no story behind it didnt make sense, here is the explanation……NOT.

    • JerseyPam says:

      Pattycake…Little Mermaid storebought half for the adults and the older girl who’s not impressed…Daffy Duck t-shirt hovering over his part…I get it. And your comment is hilarious in my opinion. You can tell the birthday baby is only interested in the squishy yummy part…this photo was taken before she was covered in cake.

  8. carol says:

    The guy leaning over the birthday girl is saying, “Hey there little princess, let me help you out with that.” Every one except the little girl looks very hungry, but shel is ignoring them while she destroys and plays with her cake for hours. It was her only present.

  9. steph says:

    did half cakedrop on the floor? is there a story to explain this mess?

  10. threerivers says:

    The older sister on the right is thinking: “Spoiled brat. She ruins the cake and they all smile. If I did it, I’d be sent to my room.”

    • Graembo says:

      “Maybe if I touch the cake, the people who spittled on it ‘helping’ me blow out the candles won’t be able to have any, either…”

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