Suspicious Minds

October 13th, 2010

Suspicious Minds - Family Portrait

When it comes to family, trust no one.

(submitted by Stevie)


Where are they now? The awkward kid in suspicious minds is none other than infielder Ed Lucas of the Miami Marlins.

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  1. April says:

    Dad: What kind of scam is this? You told us for $9.99 we could get three poses not two.

    Wife: Can’t he keep his mouth closed for just two seconds?

    Daughtr: Why does he always have to make a scene?

    Son: I’m just glad I get the morning off from school.

  2. Tam/Ron says:

    I worked for UCD in Florida too, this is the leader shot at the start of a days shooting. I didn’t shoot this one, but we were REQUIRED to put Mom in front, even if scale-wise she would have looked better in the back row. The photographer probably pulled the camera back and zoomed in after the test shot to fix that.

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