Happily Ever After

October 21st, 2010

Happily Ever After - Family Portrait

Once upon a time, there was a pool noodle….

(submitted by Sarah)

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  1. Scott says:

    My guess is that the photographer’s plan is to use a blue screen effect to remove the pool noodle and photoshop in some type of light saber or other implement of destruction. The noodle was probably just to hold the kid’s hands at the appropriate height for the photoshopping….

  2. Robin says:

    Is this the family from Mommy the Pooh? Seriously, it could be them, five years later.

  3. magillicuddy says:

    I think the father is wearing a Prince Charming frock… maybe he’s not a bee. Come on Sarah fill us in !

  4. Sassy says:

    Use the force, young Paddle-wan…..

  5. katusha says:

    It’s hard to believe that someone actually paid money for this photo…? Uber awkward!

  6. CarrieM says:

    Clearence sale at Toys R Us?

  7. Kyle says:

    While his parents were protecting the land from dragons and witches, he was busy executing Order 66 and the downfall of the Galactic Senate

  8. Alan says:

    Undercover police set up a sting.

  9. Penny D. says:

    That is the most creative interpretation of a light saber I’ve ever seen, and I routinely attend sci-fi fan conventions in costume.

    Come to think of it, I’m probably seeing a vision of my own future, which is weird. But at least my hair looks good!

  10. MamaLynn says:

    Let me know if you’ve heard this one already. Snow White, a Bee and Annikin Skywalker walk into a bar…no, no wait, it was an apple orchard.

  11. M. G. says:

    The family that live action role-plays together…

  12. Anne-with-an-e says:

    Actually, I think that might be a foam roller rather than a pool noodle (would be longer and floppier). I’m not sure which is the better fake light saber. Oh, wait, one of those plastic light sabers would work brilliantly as a fake light saber!

    I’m still baffled by dad as a bumblebee especially with mom and kid’s movie references. Or maybe dad’s such a Jerry Seinfeld fan he loves Bee Movie?

  13. Sioux says:

    I think the caption is the best AFP has ever had! I laughed for about 4 minutes straight!

  14. Don says:

    I have said this before in regards to another photo but I feel very compelled to say it again…how do people do this? I try and try and try and no matter what I do I just can’t seem to get it right. That is some of the greenest and healthiest grass I’ve ever seen, especially in a orchard field. Well done Mr. Farmer whoever you are. Sorry these characters are messing it up.

  15. kathy says:

    Looks like this family was really excited about their Halloween costumes this year!!

  16. Adam says:

    he doesnt sting….hard

  17. Bob says:

    It’s Snow White and Dorf.

  18. KeepItSimple says:

    Just as Bob was about to buzz off on Snow White, Dopey the dumbest of the 7 dwarfs decided to chuck that gig and joined the resistance as a Jedi Knight, but alas he was dopey and instead of bringing a light saber, he inadvertently grabbed Snow White’s message case. I told you he was Dopey!

  19. Jon says:

    Not so awkward – looks like an Obi Wan Kenobi costume and they probably didn’t want to give the kid a light saber that could break something or someone. Not sure why the bublebee and snow white are off in the distance (or why the picture was taken in an apple orchard), but all together not that awkward…unless I’m really missing it…

  20. JerseyPam says:

    Disney, bee, trees…floatee, D&D, brain freeze~
    Can someone please reassure me the bee has more than one appendage?

  21. 4girls says:

    The Dad looks like Ed Bundy wearing a bumple bee suit. And why is he standing in a hole??

  22. MeToo says:

    So, the way I see it, Snow White is marrying Mr. Bumblebee and Little Lord Pool Noodle is going to bless this unholy union? Can the apocolypse be far behind?

  23. Charlotte says:

    I’m confused… what does Obi Wan have to do with snow white and a giant bee?

  24. Steve says:

    Neither Snow White nor her lovestruck honey bee realized that Frodo’s bazooka was aimed right at them and their poisoned apple.

  25. Whoa says:

    It’s Snow White, Prince Bumblebee, and the eighth dwarf, Floaty.

  26. Lily says:

    I like Snow White and Bumble-Bee Man from the Simpsons 🙂

  27. Nicole says:

    what? i mean, what?? i can’t wrap my head around this one.

    • mrs5180 says:

      no kidding—-words fail me….. it’s one thing to take a picture of everyone in their Halloween costume, quite another to take it in that odd “rear parents are out of focus” wedding style

  28. emm says:

    lets see…obiwan kenobi, snow white, and the bee from the blind melon video. am i missing something here??

  29. MK says:

    I cannot make this picture any funnier with a comment. Congratulations AFP. you have caught lightning in a bottle.

  30. iti says:

    Darth Vadars weapon of choice after anger management.

  31. iti says:

    First snow white has seven dwarfs, and that bee needs to sting someone, and quick!

  32. izzie says:


  33. Mel says:

    I don’t understand this photo at all. I get that the mom is Snow White. But is the dad supposed to be some overgrown bee? And the kid…is he like an ancient Druid..but with a pool noodle?

    I have so many questions…..

  34. NFQ says:

    Is the watermark in the lower left corner a sign that this was a professional family portrait? Amazing…

  35. Stacey says:

    I need some explanation – Why is Snow White hanging out with a bumblebee man in an orchard with a jedi child and his yoga mat??!!??

  36. Stephanie says:

    I don’t get this at all….

  37. Stacey says:

    Awkwardly ever after…

  38. jacki Armstrong says:

    Maybe it’s his security noodle.

  39. stacie says:

    why is he holding a pool noodle and why is Snow White cuddling up to a bee?? Awkward!!

  40. sweetiedarling says:

    Why is the dad dressed like a bumble bee?

  41. Scott says:

    Snow White, Prince Charming, and….Anakin Skywalker???

  42. Carol says:

    Snow White, a bumblebee, and a monk with floatation issues. I used to LOVE this story!!!

  43. Spring says:

    Lord of the Rings with a noodle sword meets Snow White. But is dad a bumblebee or a caterpillar?

  44. Renee says:

    I MUST know the story behind the pool noodle. Seriously. My day is at a complete standstill until someone deciphers that one for me.

  45. serg says:

    Interesting mix! A JEDI plus Snow White plus a Bumblebee equals awkward family photo.

  46. voltron says:

    Aaaah…that age old classic, Cinderella and the Bumblebee guest starring the pool noodle witch.

  47. fairy princess says:

    Snow White, a Charlie Brown-bumble bee & Obi-Wan with the pool noodle standing in for the light saber.

  48. Alisha says:

    What the heck us he??? One of snow whites dwarfs, the wicked witch, or a Jedi knight?

  49. Cindy says:

    Oh my! Is that guy wearing a bee costume?

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