Happily Ever After

October 21st, 2010

Happily Ever After - Family Portrait

Once upon a time, there was a pool noodle….

(submitted by Sarah)

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  1. Brenna says:

    Charlie Brown and Snow White are officially united before all witnesses by Obi Noodle. “I now pronounce you bee and wife, you may sting the bride with this!”

  2. jasonb says:

    i think the dad is supposed to be Charley Brown?

  3. Dave says:

    any minute now that kids gonna unravel that thing and start doing yoga as mom & dad proudly watch.

  4. emm says:

    for those who think that halloween pics are not necessarily awkward—did ya ever think that maybe this is NOT a halloween picture??? (um, a professionally done halloween picture?? thats a far cry from dad’s polaroid on the front porch, which is how MOST of them are done…)

  5. bradical says:

    Once upon a time in an orchard Far, Far away……

  6. smurfie77 says:

    He’s not a bee, I’m bettting he’s supposed to be Charlie Brown.

  7. dewey says:

    I love this. It is so out there that it works. It’s almost as good as Showgirls (the movie).

  8. rdub says:

    Think I can clarify the pool noodle. People who are into live action role playing or ren festy type re-enacting often use foam weapons. Some of them look realistic, but some of them also just look like big colorful pool noodles. I realize this explanation doesn’t make it look any less ridiculous.

  9. Kari says:

    This would be funnier if Obi Wan was in the downward dog position. “Stretch out with your feelings!!!”

  10. vermicious_knid says:

    Maybe the kid is supposed to be the woodsman (the one who was supposed to take Snow White’s heart to the evil step-mother) and the dad is supposed to be a dwarf. You would think they would have reversed that.

  11. Lori says:

    Is that supposed to be his Light Saber? Sorry kid. Mama blew the Halloeen budget on her Snow White Fantasy. Your saber is a noodle. You are doomed to be teased about this for ten years. Then…just when you think people forgot…she posts this pic on a national website. Thanks, Mom!

  12. Rosieposie says:

    The “noodle” is an exercise mat

    Run with it

  13. Allison says:

    Something something something, darkside…sorry, I had to say it, first thing that came to mind! 🙂

  14. A says:

    Has anyone noticed that this is a professionally taken picture??? hahaha

  15. Rachel says:

    Do you think that’s a horrible Knight costume? Not that it explains ObiWan here, but at least Snow White and Prince Charming…

  16. Page says:

    Float like a noodle,
    Sink like a bee

  17. all about P says:

    this could be the beginning of a good joke….
    Cinderella, a giant man bee, and a jedi with a pool noodle walk into a bar……
    i just need the punch line…

  18. j-lu says:

    I’mmissing it and agree with Jon! Halloween is a time for costumes and why must a family pick a cohesive theme? I think it’d be MORE awkward if they were all any one of these outfits. Particularly Snow White.
    In an unrelated comment, I really don’t think that’s a pool noodle. It’s the wrong dimensions and too shiny, there’s no hole at the end and the dimensions seem too short. No idea what it is though…

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