November 13th, 2010

Showdaddy - Dad

Dad celebrated our nation’s independence in his own unique way.

(submitted by H)

71 Responses to “Showdaddy”

  1. RAWR says:

    He looks like Chuck Norris!! LOL

  2. Jimbo says:

    “Dad, seriously, could you straighten your tie please before you embarrass the rest of us!!!”

  3. Tonya says:


  4. Andy says:

    Dad was so happy when he found out Chippendale’s said the family could be part of the show

  5. erika says:

    .. awkward ..

  6. Bartlett says:

    Today, Dad is declaring his independence from clothes.

  7. RobertL says:

    Nice flamingos!

  8. Bruce says:

    He believes in the right to “bare arms” and chest…

  9. Dewey says:

    Like most you kids the young boy you see in the picture wanted to be just like dad. He would grow up to be Chris “Party Boy” Pontius of “Jackass” fame!

  10. adfogg says:

    Are those fireworks on the table?

  11. cowgirl says:

    Dad is H*O*T!!!

  12. Chrys says:

    I just hope that he is wearing pants.

  13. scooter says:

    Daddy was a chippendale and more often than not he brought his work home

  14. Lola says:

    Just a quick pic with the family before he heads out to his Chippendale’s 4th of July show. Poor dad, just trying to put a meal on the table.

  15. M.G. says:

    Someone still thinks he’s the Bicentennial Man!

  16. Miss Piggy says:

    I think he’s from Europe. Check out the stars on his bow tie. Helps to explain the semi nudity…

  17. Laura says:

    He’s probably wearing flag pants

  18. Lisapizza says:

    Bare skin in hot weather reminds me of the Naugahyde upholstery of my mom’s 1964 oldsmobile dynamic 88 when the temperatures hovered in the 90’s. Except the Naugahyde was less sticky, sweaty, clammy, and hairy…at the very least we could stick a t-shirt under our thighs and crank down the windows to cool off…geez, I miss that car.

  19. Nautius Maximus says:

    He’s probably wearing Speedos.

  20. sally says:

    Mary gets her first lesson in how to get faux cleavage. Thanks dad!

  21. nowunyouno says:

    I thought this was a Just For Men ad…

  22. Robby says:

    Please don’t tell me he isn’t wearing shorts…

  23. Scott says:

    They all look like patriotic Americans to me!

  24. Chris says:

    Please tell me he was wearing shorts!

  25. CTBRK says:

    So many questions: what is it about the 4th of July that makes this man disrobe? Why is the 8 year old daughter “tarted up” in a tube top and make-up? Why is the door behind them off it’s hinges and leaning against the wall (fireworks accident?)

    Well, if nothing else, no one can say “this picture isn’t awkward”. =)

  26. Jennifer says:

    Please don’t tell me they had to stuff dollar bills into his shorts…

  27. Sara says:

    This is why I always take a stack of dollar bills with me to the Fourth of July picnic every year.

  28. Bucky says:

    Billy Mays here with another patriotic product…

  29. Neal says:

    I think Betsy Ross would approve.

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