Bubble Girl

December 5th, 2010

Bubble Girl - *AFP Hall Of Fame*

A reminder that only you can destroy your dreams.

(submitted by Nicole K)

55 Responses to “Bubble Girl”

  1. Image says:

    Ah, darn it Nostalgia Critic!

    F***ING BUBBLES!!!!!!

  2. Marissa says:

    Did anyone else notice the baby head in the lower left corner??? haha

  3. 80sgirl says:

    Kind of cool PS effect, but perhaps just a hair tacky. It sure beats those “halo-y effect hovering heads” though!!

  4. mary says:

    I love the first picture, but then it got ruined.

  5. nony says:

    HAhaha this is a good sequel to “clarinet boy”

  6. Allison says:

    I have fourteen years worth of dance photos from my youth (I’ve been dancing for four years as an adult, but only have two non-awkward photos), and thankfully none of them involve bubbles, some are just awkward from when I was coming of age (braces, glasses, circa-1995 perm).

  7. Amy says:

    this is glorious! i love childhood dance photos. the awkwardness abounds!

  8. Bill Bresler says:

    Dear God, this reminds me of senior portraits I made back in 1975.

  9. Carol says:

    I have one similar to this of my daughter holding out her arms, and instead of a bubble, my son’s head floats in mid-air. It almost looks like someone said, “Kristina–catch!” and she’s ready to catch his head.

  10. ScoutC says:

    It’s “The Bubble Boy’s” sister. Don’t play Trivial Pursuit with her!

  11. Alan says:

    Over inflated ego.

  12. Georgina says:

    Truthfully, my first thought was Jareth from Labyrinth and how he ‘trapped’ Sarah in the bubble-ball…

  13. Delaney says:

    Nobody puts baby in a bubble.

  14. Redjag says:

    How is this awkward again? Awkward would be if her parent were not from Jersey.

  15. carol says:

    I bet at the time, she thought this photo was awesome!

  16. Kristena says:

    I have a photo exactly like this (that I sent in, but it wasn’t chosen!). The photographer came to our gymnastics gym and had everybody pose this way. Actually buying the photos was optional. Mine was taken in the early 90s, not sure if it qualifies as being “photoshopped” per se…

  17. Karen says:

    She has to grow up and look at that to really appreciate it!

  18. Denise says:

    It’s the parents’ fault. All of it.

    • Jessica B. says:

      I’d hate to see the day when her gymnastics career pops, or is that the day when her ego blows? Her parents have to be there to hold the wand, and create a breeze, or she’ll just be all over the place or in the bottle.

      Alright, I’m sorry. Obligatory shoe-in puns.

  19. Scott says:

    That is SO photoshopped. Also, NOT awkward at all. I’m not sure why it isn’t awkward but I figured I should make sure both these cliches get into the thread.

  20. Harry says:

    Why oh why, do so called “photographers” do this ?

    Just take a picture of the subject and be done with it.

    It’s not cute or artsy. It has no “wow” factor. It’s just plain silly.

  21. Snowrider says:

    Let me guess, her name is Glinda..right? Or perhaps Billie?

  22. gottago says:

    Oh no. Oh… oh no.

  23. JerseyPam says:

    I hope no one bursts her bubble.

  24. Nic says:

    At first I thought the girl was jumping in the air…then I scrolled down and it got that much better.

    Great crushed-velvet dog-print leotard, by the way.

  25. Tim says:

    What are the paw prints about?

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