The Great Bambini

December 7th, 2010

The Great Bambini - Babies

First one to drop the baby buys the beer.

(submitted by Kathryn)

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282 Responses to “The Great Bambini”

  1. Mebe says:

    We did this with my little sister. We used to toss her around the house both inside and outside. My mom didn’t like it, but my sister loved it! She would laugh and laugh. Once she could talk once one of my brothers caught her she would clap her hands and say Again!!! She thought it was the best game ever. I’m pretty sure I was tossed around as were most of my brothers. None of us suffered any kind of trauma. There are ways to catch a baby being tossed without sloshing the brain around bad enough to cause any damage.

  2. Haysie says:

    I agree, this photo isn’t funny in the least. I think it’s highly irresponsible of AFP to even post a photo like this — it implies that such behavior is perfectly normal and nothing more than good clean fun. It infuriates me to see babies being tossed about like this. There is nothing funny about a helpless, innocent child being put in harm’s way by “adults” entrusted to take care of them.

    • Nate says:

      If it is highly irresponsible in the least to post a picture like this, then it would be highly irresponsible to post about all the pictures on the site. Just so you know, I am not supporting the actions in this picture.

  3. j-lu says:

    Guys, come ON, obviously they wouldn’t have submitted it if the baby DIED or was brain damaged. All’s well that ends well and the point of this site is mostly “don’t do this to your child/self/family/boss” for one reason or another anyway!

  4. sevanderslice says:

    As a mother I don’t find this picture cool or awkward or funny. I’m horrified and I can barely look at it. Ugh!

  5. PaulaNancy says:

    I hope I am the ED Triage Nurse when this mini-van, or pick-up truck rolls in with this kid hurt. “Can you explain to me again, Uncle Bubba and Uncle Goober exactly HOW this young child was injured? We really need to know so we can give him the proper treatment.” “Um, dunno…? I think it was him. Yeah, he did it?” Where is the child’s mother?? Blank stares. “She went out. She’ll be back. She left us in charge of the kids.But she’s coming back.” When will she be back? “Um, donno.” Believe it or not this stuff happens with frightening frequency. Men have trouble remembering the kid’s date of birth, never mind the date of the kids last tetanus shot. I could go on and on, but no one would believe me anyway.

    • SiulaGrande says:

      Yeah, dads are all ignorant fools and moms are always on top of things. Way to perpetuate a stereotype. My dad was my primary caregiver while I was an infant and he never dropped me, I had all my shots and to this day he remembers my birthday.

    • oh white people says:

      I hope you’re not anyone’s nurse because they might offend your delicate sensibilities with their otherness.

  6. mom says:

    This picture gave me a heart attack. Seriously, my husband’s family were all tossed around like that and well, their intelligence is questionable. They tried doing my kids that way and I nearly pooped a brick, good thing I’m so uptight or that would have been one heck of a mess to clean up. πŸ˜‰

  7. stefen says:

    cool,but it’s so dangerous

  8. Tm says:

    This picture doesn’t seem all that awkward. Tossing the baby between two people just seems like a game… a somewhat immature and funny game but none-the-less, still a game. I’m a female and have done a fair share of tossing myself. Admittedly, not as far up or out as these Bambinis but the tosser is having fun, the tossee is laughing and having fun, nothin’ awkward about it!

  9. Rosieposie says:

    Where’s the after picture??

  10. Kate says:

    This looks so dangerous. Whatever happened to the good old days, back when people just taped babies to plate-glass windows???

  11. Meeeeeee says:

    Well, I’m a woman and I probably would have been part of the tossing…

  12. schoolnurse says:

    RELAX! They are saving a toddler that just fell out of a passing helicopter, give the heroes a break!

  13. Chajiko says:

    I would also like to point out the lack of women in this picture–and I’d be willing to wager that it’s a man behind the camera too.

    …I’m almost certain that’s my church building there in the background…

  14. Wilson says:

    It’s not the Holiday’s without a family game of football…

    Sometimes nobody brings a ball. Time to improvise!

  15. fbt says:

    Maybe mom is taking the picture. Not all of us are so uptight.

    • Kits says:

      “Not all of us are so uptight?” I’m assuming you are a mom? You think this is ‘good fun.? Good grief. I’m damned glad most of the moms I know are uptight. I notice you don’t give a name. Maybe fbt stand for “frontal brain trauma.’ That would explain much.

      • SiulaGrande says:

        Are we to assume “Kits” is *your* real name? Or is it Marney? That would explain much.

        The National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome and the American Academy of Pediatrics agree that the symptoms associated with SBS are very distinctive. Bouncing on the knee or playful tossing DOES NOT cause these injuries. Yes, if someone drops the baby, it’s going to get hurt, but it’s not going to get SBS. Look it up before you go shooting your mouth off.

        • Lil says:

          I doubt this qualifies as “playful tossing”, but thanks for clarifying your position. You were starting to sound like a baby tosser.

  16. Mama of 4 says:

    This picture just makes me angry. Babies depend on adults to keep them safe, not to put them in harms way.

  17. Duckie says:

    Notice how there are no women in this picture…if there were it wouldn’t have happened LOL

  18. candytree says:

    oh wow..i have 7 and i would absolutely freak if someone used my baby as a volleyball!

  19. Rebecca says:

    I think I could puke at this pic. Clearly mother is not home, only men are stupid enough to do something like this.

  20. Harry says:

    Baby’s first words..”HOLY SH**!!”

  21. JaneC says:

    It really pains me to see men tossing babies around like that. Most babies don’t get hurt because of this, but my grandfather’s cousin died of internal bleeding after being tossed around. Be careful!

  22. trista says:

    they clearly have plenty to spare…

  23. Katie says:

    Please tell me that’s a doll!!!!

  24. Dr. Mary Ann Borman says:

    As a pediatric specialist Iwould warn other not to repeat this. The baby does not need to be dropped to be injured. These activities can cause “Shaken Baby Syndrome: where the brain sloshes around in the cranium and could cause severe injuries, such as brusing, clots, brian stem dislocation etc. These may not show up right away but can appear months/years later.

    • LKT says:

      Thanks Dr. Borman. Your name says it all. πŸ™‚

    • tony14 says:

      I wish AFP would stop publishing photos like this. People putting themselves in danger is one thing, but there isn’t anything entertaining to me about seeing a child endangered. Bad taste IMO.

  25. threedog says:

    They just needed the kid to see if the gutters were full of leaves. Of course it would have helped if he was old enough to talk.

  26. KenDawg says:

    How awesome would it be if he got so excited for catching the baby that he spiked it and did an end zone dance??

  27. juantag says:

    as an uncle, I enjoyed this sort of frivolity between my brother and me. we used his youngest son, who invariably delighted in it. I’d still do it, but the kid is almost ten now…

  28. Alex says:

    I too noticed Mom is not around! However, I have a fantastic picture of my Dad throwing me in the air at the beach: just me, sky and kites in the background, and I loved it! I was maybe two and liked being tossed. Pretty sure he always caught me πŸ˜‰

  29. special k says:

    ugh! he has a smelly diaper! here… YOU take him!!

  30. magpie says:

    Weep for the children.

  31. Kat says:

    Mom’s not in the picture because she hyperventilated and passed out.

  32. Annie says:

    I have to say, I’m more worried about the two sitting on the concrete/brick wall. There’s a cracked open head waiting to happen!

  33. My uncles used to do this to us, we got about that much air as well! They are just having a little fun after a church activity or something.

  34. Mike says:

    That looks like an LDS church building. It looks a lot like the one I go to every week!

  35. bored@Work says:

    They really should put a little red cape on the baby to add to the effect.

  36. senora_jennifer says:

    Notice “mom” is not around……….

  37. sue says:

    Notice there are no mothers out there.

  38. Brenda E says:

    Who says it’s not a spectator sport?

  39. MeToo says:

    I bet the Big Bad Wolf won’t blow this house down. He’ll huff and he’ll puff…..

  40. Dude in brown: “I swear it was an accident! A muscle spasm!”

  41. carol says:

    I guess they lost their soft ball and had to use what was handy. Photo taken right before the neighbors called social services.

  42. Emily says:

    There’s a picture from the early 80s of my parents doing this with my oldest brother. He loved it and he turned out okay…

    • Don says:

      We have a picture of my brother and I doing this with our younger sister. I should add it was taken last year…and with his rotator cuff injury and my tendonitis its not as impressive as this picture. We basically just asked her to jump. Since we are all in our mid 40’s it’s the best we could do.

  43. Beckster says:

    Funny picture, but scares me to death! πŸ˜‰

  44. mary says:

    Nothing see. Just the stork delivering a baby.

  45. Chris says:

    Sorry to be a party pooper, but this is incredibly dangerous πŸ™

    • CB says:

      You’re incredibly dangerous.

    • reg says:

      party pooper. and it’s a little late to be admonishing the decision-making skills of these people. it’s not live action.

      it has *gasp* already happened.

      • carol says:

        It could happen again. I think she’s advising against it. She does have a point, so you could’ve let that slide. I think you’re the party pooper.

    • Steben says:

      Does sound a bit like Debbie Downer, waaaaah waaaaah! But I agree, who’s going to try and top this one? And so it goes, sorry…

    • Lin says:

      Your not a party pooper it is VERY dangerous!

      • Kits says:

        It’s extremely dangerous. Ever hear of “shaken baby syndrome?” Even if the baby isn’t dropped, sudden jerking can cause brain damage. You have a bright, healthy baby that in a moment turns into a drooling vegetable or a corpse.

    • Dan says:

      It’s not nearly as dangerous as putting the kid in a car and driving 30 minutes in traffic.

      • Miz says:

        THANK YOU!!!

        My thoughts exactly. It is certainly too high, but come ON. No wonder something like 10% of pre-schoolers are on psychotropic drugs. Life is too boring. I bet they don’t get to eat the Halloween candy, either.

  46. astrid says:

    Mother me would never let this happen, but 1 of my sons does take such risks for him self without getting into trouble.

  47. Jayme says:

    Let the Photoshop conspiracy theories begin!!!

    • Jen says:

      As an experienced Photoshopper, I must say that this appears to be real. There are no tell-tale signs of Photoshoppery around the edges of the baby, and the lack of shadow can be explained by the diffuse light (you can barely see the shadows of the people on the ground).

      • Paul says:

        Agreed. The only slight discrepancy I see is that the “thrower’s” hand has tons of motion blur while the baby has hardly any relative to the general camera blur of the whole picture.

        If it’s fake, it’s well done. Everyone even appears to be looking in the right place… so, well staged, too.

        • Jen says:

          Actually, I don’t think it’s a discrepancy at all. You know how, when you throw something up in the air, it hangs a bit at the top of the arc right before it comes down? The baby is precisely in the middle between the two guys, at the top of the arc. That baby was practically weightless at the moment the photo was taken.

  48. Frank says:

    Nothing like a game of volleyball to enhance the bond between father and son.
    Oh and uncle Nigel who insisted on winning the game with a smash

  49. Incandescent says:

    No worries – at least two regulation-size Bambini’s in reserve if they drop this one.

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