January 3rd, 2011

Sway - Couples

When this guy leans in for a kiss, you better be ready to catch him.

(submitted by Jacque)

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  1. their daughter says:

    those are my parents. this picture was taken Easter of 2010. my older sister insisted on taking “fancy pictures” at the park after church. my dad doesn’t usually like posing for pictures so when we do he is usually goofy, and it always frustrates my sisters. in this picture, he thought it would be helpful to make the height difference (my mom is 5’1″, my dad is 6’2″) a bit smaller by leaning in a little. 😀

  2. HannahMay says:


  3. Peyton says:

    This is a teacher at my school!!!!!! PHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Annie says:

    Can I bring the tree with me on the big day? It keeps me steady.

  5. Jimbo says:

    “…well, I haven’t really decided who I want to marry…..but I’m leaning towards Lisa….”

  6. Jimbo says:

    Don’t I remember him from Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal” video…??

    …..thus the nickname “Ten-O’clock Tommy”

  7. Julie says:

    “Hey, Luce, Is this guy bothering you? . . . ‘Cause it looks like he’s leaning.”

  8. MaschelM says:

    While he is leaning quite a bit, it’s not as much as it appears to be. If you notice, the photo wasn’t taken straight, if you will. Look at how the entire photo is leaning to our left, making it appear as if he’s leaning even more. All of the trees, the ground…the picture was definitely taken with the camera at a skewed angle.

  9. Lyas says:

    Woah. The guy is my teacher. 😀 ima show this to him tomorrow. 🙂

  10. yoang9 says:

    Isn’t that the “Christian Side-Hug?”

  11. noodengr says:

    How do we know that he is the one that is leaning? Maybe is standing up straight,
    and all the rest of us are leaning? All a matter of prespective.

  12. Ed-in-Toledo says:

    Is this guy “on the level” with her?

  13. Reb says:

    Can’t you see the poor man is stuck in a trench and gamely gritting his teeth to hide his agony. He’s a bespectactled legend!

  14. Nelley says:

    Did they “photoshop out” the kids?

  15. anon says:

    the photographer probably wanted to fit everything into the shot and he thought squatting down would make him look funny

    • corinne says:

      yes, I’m guessing this had something to do with being able to fit the whole bodies in, not being able to stand farther back and having a longer than desirable lens for the shot. This seems to be an unsuccessful, though creative, attempt at making it work in those circumstances. Well, sometimes you don’t know until you try. Kudos for trying!

  16. Bobbie says:

    I crash into you…..

  17. Denise says:

    Ah, yes, this is clearly a man in love!

  18. Valentine says:

    One hour before the photo: “Honey, I’ve decided to wear my flouncy pink, printed skirt and tailored aqua jacket, so you need to wear your funeral outfit with a bright yellow shirt. Of course with your black and gold tie. Don’t forget to button ALL the way up, so your coat won’t flap open when you lean in toward the tree like the Tower of Pisa.”
    One minute before the photo: “I told you to use the men’s room before we left.”

  19. Linda says:

    what we’re not seeing hidden in the grass is the pile of manure he doesn’t want to step in.

  20. Steben says:


  21. Cat says:

    Wonder why he rejected the obvious solution of leaning in from behind? What a rebel!!!

  22. Diana says:

    Plus, I think the woman’s right foot, the one against the tree, has an ace bandage on it so maybe he’s keeping his feet away so as to not step on her uninjured foot.

  23. Minnie says:

    My husband is taller than me and he’s tried to be smooth for “fancy” pictures like this. We always end up sitting…LOL

    • Pipergirl says:

      Me too – there’s few standing up shots where you see more than my head and shoulders. Most of our couple shots are either sitting down or me on tippy toes.

  24. Hary says:

    I really think the man is extremely self conscious of his height. This is an attempt to lower himself to the womans height. He’s probably not even aware he’s doing this.

    Very awkward.

  25. maggieb says:

    Looks like they are on an incline! I’m with Michele, makes me dizzy! 🙂

  26. Troy says:

    Her name must be “Eileen”

  27. sophie says:

    They look SO familiar. Where are they from?

  28. Michele says:

    I feel dizzy just looking at this picture.

  29. steph says:

    He’s probably really tall and was trying, in his own creative way, to bridge the height gap for the photo. Or his feet didn’t move when the photographer said to come closer for the picture.

  30. CarrieM says:

    I think this is an angle he considers “jaunty.”

  31. greypilgrim says:

    Looks like he didn’t want to muss his “Sunday going to church” clothes by actually touching his wife.

  32. MrsB says:

    Elspeth was already regretting accepting PegLegPete’s proposal. Knowing his wooden leg was susceptable to termites woudl have put a whole different slant on things, her being a spinster on the shelf notwithstanding.

  33. Jon says:

    A car full of clowns is going to drive through that gap any minute!

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