Mirror Mirror 2

January 8th, 2011

Mirror Mirror 2 - *AFP Hall Of Fame*

“I’m that girl. In agreement with most, except I was a cute baby, thank you!”

(via Casi)

153 Responses to “Mirror Mirror 2”

  1. Chloe says:

    Nobody has mentioned the photographer in the lower right hand corner of the picture. THAT’S awkward!

  2. Gravity's Rambo says:

    How about making the little girl into the family pet? or Jesus?

  3. Sandy says:

    Are you there God? It’s me, Margaret. 🙂

    *I like chocolate chip cookies.*

  4. Meeskite says:

    Judy Blume for the win!

  5. lisa says:

    Nice tats….

  6. Mrs Alda says:

    I’ve seen a Lifetime movie like this. It was called Haunted by Her Past. The point of the movie was Susan Lucci staying at an old inn and getting told by a ghost ancestor “You need to kill your fiance! YOU MUST DO IT!”

  7. Hollie says:

    Wow I swear I’ve had this very nightmare before, going to my wedding topless.

  8. Yo Mama says:


  9. Suki says:

    a picture’s worth a thousand words… but are there 1000 synonyms for awkward?

  10. Sandy says:

    Mirror, mirror on the wall. who’s the awkwardest of all?

  11. madloon says:

    Nothing beats a topless bride!

  12. Maryann says:

    Ummm okay? Is that her wedding outfit? Wonder what pose the groom took?

  13. Lynne says:


  14. iti says:

    She has Her reasons, most likely a good sense of humor. I appreciate her willingness to be daring and creative, I bet no one else has an image like this in their album. Five stars for One of a kind! Bonus 2 stars for participating.

  15. joy says:

    This may be the MOST awkward photo I’ve ever seen on here. I can only imagine, “Now take your top off…trust me, I’m a professional!”

  16. MidwesternMom says:

    I’m laughing so hard I can’t even read everyone’s comments.

  17. mrgezau says:

    is this from a horror flick???

  18. Beva says:

    Didn’t she have time to put the dress on before the shoot? Why keep the jeans on if you where going all natural? And couldn’t they have chosen another childhood picture? That one is just.. disturbing.

  19. anna says:

    suckers! This is totally photoshopped! Look at the shoulders and the body in front of the background!

    • cholo says:

      Indeed, look between her body and her right arm. I wish it was real.

      • Laura says:

        Well of course it’s photoshopped! How else would they get the photo of her as a child into the mirror? Unless they went back in time, took a photo of her as a child in a mirror, scooted back over to 2010 and took this photo, then photoshopped…oh s***.

      • June says:

        You mean that a little girl really WASN’T being reflected back at the bride? I’m crushed! 😛

    • iLOLd says:

      Photoshopped, you say?
      You mean there’s no little girl trapped in the mirror?
      Then WHERE is she? Find her quickly!!!

    • louise says:

      ummm….of course it’s “photshopped”. If it wasn’t, wouldn’t we be seeing a picture of a naked “bride” from the waist up???

      • Amanda says:

        no I see what Anna is saying – the half-nake bride isn’t even standing topless in front of the mirror. The rustic mirror and shelf don’t continue through where you can see beyond her arm. Even the original photo, the photographer doesn’t have a picture of her boobies.

  20. CB says:

    LOL!! I’m now able to laugh at this photo, with that in mind. Before, I was just scared.

  21. melissa says:

    My guess is that it was a male photographer, and he is hailed as a photographic GENIUS by his peers. Cuz guess who has the original pic??……..

  22. jaclyn says:

    What is so awkward about this? It just seems completely normal, who doesn’t stand in front of their mirror half nude least once a day with a veil on? Don’t be ashamed, we know there are more of us out there.

  23. Jayme says:

    Of all the awkwardness on this site, I think this wins the grand prize.

  24. Lori says:

    What the what?!?

  25. PJSaintOurs says:

    This would have been a really nice pic if she had her wedding dress on. Now it’s just creepy.

    • Stephanie says:

      I’ve been on this site for about 30 minutes reading comments and this is the first one that actually made me laugh. “giant pumpkin head of childhood”… awesome.

  26. Carole says:

    thats creepy

  27. L. Bartlett says:

    That’s the creepiest thing I’ve seen all day! Gotta love a shirtless, tattooed, levi’s wearing bride…

  28. LilyBear says:

    OMG! There are so many things “awkward” about this photo, I don’t know where to start.

  29. M says:

    What in the world? I just, wow, um, don’t even know where to begin.

  30. Sugar says:

    thank goodness that this is not her First Communion ensemble.

  31. LBD says:

    Um, and why isn’t she wearing a shirt?

  32. April says:

    Stay classy, lady.

  33. krezz says:

    Poltergeist: A New Beginning.

  34. Diane says:

    Why. Is. She. Naked. From. The. Waist. Up.

  35. idapimp says:

    lol wtf XD

  36. Sharon says:

    that’s just weird

  37. June Bug says:

    Who gets to keep the photo with the naked bride in the mirror?

    • Carole says:

      The photog…that is why he suggested this idea in the first place.

    • noodengr says:

      around here the local photographers put their “best” work on display in their booth in the industrial tent at the local fair. Look for more photos like this popping up at a county fair near you

  38. June Bug says:

    I’m pretty sure if you look up the word AWKWARD in the dictionary, this photo is shown. If not, than it will be soon.

  39. Linda says:

    Why, why, why?

  40. Paul says:

    LMAO! 😀

  41. Kevin says:

    Hey.. great pic. Now turn around!

  42. Jen says:

    There are so many things wrong with this in so many ways.

  43. Rebecca says:

    That’s just plain weird.

  44. jamie says:

    I understand the whole she’s been dreaming of this day since she was a girl concept but topless? Really?

  45. ScoutC says:

    Oh dear. What is the point of being topless, but wearing jeans and a bridal veil in a rustic cabin (based on the decor)? Did she run around topless as a child? Perhaps so, since the childhood picture’s chest area is whited out. Odd and awkward, indeed.

  46. CTBRK says:

    WTH? No, SERIOUSLY, W T H ?!?!

  47. Barb says:

    Now that is just freaky, all elements, from the smiling child’s face, to the topless bride, topped with that lovely tattoo. Yeah, just freaky.

  48. CB says:

    This is fricking creepy!! *shuddder* I can “get” the glancing back into childhood, she’s now a woman ready to get married and all that jazz….but WHY is she TOPLESS??? I know I won’t be the only one to ask that, but it just needs to be shouted from the rooftops.

    My other thought: that overly jubilant childhood face reminds me of Linda Blair….as in the Exorcist girl.

  49. rick says:

    Love the concept but the topless bride is more than a little awkward.

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