April Fools

April 1st, 2011

April Fools - Pets

Bijou is looking for part time work as a gargoyle.

(submitted by Arian)

41 Responses to “April Fools”

  1. toad says:

    Apparently you fed it after midnight. Now, whatever you do, DON’T GET IT WET!!!!!

  2. Rosered7033 says:

    Bijou has a future in Hollywood!

  3. Beachy says:

    Why is Bijou wearing a spotted sweater? Is it cold in kitty hell?

  4. MNnorthstar says:

    Yo Paula B, shut up. No animal was harmed in the photo taking process. what are you doing here on this site if your screaming ABUSE!! Go somewhere else to find your rightous indignations.

  5. Paula B says:

    horrible! poor cat! putting a cat on a board in the middle of a pool IS torture! what’s so funny about a terrified cat?

    • Elizabeth says:

      Paula B. Obviously they would not post pictures of animals being abused on this website. Its meant for humor. Maybe you have seen or heard of the companion website awkwardfamilyphotos.com, it showcases hilarious family photographs that just didn’t turn out quite the way they were imagined. But clearly you can’t take a joke so I am sure you would claim those pictures were probably abuse too. My advice to you is stop looking at websites that upset you so much. That way you will not feel the need to make multiple negative comments that the rest of us have to sift through.

  6. OG says:

    Is this a clever 30 Rock reference, or is the cat’s name really Bijou?

  7. pinkpanther says:

    Just a reminder, the animals on this website are in no way being abused or tortured. They are cute, funny, special and awkward. This is an entertaining website. Remember, the title of this website is: Awkward Family Pet Photos. This picture was taken at the precise moment, which is why it looks like it does. Kudos Arian!

  8. big sur says:

    I think it’s made out of paper mache or Styrofoam, maybe.

  9. Lisa says:

    That animal looks like it could be in a sci-fi movie!

  10. Melissa says:

    Is that a snake?

  11. Row says:

    There is no Dana only Zool!

  12. Megan says:

    Is that thing real??? Scary!!!

  13. Lisa says:

    Amusing yourself at the expense of your pets is abuse.

    • Megan says:

      Maybe the cat got on there himself……..it could happen……….

    • OG says:

      Oh my lord, stop with all the self-entitled animal activism judging situations you know absolutely nothing about. If you bothered reading the owner’s comments, the cat went on the board itself, and they just moved it to take a photo.


      • Paula B says:

        this cat is obviously not liking the “joke” at all! the cat may have go there by himself, but the owners pushed him out in the pool while they laughed and took pictures of the frightened cat! horrible to say the least

    • arian says:

      she never even got wet. she cries and puts her ears back whenever she realizes she’s going to get a bath. but she is the one who always gets into curious situations because she likes to explore.

  14. Blaze says:

    That…is…That…-freaks out-

  15. gmack says:

    Weird pool. Why even have a pool if it’s that small. Fill it in w/dirt and grass and Cat will have a yard to destroy.

    • Arian- (Bijou's mom) says:

      the pool is 13 x 30. its huge enought to play volleyball in- just the angle of the pic makes it look this way. she is being pulled across the shallow end. at the far end you are looking at is only the entrance step to the pool. California living!

    • Pinto says:

      Haters gotta hate.

      • Frigid says:

        1000 miles too far north… G*****n Cold a** weather up here… you just made me want to go home… I hate snow… I make about the same face…

  16. Amee says:


  17. Jay says:

    The awesomeness of this pic cannot be described.

  18. Kate says:

    And THAT face is why I only ever want to have dogs as pets.

  19. Ducky says:

    “Let’s go surfin’ now,
    Every cat’s learnin’ how….”

    Okay, not EVERY cat.

  20. Arian- (Bijou's mom) says:

    Im glad everyone enjoyed the pic of Bijou- She’s an awesome sphynx cat. We just happened to take this picture at the presice moment where she loses her mind because she doesnt like water. I swear she’s only half evil.

    • oneeighthwhitebodewadmi says:

      Arian, Bijou IS awesome… but please promise to NEVER, EVER torture her this way again! Poor little Satan’s Helper.

      • Arian- (Bijou's mom) says:

        I only torture her with water during baths. By the way she never even got wet. she was sitting quietly on the board and then when i went to take the pic she meowed like this. perfect moment.

        • Skooby says:

          Both my Sphynx’s have a fascination with water. But only one does not freak when given his bathe. If I do it right, I can actually get in the shower with him. The other, he gets washed with baby wipes. But they are both obsessed with the toilets and sinks. As well, they splash in their water bowl like fools, I have to keep a long pan and a towel beneath the bowl or I come home or get up in the night and walk through puddles.

  21. Catrinna says:

    Bijou is looking to get even!!!!

  22. Jeff says:

    WOW! An unhappy puss, to say the least…

  23. meri says:

    I will never have to read Dante’s Inferno again.

  24. Nicola says:


  25. Tom Flapwell says:

    That’s about as scary as domestic cats get.

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