April 15th, 2011

Junior - Grandpa

See, some men can relate.

(submitted by Chen)

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  1. ES says:

    Haha! My mom and dad did something like this when my mom was pregnant with me. Mom was starting to show and Dad had the beginnings of his beer gut. It’s one of my favorite pics of my parents because of how funny and cute it is.

  2. Otis McGee says:

    “This is for you, Granpa.”

  3. jennifer says:

    she’s pregnant,”what’s your excuse”?

  4. doug says:

    funny website! Thanks!

  5. Solana says:

    In sepia-vision!

  6. Linda says:

    kudos to mom-to-be for keeping her pregnant belly covered. and i think this is a sweet photo.

  7. Penny says:

    One day while LARGELY pregnant and shopping, I came across a man with a large large belly. He looked at me, patted his tummy and said, “Looks you and I have the same problem!” Without missing a beat, I said, “Yes, but I can guarantee that I have a better weight loss plan than you!”

  8. bananacat says:

    Please tell me that man is posing with his daughter and future grandchild. He’s twice her age.

  9. ajay says:

    “Anything you can do, I can do better …”

  10. Herb says:

    My wife and I did back to back pictures when she was pregnant. Even in the latter months, my belly was larger than hers.

  11. Krepta says:

    Jonathan Winters and Robin Williams clowning around on the set of Mork & Mindy?

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