May 4th, 2011

Turqlenecks - Christmas

Winter has never been so flamboyant.

(submitted by Tommy)

45 Responses to “Turqlenecks”

  1. usamom4 says:

    I freaked when i seen this pic, the girl in the front could totaly pass herself off as me when i was younger. They say we all have a twin out in the world somewhere, i think i found her!!!!!!

  2. Eileen says:

    “If you can’t find us, we’ll be the ones wearing….never mind. You’ll find us.”

  3. kim says:

    The 80s how could we of ever thought those hairdos looled good? my hair was cut just like that girls and i thought it looked good at the time!

    • Blu says:

      Actually, I would venture to say that this looks more like early 90’s. My mom had that same hair from about ’90-’93

  4. Katie Swim says:

    The one thing missing is a compound bow. LOL
    Sorry; I had to.

  5. Suki says:

    the title is awesome. love it.

  6. emcd says:

    If they had gone with the matching white oxford theme, there would have been potential for cold disembodied head awesomeness!

  7. Harry says:

    Some of these comments are more awkward than the photo.

  8. lynette says:

    another odd photo…..but who r we to say!!!!!! love the triangle haircut too!

  9. Katie Swim says:

    I actually like this. Maybe it’s I who is awkward….:)

  10. bethksp says:

    Jiminy Cricket–this is awkward as all get-out! The matching shirts, the matching mushroom hair-dos and what has got to be matching wet butts! Awkward!!!!!!!!!

    • BytchEPoo says:

      LOL I had only thought of cold butts but you know they had most embarrassing wet butt spots on those jeans!!!

  11. Mrs. S says:

    Just like “Turtlenecks and Chains”! Without the chains….

  12. Brian says:

    Lisa, being a married woman you were required to contribute at an adult level. But the hors d’oeuvres you brought were too filling and contained beans. If you want to be invited back next year, give these sweatshirts to your family and go sit in the backyard until you are called back to the Thanksgiving table.


  13. Alan says:

    Sitting on freezing snow will give a Polaroids ( like them thangs what ya git in ya bottom)

  14. Ginger says:

    All I can think is…aren’t they cold?

  15. chopps says:

    shet yer gobs ye whiney lot….get better pics ifn ye dont like these. Nobody is forcing you to visit this site.

  16. Golly Gee says:

    There’s too much going on in the background and it distracts from the faces of the family members.

  17. adfogg says:

    The family vacation trip to Soggy Bottom.

  18. Tessie says:

    Look through your home albums & give us what you got then! Every AFP is not a homerun — sometimes they just foul out . . .

    • justme says:

      Yepper I know you are correct, just seems like lately it’s been kind of dull around the old place. Of course, I didn’t really like the hanging baby picture either so it’s probably just me. Don’t worry, soon I will be back to yelling at people who cry “not awkward!”. Guess I’m just having an off day today LOL.

      • CB says:

        Nah, I agree. The majority of pics lately have been pretty lame….some awkwardness, but not as frequent as it used to be. I’m a bit disappointed, too. And I agree this one is not really awkward. I also have noticed an increase in comments as to the lack of awkwardness in a lot of recent pics….so….they should also take that as a hint.

  19. Rick says:

    I agree with Justme that this one just isn’t quite awkward enough. Unless I’m just missing something. However, I do not agree that the last few have been lame. Some of the most recent photos are quite awkward. They may not be hilarious. But they are awkward.

  20. justme says:

    OK AFP. I have to admit, I have complained about your stringent moderators, I have been irritable to people crying “photoshopped” or “not awkward enough”…..but you have to give me this: I’ve never complained about the photos you post.

    Until now….because I have to say….the last couple have been real stink bombs in that they’ve been…well…ya know….lame.

    Sorry, justme’s opinion only….. 🙂

  21. Snowrider says:

    Picture taken by da river just off m-35.
    De udder’ side of da Soady family dat nobody in Escanaba talks about eh….

  22. ian says:

    This photo would be improved by a moose.

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