May 20th, 2011

Honker - Birthdays

“This is a picture of me blowing out candles at my birthday. At the time I loved that clown and he came to a few of my birthday parties, but now I look back at the pictures and they just look…horrifying. I’m really surprised I’m not afraid of clowns after seeing this picture.”

(submitted by Brandi)

71 Responses to “Honker”

  1. brandy says:

    I am positive I know this clown. North Dakota?

  2. Miss Obnoxious says:

    I’ve never been afraid of clowns in my life. But I think this has given me clownaphobia… *shivers*

  3. Malithion says:

    Oh, Mr. Leibowitz, stop clowning around, ya goof!



  4. Michelle says:

    That made me gasp! Scary!

  5. Expat in KL says:

    Is Brandi wearing the hat that Princess Beatrice wore at Prince William’s wedding?

  6. Funnygrrl says:

    VH1’s Where are they now? Janet Reno episode.

    A girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do. Janet Reno’s new day job to pay the bills! Who knew?

  7. alisotom says:

    Aunt Imogene is moonlighting??? as a clown??? i thought she said she was moonshining…

  8. alisotom says:

    please tell me that clown is NOT holding a knife!!!!

  9. Sharp says:


  10. Elle says:

    Who invited John Gacy to the party?

  11. Suzan says:

    Hahaha. This is a grand photo. And the comments as well.. I couldn’t stop laughing just now.
    Thank you.

    ps. The girl seems okay, as well as the woman in the background. How’s it possible most of us get scared while they seem at ease?

  12. Duke E. says:

    It is not commonly known that at times in the late eighties the Chicago Cubs were SO bad, Harry Carey was forced to moonlight to make ends meet.

  13. Petal says:

    This clown scares me and I’m an adult! *shiver*

  14. SheWhoMustNotBeNamed says:

    If you weren’t scared of clowns before, you will be now!
    Absolutely terrifying!

  15. The mama says:

    EEK Pennywise the Clown “they all float down here!!!”

  16. Kat says:

    That’s how my gramma’s makeup looks on an ordinary day. Well, with the eye shadow [i]above[/i] the eyes, anyway.

  17. TaraMisu says:

    Sweet mother of God, no wonder people have clownaphobia!

  18. Lance says:

    I’m not sure the clown is female, look at the fingers – no nail polish. Look at the left wrist, there is a watch with a band that would need to be buckled. Most females prefer watches with a stretch band that just slide over the hand and stay on.

    • a bit presumptuous, aren't we? says:

      Lance, being female, you would know this from personal experience, right??? I’ve never had a stretch watch-band in my life. It’s great to see such a short-sighted assumption of fashion preference based on gender.

      (My apologies to everyone else who graces this site with their lovely and/or humorous comments, to which I enjoy reading very much)

      Otherwise, I agree; I do believe the clown is male, buckled wristwatch aside.

      • KK says:

        stretch watchband?! Never had one!

      • Lance says:

        I worked in retail during that time and women’s watches during that time were mostly of the type with metal stretch bands or with clasps, I don’t recall seeing women’s watches with black bands.

        These days, women’s watches do have straps that have to be fastened.


        • a bit presumptuous, aren't we? says:

          Forget it. If you’ve missed the deeper meaning of my reply to your post, I’ve wasted my time and effort. Moving on.

    • Sash says:

      Who said the clown was female?!

  19. krentz says:

    I have always wondered why some people are scared of clowns. I had one perform at my 6th and 7th birthdays, though he was also a magician, and he was absolutely amazing.

    Now I know why.

  20. yokozbornak says:

    On a lighter night, the clowns nose and glasses form a hidden Mickey.

  21. Jeff says:

    Maybe due to her Princess Beatrice balloon hat, Brandi’s view of that uber-terrifying clown face is obstructed. At least Brandi’s shirt matches his nipple shields. Uhh, her nipple shields. Whatever. I’m going to be in the corner in a fetal position if anyone needs me.

  22. KB says:

    I might be alone here. But I like this clown.

  23. Greg McMahan says:

    As a professional clown myself (who does NOT wear makeup), all I can say about this horrible clown character is… I’m sorry. Very very sorry.

  24. Tabby says:

    Are you sure that is not the GRANDMA of this boy? would explain why he isn’t scared, “seen it all before”, and they all have Mickey/Disney things on. We have a clown Grandma in our family (my MIL) and it’s all I can do to not take off running down the road when she appears at the family parties. Why do old people think kids like clowns?

  25. Golly Gee says:

    Someone should really get the birthday girl’s grandmother a new makeup kit, and some new glasses. She’s putting the lipstick and eye shadow on a little thick.

  26. Elaine says:

    Well, that’s going to supply with a good healthy dose of a lifetime of nightmares….

  27. Ataboyluther says:

    Great, now i have to sleep with the lights on tonight…

  28. Gina says:

    The balloon hat looks like Princess Beatrice’s bizarro wedding hat…

  29. adfogg says:

    Oh, he’s not THAT scary as clowns go. This site has shown MUCH worse clowns and Easter Bunnies. Brrrrr….

  30. Linda says:

    i have NEVER understood the appeal of clowns, but was mostly indifferent to them as a kid, now i outright detest them. i have steven king and the movie “poltergeist” to thank for that… oh, and “killer clowns from outer space”.

  31. Vicki says:

    What’s with the clown pasties??

  32. Disappointed Joe says:

    No need to worry kids, it’s just Bo Selecta !

  33. JS says:

    Brandi’s mom should demand a refund!

  34. Charles says:

    I’m 58 years old and have never been scared of clowns . . . until now.

  35. When did Gwar start doing kid’s birthday parties?

  36. o.O says:

    Childhood or not, that clown is frightening anyhow, especially with that expression and a sharp object in hand (I’m assuming it’s a knife)….. Then again, I’ve always found clowns to be a bit creepy…

  37. R says:

    Looks like “Brandi” is the new Georgie from IT, clown is about to rip her arm off!

  38. Kate says:

    Mickey Mouse nipple covers. Classy.

  39. DonnaMarie says:

    Honk if you’ve been scared by that guy.

  40. Kryptonite says:

    Hm, a little disappointed there isn’t more terror on the child’s face…

  41. chrisd says:

    Oh my word, that is horrifying! And hilarious! I’m a grown woman with kids of my own and to this day, I do not like clowns.

  42. Kristie says:

    That might be the most disturbing clown I’ve ever seen. I think I’d rather have Pennywise from IT show up at my birthday party!

  43. patti says:

    they clearly paid no attention to that request.

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