June 4th, 2011

Footloose - Family Portrait

“This is a family picture my aunt found. The ginger with the jorts flexing is my dad. The hot chick who looks like she’s from Charlie’s Angels is my mom. The rest of my family looks confused/disgusted. I share his enthusiasm for jorts.”

(submitted by Ashley)

77 Responses to “Footloose”

  1. Laura says:

    It’s fine that they are cut-offs, what makes it very awkward is the fact that for a guy, they were cut, much too short!

  2. jmak4 says:

    Is that a baby swing??

  3. Sboo says:

    Simpler times, when shirts were forbidden, and cutoffs: MANdatory. Also that dude is wearing a belt with his Jorts?

  4. Roger says:

    They were “cutoffs” everyone cool wore cutoffs in the 70’s, the nerds wore the hemmed shorts.

  5. eye says:

    It just a bit of harmless fun! The fashion at the time is no worse than any other era prior or since! It is amusing. So many critics!! I bet there are some “cringe worthy” photo`s in all our photo albums if we choose to own up to it! Lighten up and just have a laugh!

  6. Corinne says:

    Ah, those were the days…

  7. Johnny says:

    My eyes are up here ladies, but really, eye contact is overrated.

  8. Steve says:

    We need a backstory on this one!

    Ashley, the girl who submitted this, you have to tell us what was going on when this was taken.

  9. Anna says:

    I go back to look at this picture whenever I need a good laugh, between the picture and the caption, it always makes my days just a bit funnier.

  10. That guy says:

    Thats me. Seriously, like it was taken 20 years before my birth but we look identical. Hell its probs my dad. Add an extra 50 kilos and thats our early 90s christmas videos right there

  11. imawkard says:

    wow the word “jorts” is hilarious

  12. soupaj21 says:

    Were you at our cabin last weekend!?

  13. scorzi says:

    The caption underneath just made me snort really loud in a totally silent office.

  14. Coop says:

    Did anyone else notice that tube sock guy on the far right is proudly wearing his “Master Batters” softball jersey? I wonder if he still has a smooth stroke?

  15. Megan says:

    The woman in pink and the lady next to her look completely mortified. They look ready to get the heck outta there. Stinkin’ jorts!!

  16. Stuffin says:

    “Do these effectively hide my thunder?”

  17. Ericka says:

    I love jorts. That is all.

  18. Ted C says:

    Can we please all make an agreement to stop using made up, combined words like “jorts”. Its not a real word so let’s not use it. Thanks.

    • DEG says:

      Stop crying, put on your JORTS and bust a move

      • Sarah says:

        DEG – your comment made me LOL – at work – sending several questioning looks my way. Funny.

      • Lesslie says:

        Style…….pop a groove…….uh ah ah I like it ….that they way ..uh uh uh I like it ..thats the way uh uh I like it….

    • cobles says:

      please take your “cranky” jorts off!

    • B says:

      You’re just going to have to get glad in the same jorts you got mad in.

    • Terry says:

      This photo begs for time-capsule evaluation. The tube socks, the ringer tank top, the bevy of porn-star ‘staches…, the can cozies, the Farrah-girl with the high-waisted jeans, the dude with the completely unbuttoned dress shirt showing off his twelve-pack. It’s like a live-action “Find the Hidden objects” puzzle!

      • anja says:

        lol… 70’s hidden object game LOVE IT!
        was so going to comment on the blue shirt “porn-star” stache & high-waisted jeans chick!! Bow chicka wow wow… <3 this pic!

    • buffy says:

      You mean you haven’t heard the Bud Light “Real Men of Genius” radio ad where this term was first used? “Today we salute you, Mr. Jean Shorts Inventor!”

  19. AverageGuy says:

    I think he was dancing on the table, and jumped down. The camera caught him mid air. Or maybe he’s on a stool.

  20. stacey says:

    What is the farrah faucett lady’s name??? She looks like someone I know

  21. Duke says:

    You know, this picture is old enough that I bet this guy has children that are in their college years. I wonder if there may be some real awkward pictures he might be able to post of them and allow the group to comment.

  22. Natasha says:

    I think the pretty Farrah Fawcett look alike must be one of his girlfriends. You can tell by how she is so focused on his eyes. Lucky girl!

  23. Natasha says:

    I don’t about anyone else, but I find this guy to be pretty hot. In a pale kind of way.

  24. Flying Manatee says:

    “Cutoffs” (cut-off jeans) were different than jorts. For a while in the mid to late 70s cutoffs were the ONLY shorts worn be me and my teenage friends. You knew you had cut them too short if the pockets poked out the bottom.

  25. d.Lee says:

    Me thinks ‘Bobbin Bobby’ has an identical twin to the right!!! Is he fighting the impluse to jump up and jive with his bro…??

  26. djbj says:

    jane- jefferson starship

  27. Clint says:

    So who else looks at this and hears “Sin After Sin”-era Judas Priest playing in their head?

  28. Pipergirl says:

    This photo needs a soundtrack

  29. mixedmedia says:

    I think that’s my own mom in the back in the white shirt, but I don’t see anyone else I know–thankfully!

  30. PJSaintOurs says:

    OK, who stole this from my family reunion photo album?

  31. Dama says:

    Those two women at back look seriously concerned – the one in the strappy vest is bracing herself for a quick getaway…

    • Uh-oh says:

      I think they’ve realized that he backed into the bench/table and is about to fall on the other women’s meal.

  32. Wonderwiper says:

    I really hope there isn’t a baby in that baby swing…scarred for life!

    • erica says:

      I was thinking the same thing! Why would you let your infant have a front row seat to Uncle Bob’s naughty dance? Someone will need therapy some day…..

  33. HeatherW says:

    I’m Ron Burgundy??

  34. Kootie says:

    gotta love the ‘stache and tube socks on the guy on the far right of photo.

  35. Gerald says:

    I’m too sexy for my shirt…as sung by Red Head ED-1970’s flashback remix

  36. MNMAMA says:

    The belt makes it dressy.

    • GeekyTuner says:

      I was thinkin’ it was the watch…

    • B says:

      I love the lady wearing the white shorts with the red and blue tank in the background. You just know that she insisted that her husband wear either a polo or button up shirt with coordinating shorts to the family picnic, only to confirm when they got there that she had indeed married into an incognito redneck family. I can completely empathize.

  37. lynette says:

    ummmm…ok! i hope whatever he is standing on to do his dancing is sturdy. with
    that baby swing in front of him that could be a bad situation if the baby is in it and he fell.

  38. Laurie Hester says:

    Someone is rocking the Farrar Fawcett do flawlessly.

  39. Penny says:

    I see some 70’s hairstyles going on there.. LOL

  40. erica says:

    Jorts (1 leg slightly higher than the other), belt, no socks, & tennis shoes. Wow, someone forgot to check the mirror before leaving the house! “Check out my guns”

  41. Maggie says:

    A young Ron Swanson!

  42. Jennifer says:

    Looks like he’s standing on something too–another big rule broken! Apparently America’s Funniest Home Videos hadn’t made it’s debut yet!

  43. Andy says:

    In this small town, there was also a bitter division among the men who chose to wear shirts and those who did not.

  44. melany says:

    Nothing like a little game of strip poker at the family reunion!

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