Burning Down The House

June 25th, 2011

Burning Down The House - Kids

“Photo of me and my two other siblings when we donated a house on some property my parents bought to the fire department. My parents thought it would be a good memory to have and had us pose smiling in front of a burning house, little did they know the picture was extremely ironic.”

(submitted by Brennah)

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  1. Angel says:

    Next time you will buy the Girl Scout cookies. You will buy all of them.

  2. Miss Obnoxious says:

    That looks like a nice house! I wouldn’t burn it. :-/

  3. Marlon says:

    Dinners Ready !

  4. corn says:

    I have to agree with the controlled burn factor. We have had several in our town over the years (even the former mental institution nearby was used for controlled burns/ training.

    When you zoom in, the grass is unkempt as is the driveway, there are no curtains or blinds in the windows (which are open, probably to keep the burn going). There is a huge branch on the front lawn (I wonder if it was over hanging the house at all and may have been trimmed before the controlled burn).

    I don’t see any wires running to the house (to be fair, they could be underground but IDK)

    There is nothing tv related on the roofs.

    That huge shrub in front of the house seems to be blocking the front window and the rest of the shrubs to the side of the house also seem overgrown.

  5. Rick says:

    Everyone smile, and say “Homeless!”

  6. VDubs says:

    This was a controlled burn. I knew Brennah in college.

  7. Gabi says:

    shop. Photoshop…

  8. Kevin Corvette says:

    This looks very very fake. 1. No burnt or charred areas visible. 2. Flames are reaching very high off of the roof. 3. The fire on the roof looks more like explosions. 4. No light emitting from the fire, with flames that big coming off of the roof, there would definately be an orange glow shining on the trees or something.

    • J. says:

      Really? As a med student, a trained rescue worker, and someone who is getting a bachelors in physics i can tell you that 1) Not everything burns evenly it could take sometime to leave a scorch mark. In some areas where the waters dousing the flames you can indeed see a mark. 2) since all fire is ignited molecules it will rise and fall with the increased movement of said molecular displacement, and movement speed. You can’t comment on height since you don’t know what fuel or ignition source they used. 3) yeah…….. i have no idea why you think that. There’s not a shock wave of any kind present. 4) There is light. except the smoke is in front of a tree.

      This has to be one of my favorite pics on here good job.

    • Sara says:

      Glad I’m not the only one to think that. The flames look photoshopped.

  9. msbones says:

    It looks like a controlled burn. I’ve been to a controlled burn where the family donated their house to the FD instead of demolishing it so they could rebuild. They use them for training exercises. So maybe this was the family’s house before if that is indeed the case.

    • msbones says:

      I only say this because it seems as though there are no curtains in the windows, and the roof has some ventilation holes cut into it as well as there is only one hose you can see in the picture. If it were a “real” fire emergency you’d have more than one truck if the whole house were in flames and more people in the photo, both firefighters and police.

  10. Ann says:

    Just to add the awkwardness, ‘Brennah’, the name of the submitter, means “to burn” in Swedish…

  11. Patrick B says:


  12. JM says:

    In my area you get a tax break if you are going to build a new house and allow the fire fighters to train using your old home, it happend down the street from me the other day. Given the fire house in the bottom left this is probably what happened.

  13. Modine says:

    I’m skeeved. This is creepy, not awkward.

  14. Kati says:

    As someone who lost her house and nearly all her possessions to a fire, I don’t find this funny in the least, whatever the situation behind it.

    • thelocket says:

      Who said anything about it being funny? This is awkward family photos, not funny family photos. Sorry about your house, but I am thinking you need to move past it, or you will forever be offended by someone. Why shouldn’t they be allowed to enjoy a fire training and get together, and photograph said enjoyment? Because they might offend you? Kind of conceited of you, and I don’t find that funny in the least.

    • shotz says:

      I’m offended at your offense.

    • Rod says:

      You really need to lighten up. So you lost your stuff in a fire. These people obviously didn’t lose their stuff in a fire or if they did they are happy about and taking insurance photos. You’re on a site dedicated to awkwardness not gag photos.

  15. Klutch says:

    I’m not so sure about “fake”. A friend posted pics like this from her semester at the “Body Farm”, where forensics students study corpses in various situations (for instance, corpses placed inside a burning building). The students were all standing around chatting and laughing (but so were the local fire fighters). Maybe it was “Take Your Daughter To Work” day for one of the forensics professors!

    • rdhddramaqn says:

      I’m surprised your friend did not get in trouble for posting pictures from the Body Farm…it’s very hush hush and since there are only TWO in the whole US..it would kinda be easy to pin her down and which one it was. Not a good idea on her part. Interesting but she might have shot her academic career to hell if she got caught..

      • fact checker says:

        There are five in the US.

      • Valerie says:

        The body farms definitely are not hush-hush. I went to a public lecture about the one near San Antonio, they told us all about what they did and told us about the other locations as well.

        • J. says:

          Body farms aren’t hush hush…..they offer tours all the time…..Plus they post pictures on their websites, and they have like 50 different books and websites all with pictures, and “revealing” there body decomposition research. As well as giving away there “secret” forensic techniques/assisting to all police, law enforcement, and medical personnel

  16. Allie says:

    Training fire!!!!!! Best thing in the world for fire fighter kids. They burn down a house to teach the trainees how to fight fires, roast marshmallows, have a cookout, it’s a whole day packed full of awesome!

    And for the record, they pack these houses full of crap and then pour fuel on top of that, so they burn hot and fast. I have many pictures just like this of training fires where the flames are bright as day no matter what time of day you take them. And to explain why it looks like there aren’t any flames in the front, often they burn them systematically so that each trainee can get the most out of the day and experience each situation, so often they start at one point and work their way through the house.


    • Aleina says:

      Thank you for the explanation. It’s the only rational comment I’ve seen. Nice to know people still think! 😉

      Regards, Aleina.

  17. steph says:

    If ever we needed a back story…it is now. The house is burning down and they stop to take a picture of the kids….smiling. I am guessing the hose on the bottom left is from the Fire Dept…..but I still don’t get it. Unless this is an episode form Extremem Makeover and this is the demo of the old house. But with so many trees around, I wouldn’t have my kids anywhere near this.

  18. jen says:

    FAKE! The kids and house are real but the flames are very fake. The roof would be way more charred in the spots where the flames come thru and there would be more of a hole visible. Also real fire doesn’t photograph this bright orange unless there’s lower light and this is a very sunny day. These flames look the same in the shadow as in the light. And finally, a house burning would not produce such spectacular flames anyway. In movies the big explosions are done with barrels of gasoline to make that big fire-ball look. Regular burning wood does not look like that.

    • Heatha' says:


      • Ali says:

        agreed, so photoshopped

        • Aleina says:

          I dont know why all the people seem to be obsessed with photoshop nowadays ( even they don’t know nothing about how it works). I’m an expert on it, I work with it since the last 15 years and this picture is not photoshoped at all. The pixel doesn’t change at all. The shadows are normal, the picture has its continuety. It’s easier thinking it’s just a fire fight training fir kids! Btw, the fire shines because is fire. And fire creates light… Don’t think all the situations you cannot explain by yourself easily is just photoshoped or a religious miracle. Think!

          • Abby says:

            Agreed! Everyone’s so obsessed with how it’s photoshopped when most people know nothing about it.

            This can be much easier explained… (can you say “training fire”?)

        • starpower says:

          not fake- I’m friends with the girl.

    • buffy says:

      So is the fire hose in the foreground fake too??

    • Hannes says:

      Have you ever seen a real house fire? I have and yes, flames can go that high without any “movie tricks”.

  19. Are you kidding me? They are smiling!!

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