Christmas Cards

August 24th, 2011

Christmas Cards - Christmas

“I found this photo while going through some old photos of my parents. The looks on some of the people combined with the bright clothes and cards in the background cracked me up.”

(submitted by Paul)

38 Responses to “Christmas Cards”

  1. asen Bin Sober says:

    I see one is a step-child.

  2. Anony Mouse says:

    Ok, if all of the strands of cards are like the outer 2, there are 108 cards. Now, if they are from the 3 sets of adults, combined in the hopes of making a tacky…I mean pretty and festive background, that is not a ton of cards. If it is all grandma and grandpa’s, it is a good bit but still not unreasonable. I mean, I had (some have died) 15 aunts and uncles, most of which had 2 or more kids, I was a pastor’s daughter and people in the church sent cards to everyone else in the church every year…getting 100 cards wouldn’t be that tough really.

  3. Paddywolf says:

    That is totally Marney!! In the chair – looking askance at the casseroles without proper lids!!

  4. jane says:

    Three generations of Morfdorfer Family, with three generations of yuletide greetings proudly displayed in the background. One day some lucky granddaughter will win a scrapbook filled with them. yay

  5. Karla says:

    Be afraid. Be very afraid! The look on Grandmas face is priceless-How the heck do I get out of here?

  6. Dave says:

    Granny is staring at the front door waiting for the mail man. Neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet will keep him from his appointed rounds. A neighbors dog barks, he’s coming she says with a sly grin.

  7. Some Drunk Robot says:

    “I got the most cards! I WIN X-MAS!!!”

  8. Lisa says:

    Yeah…It’s a bit to busy.

  9. Conservative Heavy Metal HIipie Farmer says:

    They live in a museum
    where people com to see ’em!
    They really are a screa-um!

  10. Rae says:

    Christmas card inception lol

  11. chickster says:

    This was back when postage was cheap!

  12. CarrieM says:

    My grandmother was so thrifty she would cut out pictures from old Christmas cards and reuse them as gift tags. It was a Grandma thing.

  13. ScoutC says:

    My mom used to have a little red and green “rope” to hang cards from with tiny red and green plastic clothespins. I comandeered them for my doll house. Then she taped them to the china closet doors in the dining room. We have some pix with them in the background but never posed in front of them. I remember it was quite the job to write out and address all those cards. My job was to lick and seal envelopes and lick and stick the stamps — and Christmas seals (remember those?).

  14. Groovymom says:

    My Grandmother used to do this too and I never could figure out how she knew so many people. And the cards would stay on the wall until February!

  15. backchat says:

    It could really all cards they received in one year. We still send out over 100 cards each year, and receive at least 80.

    But what is perplexing to me is the OBVIOUS fire hazard that the cards pose resting against the electric wall heater!

    Maybe Grandma’s look is because she is smelling smoke?

  16. yankeepeach says:

    haha we do that my mom and my grandmother i dunno about posing infront of them but we do hang them ALL OVER THE HOUSE

  17. Kathy says:

    They’re part of the Christmas decorations, and there aren’t really that many of them… Get over it!

  18. Monica says:

    I have an aunt who knew so many people and was so well loved she had to display her cards like that every year because she got so many. They were everywhere and all new for each year.

  19. Carol says:

    Ah, the good old days when people sent folded cards with Christmas artwork on the front and a Chistmas message inside, instead of a peice of Kodak paper with an (uninteresting) portrait of their kids and “Happy Holidays” in a rectangle of white at the bottom.

  20. Noneya says:

    I had a friend who used to do this. I thought it was pretentious.

  21. Elizabeth says:

    What a shame, there is so much going on in this photo, that no one noticed that the Christmas tree is missing!! 🙂

  22. Katie says:

    They may do what I do… Along with cards from friends & family, I hang my own store bought cards and hang them for decorations lol

  23. senora_jennifer says:

    LOL @ the caption!

  24. ruth says:

    I kept looking @ this trying to figure out what is “awkward” — I thought maybe it was that grandma looks like a mannequin (what a faker) and that mom looks like she is ready to hurt someone (too many hours with the in-laws). But yeah the cards are over the top.

  25. Shar says:

    And that’s probably like a decade worth of christmas cards. My mom used to save all her cards and hang them ALL up every year.

  26. Bonnie says:

    Thought the photo was humorous but the caption made me laugh out loud.

  27. Mai says:

    do you wonder if those are accumulated xmas cards from past years? or did they go to the store and buy a bunch so that they had some to form a background?

  28. WombatGirl says:

    Merry Christmas from Marney and family

    • NancyDolittle says:

      Lol! So true. But I wonder if the cards are in alphabetical order? Or in order of receipt? Or in order according to size? Or….

  29. MrsFun says:

    For Grandma and the Mom in the back row, it truly is the hap-happiest season of all.

  30. Alice Kaye says:

    Wow, I think I’ve gotten two Christmas cards… ever? Haha.

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