August 31st, 2011

Sprinkle - Family Portrait

Some lessons are taught the hard way.

(submitted by Lindsey)

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  1. KY Mama says:

    I think the only thing awkward here is that no one knows what the heck is going on in the picture.

  2. mindi says:

    I am SO glad it’s not just me that doesn’t have a clue as to what is going on here 😉

  3. Dude says:

    Origional thought when I saw this…”What’s awkward about this? Is the girl peeing on them or something?”
    Checked the comments to see if i missed anything (which I did…originally thought that was a kite in the kids hand too…and learned a sprinkler was involved)

  4. Ernest Hemingway says:

    This is my friend! There’s a sprinkler hidden by her son in front. He’s definitely did not hit her with the shovel (at least on purpose, anyway), but she might be dodging it, I don’t remember what was happening here, which is what makes it so awkward. Lindsey is not the type of person to have qualms about getting her clothes wet in a sprinkler. The girl isn’t naked, she has some sort of bottoms on. I think this was a spur-of-the-moment sprinkler party. My favorite part is her son in the back hovering in glee over the whole scene.

  5. Nolan23 says:

    I don’t get it either. What lesson?

  6. teacher says:

    I’m not getting this one either. I came to the comments to see if someone was explaining it. Glad to see I’m not the only one!

  7. Carolyn says:

    I think the consensus is…..”What the heck is going on here?!”

  8. ScoutC says:

    Are they playing baseball with water balloons and Mom “caught” a pop fly? I hope so; I don’t find it humorous if the boy hit her with the shovel, which her doubled over posture, glasses up over the eyes and water spray off her head would indicate.

  9. Laura says:

    I’m pretty sure the mom is in the process of flinging her head back- thats where the water above her head is coming from and why her glasses are wonky. I dont understand the constipated face or why shes in the sprinklers with clothes on. Maybe she’s, uuummmm……uuuuuuuuhh….. nope, I got nothing.

  10. Jesse says:

    What the heck am I looking at here?

  11. MomofBoys says:

    Not exactly sure what is happening, but the “snickering” being done by the boy in the back (probably at poor Mom getting wet) is priceless!

  12. Sam says:

    I don’t understand what lesson is being taught either.

    Not a clue what’s going on.

  13. Stacey says:

    I think the adult is the one learning the lesson from looking at the askew glasses, the pained face, the hunched body. Not sure where the water is coming from and if that is the culprit…that and the shovel in the little boys hands…Maybe the kids kinked the hose and mom came to investigate and BAM! Gotcha!

  14. Sadie says:

    She looks like she just got punched in the stomach: doubled-over, facial expression seems to say “oof!”, glasses flying up and hair flying up…The awkwardness is there, just now sure why…???

  15. Darryl says:

    Here’s what I see:

    1) The woman’s glasses were either knocked off by the kid with the shovel or she is whipping her head so hard they flew off.
    2) I think the little girl is wearing underwear.
    3) The little playhouse/tent has googly eyes.

    While the glasses thing is a little strange, without some context the perplexity of this photo overshadows its potential awkwardness. So please, could we have some “Behind the Awkwardness” commentary?

  16. Skywalker123 says:

    Quiet news day at AFP I reckon.

  17. mrs5180 says:

    glad I’m not the only one a little confused….did the lady get hit by the shovel?

  18. jb says:

    I think the mom is trying to get the sprinkler away from the kids. She is all wet.

  19. Sbzitz says:

    The little girl is in panties. Idk what is awkward yet either though.

  20. Spacecopter says:

    What is happening here? I don’t feel the awkward… yet.

  21. Chrys says:

    Can’t quite figure this pic out. Why is the little girl naked? Awkward.

  22. Sheri says:

    While this is definitely awkward looking, I can’t tell what’s going on here.

  23. pete says:

    any what lesson is being taught here?

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