October 9th, 2011

Heartland - Kids

A failed pre-curser to the “Got Milk?” campaign.

(submitted by Rachel)

42 Responses to “Heartland”

  1. nemlehet says:

    You mean “pre-cursor”. Although, maybe there was some cursing going on.

  2. Carol says:

    Such adorable kids!

  3. Mary says:

    Holy Moly… I have that tee-shirt. When I was 16 my mom won it in a milking contest in Kentucky. I wore that shirt with pride until it fell apart (now I just keep it in storage).

  4. Wolfman says:

    Not quite catching the ‘awkward’ here – lovely kids I do see, awkward I don’t, sorry.

  5. MrsCuoco says:

    You’re all wrong. They are not a farming family…Mom is a staunch breastfeeding advocate who compells her children to advertise the La Leche League’s annual slogan change.

  6. CHRIS** says:

    What does it mean? Why Milk?!?! This is a great photo.

  7. PaulaNancy says:

    I DO love them with milk, but they get soggy so quickly!

  8. J says:

    All the kids look happy and focused (and as a result, not awkward). The shirts and the tractors are a bit random, but those are things that my brain just pushed to the side with some assumption about the backstory.

  9. Annie Mouse says:

    I agree that these are adorable children, but I think if you’re going to go with the matching outfits at a portrait studio, maybe the t-shirts with odd message is not the best choice, never mind that they’re holding tractors (one has to assume they didn’t live in LA or NYC). I wish their parents could get them to pose again similarly for a Before and After – I bet they’re attractive adults!

  10. Coach says:

    Stinking a-dorable! Awkward or not, Im glad its on here for us to enjoy. Could they look any more all-american? I bet they all drove down to the baseball game in their ford and ate some apple pie after this photo was taken.

  11. mom says:

    my pride and joy my beautiful 4 children, Their dad was a dairy farmer, before having to give the farm to his brother.what is awkard is raising 4 with 4 different attitudes. on one income.

  12. Anon says:

    Maybe they’re the Cook-e kids. Hence, the slogan – love them with milk.

  13. Jeff says:

    I can’t even see mildly awkward here..

  14. Bryan says:


  15. Tammy says:

    I have to agree, it’s just a cute photo; all the kids look nice in it.

  16. Me Again... says:

    This only looks like it should be on the desk of some Grandpa. It’s wonderful and NOT awkward at all.

  17. Heather J. says:

    It’s awkward because think about saying that with oreos for instance. So putting it on children is like a zombie saying “hmm, kids go great with milk. I love them like that.”

  18. Robot_rome says:

    I love children. With milk! Served up Texas-style!

  19. hushupp says:

    Will someone please explain why this is awkward? I only see 4 adorabe children.

    • awkwardefender says:

      The constant debate over whether something is or isn’t awkward is such a drag. Can’t we all just agree that it’s subjective? Someone thought the photo was awkward enough to submit it, someone else agreed and posted it. *hops off high horse*

      • Me Too says:

        Well-said, awkwardefender!

      • hushupp says:

        Who is debating? All we are doing is stating our opinion. *Off the soapbox,* too ,I hope

        • AGREE with HushUpp says:

          People can say what they find hilarious or ho-hum. What’s your damage? Maybe they’re running short of ACTUALLY “funny” photos. . . 😉

          • Go Away says:

            The website is not called Actually Funny Photos. If you don’t have a vibe for awkward that’s OK, just stop trying to analyze it to death.

      • Ted C says:

        I thought the comments section was for people to post their opinions. Whether something is awkward or not is, well, someone’s opinion. *stops beating dead high horse*

  20. SalMom says:

    Although your caption is hilarious, as usual, this is
    not awkward at all. It’s adorable. Farm family at it’s finest!

  21. GraceandAri says:

    What on earth are they all looking at?!?!

    And why is that little girl look so happy?

    What posessed the parents to take this photo?

    The world may never know.

    • Overused Puncuation is Dreary... ?!?!?! says:

      They are looking at the photographer or a prop.
      Children look happy when they are happy.
      They’re obviously a farm family.
      I think the “world” DOES know the answers, G&A — none of the questions were that shocking. 🙂

  22. Evelyn says:

    Cute kids!

  23. Bernardo says:

    Actually I love this picture. With milk.

  24. GMan says:

    Honestly, this should be on the Adorable Family Photo Website, not here…

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