December 2nd, 2011

Tipsy - Babies

“This is an outtake for a staged Christmas photo of me and my brother Tom. As you can see from the look of terror on his face, Tom began to tip over. That’s mom’s hand trying to keep him from going baby ass over elbow.”

(submitted by Christine)

24 Responses to “Tipsy”

  1. Katrina says:

    I also had a sailor suit, same patient maryjanes and white socks.

  2. Jennifer says:

    “baby ass over elbow” Oh.My.Gawd! I just died laughing at that!

  3. Suki says:

    Is that the baby from the previous photo??

  4. Jade says:

    I thought my sister and I were the only ones that had to wear sailor dresses and too short bangs! Year after year, my Mom would find another variation of the “sailor dress”….

    Although this girl’s bangs are short, at least they are even. ~ LOL Mine were always very short AND ut at on odd angle. This is one of the reasons that I always took my daughters to get their hair professionally cut. 🙂

  5. JAmaral says:

    Oh my goodness! This had me laughing out loud for 5 minutes! Thanks for sharing such a precious memory!!!

  6. MrsCuoco says:

    The funny thing is…guarantee you Tim looks EXACTLY the same now only in adult dimensions. He has one of those faces.

  7. The look on the kid’s face is priceless! I hope this one went on the Christmas cards that year. 🙂

  8. Don says:

    He had fallen on hard times. A toy maker by trade he yearned to come up with an idea for a new toy that would have people speaking his name for generations to come. While going through a family album one wintry night he came upon this picture from his early years. “My gosh, that’s it!” he said to himself and frantically began sketching down his idea that would revolutionize children’s toys. Tom Weeble was about to become a very rich man…

  9. Mental Mouse says:

    I guess the tot was trying to imitate his big sister in the rocking chair…

  10. Emily Aloha says:

    Nice bangs! LOL

  11. Alan says:

    Pugsly and Wednesday Addams portrait. Ah,and who HAS to photo bomb? None other than that rascally Thing.

  12. Adam Krug says:

    The baby looks exactly like Dan Akroyd

  13. taterhead says:

    He hasn’t got hls land butt yet. It takes awhile to get over sea-butt.

  14. Miss B says:

    To me, it appears that little Christine wanted to be in the pic all by herself, but mother tossed Tom in the shot at the last second.

  15. Rebekkah says:

    Oh my gosh, I have so many photos like this of my kids! lol

    • Tanys says:

      We have one exactly like that with the three of us kids. Mom’s hand is in the photo ready to stop my baby sister from falling over.

  16. Jean says:

    I love this picture! There’s something so sweet and motherly about the hand reaching out to keep the baby from falling. It made me teary eyed. Geesh, I gotta get a grip.

  17. js says:

    He looks a lot like the sailor boy from the other photo!

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