The Morning After

December 25th, 2011

The Morning After - Christmas

The good news is that you have a year to rest.

(submitted by Melanie)

25 Responses to “The Morning After”

  1. jane says:

    Is that guy on the right sleeping with a BOBO toy? LOL My dog does that

  2. Kelly says:

    I see why they fell asleep, look how comfy the couch looks!!

  3. lolo says:


  4. JPM says:

    That our family activity after eating turkey on Thanksgiving and Christmas too.

  5. Alan says:

    I sure hope that’s his thumb.

  6. grannyof5 says:

    My family did the same thing, and we had red Solo cups too.Coincidence? I think not.

  7. Snowrider says:

    Merry Christmas from The Tryptophano family.

  8. Joyce says:

    I love the fact that Mom wore shorts for Christmas!

  9. Dave-O says:

    Marney says break time is over!! Get back to your stations at the buffet table!

  10. Bonnie says:

    And there are red Solo cups!

  11. Shelly says:

    I have had a few family gatherings end like this! Full tummy, sleepy tummy!

  12. Momma82 says:

    Red Solo Cups!

  13. Kootie says:

    ah yes- nothing says christmas(or thanksgiving) like the tryptophan induced slumber after dinner…

  14. Amandah says:

    Great photo! I think this was the sentiment all around the world.

  15. Melissa says:

    is the person standing in the doorway sleeping too?

  16. Megan says:

    ^^haha! Guy on the left, is that his shirt unbuttoned? What’s going on?

  17. Christa says:

    Even t family the potted flowers on the table look like they are sleeping.

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