Chamber Of Secrets

February 23rd, 2012

Chamber Of Secrets - Pregnancy

The boy who’s about to live.

(submitted by Kayla)

56 Responses to “Chamber Of Secrets”

  1. jami says:

    Ahh the Alucard and Integra cosplay pregnancy pic what more could you ask for

  2. Mel says:

    Hellsing is an Anime and Manga, ๐Ÿ™‚ They did a great job as Alucard and Integra

  3. B says:

    Oh goodness.. that’s my ex. hahaha oh gosh.

  4. tolp says:

    i see mom and dad just love cosplay[costume play for those confused by this pic,look up “anime convention pictures” on google you will grasp it,it is kind of like a star trek convention only for anime people.] nothing wrong with that at all. i think their baby will be adorable,they are both very cute in those costumes ๐Ÿ™‚

    all cosplayers are a bit awkward,but honestly isn’t it the adorable picture that counts,dad listening to moms belly.

  5. clumpi says:

    Don’t care if they’re from HP, Hellsing, or if they’re Lucy and Desi – they are a very good-looking couple and I bet their baby is gorgeous.

  6. fudas says:

    I know these two. This made me laugh quite a bit. Thank you.

  7. Rob0t says:

    *SNERK* Hello, Integra. Carrying Alucard’s baby? I know it’s impossible, given who he really is and What he is, but it’s still hilarious to me. Nice Integra and Alucard costumes, by the way.

    Oh and people. Not Harry Potter. It’s from an anime called Hellsing. Look it up. This is also something called Cosplay. Look it up. There are wikis for these two things.

  8. Zenoah says:

    Fuuny thing is…I think I know these two.

  9. Katrina says:

    Why hasn’t anyone mentioned that this is Hellsing, not Harry Potter!?

    • Steve says:

      I actually count it being mentioned over 6 times. Reading is hard???

      • Manchaterfield says:

        So is punctuation, apparently. Why do people put question marks after statements?

        • Cabry says:

          Because he meant it as a question, i.e. “You feel OK?”. The English language doesn’t really allow clear punctuation of statements/questions. He’s sarcastically asking “Is reading hard?” while also stating, clearly it is given the fact that she did not see the six times Hellsing was mentioned previously. Making a statement into a question is basic communication. OK?

    • Whittney says:

      Thats what I was going to say!!! What the heck makes anyone think that this is Harry Potter?? I have never seen anyone who looks like Alucard in Harry Potter >.<

  10. Thorin Oakenschlong says:

    OK, really cute blue-eyed blonde chick…


  11. Bridget says:

    Definitely Hellsing. It’s still creepy, though.

  12. pattyh says:

    Does anyone else think those have to be those fake color contacts?

  13. Alan says:

    Amish ultrasound?

  14. CuriousT says:

    Help me out please. I’ve caught on from the 17 million comments that this is NOT Harry Potter. However, what is “cosplay”?

    • pattyh says:

      My question too! Inquiring minds want to know.

      • Susan says:

        It’s roleplaying. Cosplay (ใ‚ณใ‚นใƒ—ใƒฌ kosupure?), short for “costume play”,[1] is a type of performance art in which participants don costumes and accessories to represent a specific character or idea. Characters are often drawn from popular fiction in Japan, but recent trends have included American cartoons and science fiction.[citation needed] Favorite sources include manga, anime, tokusatsu,[clarification needed] comic books, graphic novels, video games, hentai and fantasy movies.

        • pattyh says:

          Ah, thanks for the info, I’m much to old to be involved in that. ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Not an expert says:

            As is everyone over the age of 9.

          • Aosou-Kun says:

            You’d be surprised, not only do people older than you cosplay, but you do it once a year if you dress up for Halloween (yes adults have costume parties too).

            The youngest cosplayer I ever met was 2, the oldest appeared to be around 90 and this is what he told me: “You’re NEVER too old.”

            And for what it’s worth, if you’ve seen Hellsing you don’t mess with people who dress the part.

        • LizzyD says:

          So it’s a kid’s birthday party then?!

    • Dave says:

      I’ve never seen or read any of the Harry Potter series but that was the first thing that popped into my head when I saw this utterly bizarre photo. God help that kid.

    • mrs5180 says:

      I looked it up too, wikipedia was very informative, learned something new today. LOL ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Gordon says:

      Thats funny, I thought it was the cosine of something.

  15. Alice Kaye says:

    I’m completely confused over the fact that they’re both clearly wearing wigs.

  16. “Get on your knees and tell me you love me!”

  17. John says:

    Why is Hermoine in a Slytherin cloak?

  18. Penny says:

    Baby Harry Potter about to be.

  19. Elora says:

    Alright, I kind of hate myself for knowing this, but this is actually Hellsing, not Harry Potter, that they’re cosplaying. Which, really, makes the caption even funnier when you realize that the guy pressed up against baby is supposed to be a vampire. Nerd tweakery aside, I love the ridiculousness of this photo.

  20. Marie says:

    That looks like Hellsing, not Harry Potter.

  21. Bailey says:

    That’s not from Harry Potter. It’s from Hellsing, a popular anime. The blonde is Integra Hellsing and the man is Alucard lol

  22. Tim S says:

    Wow! She’s got awesome blue eyes.
    Oh, the rest of the picture? Yeah that’s pretty awkward.

  23. Citrus says:

    I wonder what Hellsing character this baby will cosplay when he/she gets older…

  24. Bre says:

    Pretty sure that’s Hellsing and not Harry Potter. *pushes glasses up on nose*

  25. Katie says:

    That’s from Hellsing, not Harry Potter.

  26. Summer says:

    Ummmm …. those costumes aren’t HP costumes. Title and caption FAIL.

  27. Tsuki says:

    This is cosplay of the anime Hellsing, not Harry Potter.

    The characters are Alucard (guy in red) and Integra (preggers blonde).

  28. Tsuki says:

    All I can say is “revoluflymachine”.

  29. Emily says:

    what the…?

  30. Chrisy says:

    Wow…I’m just not getting this…wow…

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