The Pajama Game

March 12th, 2012

The Pajama Game - Babies

They decided to put their heads together.

(submitted by Melissa)

23 Responses to “The Pajama Game”

  1. El Kev says:

    A nice compound bow could help this problem.

  2. Klutch says:

    I think that’s Hedwig babysitting Tommy Speck’s baby brother

  3. binky says:

    I don’t know how someone managed to make a couch out of green steel wool, but at least it lasts forever. I remember those scratchy couches of the 60′s and 70′s.

  4. Sam says:

    She reminds me of Gwyneth Paltrow.

  5. rdub says:

    It’s almost like a prototype of the Snuggie.

  6. Snowrider says:

    Strange, neither of them look even the slightest bit like Rosie Grier or Ray Milland.

  7. Sarah says:

    My son is always trying to climb inside my bathrobe with me, I’m sure this kid loved kanarooing here.

  8. Deacon Blues says:

    Dual Core.

  9. Helena says:

    The amazing case of the conjoined twins and their separate rates of development.

  10. Debra Barone says:

    Maybe the couch is crooked….

  11. Ted says:

    The painting is level the house was built on a side of a hill in San Fransisco.

  12. Joyce says:

    Talk about a onesie!

  13. noneya says:

    And I thought I was close to my son.

  14. YouR Mom says:

    The painting is not level.

  15. Adriane says:

    It’s cutely awkward! … and I really wanna fix that crooked painting!!

  16. David Dodge says:

    Who would allow their picture on the wall to be THAT crooked?!

    • Mandie Pandie says:

      Oh heavens! ;p She’s probably a mom with her hands full, and if her house is anything like mine, she probably has kids crawling on the couch and bumping the pics. I gave up a long time ago on keeping the painting above my couch straight! LOL.

      • Simon says:

        I actually think the painting is straight. If you look again, it stays level with the top of the sofa. I really should go and do some work.

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