Christmas Pig

July 8th, 2012

Christmas Pig - Behind The Awkwardness

“Cubans butcher and eat a pork on Christmas eve. This is my grandpa making me pose with the remains of dinner while he talked to it! He was a big joker. I was horrified.”

(submitted by Maria)

18 Responses to “Christmas Pig”

  1. Sarrah says:

    This pic is CRAZY! I was looking through pics on here and when I saw this I thought it was me! I have a pic of me that is IDENTICAL to you! I showed my mom an sister and they also freaked out! I think you are my doppleganger!

  2. Jaclin says:

    Maria, this is hilarious! My family is from Camaguey, so I know all about the pig dinners. My abuelo used to take the cow tongue, that my abuela used for sopas, and chase us with it…lol Scary times, but good times! :o)

  3. Astri says:

    He’s just being pig headed 😉

  4. Simon says:

    it looks like its emerging FROM the oven. Even scarier.

  5. Hank says:

    You’re grandfather looks like he loves you very much. This picture makes me happy. Oh cubans make Great pork

    • Maria says:

      Thanks Hank! I’m glad you liked he picture! Yes, my grandpa loved me alot! ove the name Hank 🙂

      • Antoniu says:

        Cubans and…Romanians !

        Yes, we, I mean the Romanians, also eat pork A PARTIR DE 25th of December.

        And, yes number two, I think, as well, your grandfather was – he is NOT anymore ?! – a great fellow.

  6. Willard Shmekel says:

    It just goes to show that there’s a ham in every family photo.

  7. JanG says:

    Thank goodness grandpa wasn’t a ventriloquist! Poor Maria might never have eaten bacon again.

  8. JenW says:

    Horrifying, indeed! Despite that, your grandpa also seems like an awesome guy.

  9. Kristin says:

    The grandpa looks like he is talking to a God or something. Haha.

  10. Scout C says:

    The cheeks are delicious!

  11. Maca says:

    hahaha! Funny and horrifying at the same time, poor girl!

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