Potty Training 3

November 27th, 2012

Potty Training 3 - Christmas

You don’t have to do everything together.

(submitted by Susan)

8 Responses to “Potty Training 3”

  1. BloodyLanceFlashman says:

    Our name? The Aristocrats !

  2. The family that goes together – stays together.

  3. Tim says:

    I want to pahty with that family!

  4. Newton says:

    The Incredibles found the ideal place to change into their superhero outfits.

  5. Liz says:

    This is one of the funnier, more awkward, silly, low brow & a few other adjectives I’ve seen in a while. In a definite way I commend them…it’s SO incredibly off the scale, that it’s totally funny.I loved it; & I bet I’d love them too! I bet they all have a wonderful sense of humor & are fun to be around.

  6. Inkcap says:

    Well, we know this isn’t Marney’s family. That one porta-potty on the end doesn’t look regulation-sized.

    • Noodengr says:

      Maybe it is Marney’s family, but they did the unthinkable and ate something out of a non regulation size casserole with a soup spoon. As a result they all had to make a run for it
      I can see Marney having the correct number of port-a-johns lined up.

  7. CB says:

    I guess they couldn’t resist, in that there was exactly the number of porta-potties as there were people in their family…………unless they put them there for the purpose of this photo, in which case that at least doubles the awkward level.

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