Behind the Awkwardness: Birthday Cheer

November 30th, 2012

Behind the Awkwardness: Birthday Cheer - Birthdays

“These are my parents posing for a shot during my extremely festive family birthday party. Don’t they look excited?”

(submitted by Kathy)

8 Responses to “Behind the Awkwardness: Birthday Cheer”

  1. Adam says:

    Hey you two; get a room!

  2. Paddywolf says:

    That’s Marney and you brought the wrong sized casserole dish!!

  3. Jen_E says:

    Ahhhh…Festivus at the Johnson’s house!

  4. NurseKat says:

    Thankfully my parents acted more excited than this on my birthday! (a perk of being the adopted, only child of older parents ;) )

  5. Sharon says:

    Ironically, my birthday is Nov. 30 :) I was about as happy too!

  6. Kathy says:

    @Maki – that is scarily close to what actually happened. :-D

  7. Maki says:

    “Hey Mom, Dad!”

  8. Ross says:

    The first one to smile has to wash the dishes.

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