December 5th, 2012

Cupid - *AFP Hall Of Fame*

Sometimes, you must take things into your own hands.

(submitted by Mandy)

16 Responses to “Cupid”

  1. Geoff says:

    The family that hunts together…..hunts together?!

  2. Matthias says:

    I am from Germany and i have a friend who Looks exactly the Same like the dude in this pic…
    Hahahaha…. That is so funny

  3. Katherine Grondahl says:

    I have been prepared for the zombie apocalypse since 1987.

  4. Kassia says:

    This is my husband and I about 20 years ago! Don’t know how pic got submitted lol Doesn’t matter it was cute then and it’s cute now! I am glad he has a different hair cut now though!

  5. Kassia says:

    This is my husband and I about 20 years ago. LOL Not sure how it got released. Doesn’t matter I don’t guess. It was cute then and it’s cute now 🙂 I am sure glad his hair cut has improved though!

  6. A D Fogg says:

    …and it has been far too long since we have seen a compound bow here.

  7. db says:

    Involving the compound bow in your foreplay? Tricky…

  8. meri says:

    I have to ask…is that a compound bow?

  9. Scottie G says:

    Who needs a rifle and a bullet, when you got a bow and mullet!

  10. heathernoye says:

    A little too much whiskey at the hunting camp?

    regardless, quite a good looking couple. and at least their in good physical shape for their risque’ pictures

  11. Lafayette says:

    Oh my.

  12. Sam D. Maloneyq says:

    Kind of a weird pic… but he’s still a cutie. Love the unbuttoned jeans!

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